How To Avoid Dangerous Weeds Whilst Hunting?

You might think you need to avoid weeds while hunting for your own safety, however there is far more to it than that. State agencies warn hunters of the dangers of coming into contact with stinging weeds so that they don’t unknowingly spread weeds from area to area and across the state. 

It is vital that hunters clean their boots and equipment thoroughly before returning home from their hunting trip to avoid the spread of environmentally destructive weeds. There is another way we can stop the spread of weeds from region to region, and that is by avoiding having any contact with the weeds and their seeds in the first place. 

Here are some great ways of avoiding contact with dangerous weeds while hunting that will keep you safe, and prevent any unwanted weed infestations in your area; 

1.Cover Your Face 

Wearing a thin bandanna over your mouth and nose will not only protect your face from contact with the weeds, it will stop them from entering your airways. During the adrenaline filled hunt, it is common for hunters not to even see the weeds even though they are right in front of them. Because of this, protective equipment should be worn on your face at all times. 

Protective Equipment: sunglasses, a hat, mouth and nose cover and strong boots are examples of protective gear. 

2. Layer Up 

During scorching hot summers it’s almost unimaginable wearing long pants out in the sticky heat. Wearing shorts is a real rookie mistake as your bare skin could at any time come into contact with a weed and there is nothing on your legs to protect you. Ouch! 

3. Wash Your Hands and Other Bare Areas Frequently

Bring a jerry can of fresh and sterilized water in your truck with you on hunting expeditions. Making sure the water is sterilized first will help you clean a weed sting and prevent infection before you can get medical attention if needed. 

4. Remove Hunting Clothes Before Returning Home

Remove all of your hunting equipment before you get back into your truck and make your way home. That includes boots, socks, pants, gloves… literally everything that was on you and put it into a sealable bag. 

When you get home, put your hunting clothes and any equipment that can be washed into the bathtub or shower. Wash the equipment well before removing it from the tub so that all of the undetected weed seeds have been washed away. 

Getting Rid of Weeds

It happens, sometimes you aren’t able to get rid of all of the seeds that were unintentionally collected on your clothes during the hunt. Before you know it there are new and unwanted weeds growing in your backyard. Nip the issue in the bud straight away with a heavy duty weed killer. Follow this advice and banish the pesky weeds from your area for good. 

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