Top 10 Best Deer Attractants – 2020 Review Guide

Deer have been hunted from prehistoric times as a good source of food and protein. Now that the world has come a long way and securing food isn’t that much of a problem as it used to be, now deer are hunted for other reasons. Other than pelts and as trophies, they’re hunted for game and due to the spread of civilization all across the world, it’s become a bit difficult to hunt them as people have taken their territories and they’ve dwindled in numbers due to overhunting.

That’s why if you want to avoid waiting for days on end to even get a chance to glimpse these animals, your best bet is to use deer attractants. Best Deer attractants attract your prey to your line of sight. There are many different attractants that are available on the market and some can even be crafted at your very own abode.

Every attractant has its perks and it provides a variant of benefits fo4 the hunters. It greatly reduces the time to hunt a buck or foe as it brings them to you instead of you tracking them or waiting for when they’ll appear. The more powerful the scent of attractant, the easier to tag your prey and the bigger and better your game will be. The deer attractants in this list are the best on the market and it’ll make sure you nab your deer friends faster and much easier than help from any other deer attractant.

10 Best Deer Attractants Reviews 2020

Best Overall Deer AttractantThis product is the best food plot planting in the world because Whitetail is specially designed for whitetail deer.

This product has high protein content which helps in the growth and health of antlers, muscles, bone growth and fawn development during pregnancy stages. With 35% protein found in the plants and life of 3-5 years, this product is long-lasting and effective.

The clovers can also thrive in extremely cold, warm of hot locations that can range from Alberta Canada to South Eastern states which makes it the ideal product to be used all over North America.

Due to the great taste and smell of the clovers to the deer, it attracts large groups of them and they’ll stay there because the nutritional deer supplement tastes so good and is so healthy for them.

With the above reasons, no wonder this product is ranked #2 in the “Hunting Game Feed and attractants.


  • Comes in 4pound (covers .5 acres)
    Comes in 18pound (covers 2.25 acres)
  • Antler building protein that encourages the growth of buck antlers
  • Helps does in giving birth to bigger, healthier fawns and produce more milk for their young
  • Is resistant to the cold and many other factors such as drought, heat etc
  • RainBond coating helps the seed better survive
  • The seeding lasts up to 5 years which offers long-term environmental benefits
  • Very Expensive
  • May not germinate even with a confirmed soil test
Bottom Line

This product is best used if you want to fatten up your deer before catching them. Due to the nutrients that this product provides, you’ll have trophy worthy deer at your doorstep. If you like hunting in the winters, then this is your go-to product because it will be growing tall in the winters throughout, promising a steady supply of deer throughout the hunting season,

Best Deer Attractants ReviewsThis product’s specialty lies in growing in the early months of fall and the late months of summer where most plants don’t grow so couple this product with Whitetail’s Imperial clover and clover all year round. It provides generous forest tonnage for deer, especially in the winter.

The type of brassicas vegies that sprout from winter greens are not all the same and they give the deer a wide variety to eat

Due to its late summer and early frost growth, it’s ideal to attract the whitetail deer because not many foragers are left as they hibernate through the winter which means a maximum number of deer will be spotted on your cultivated land.

The brassicas in winter greens are resistant to cold climate, it even stays green throughout winter which makes it the only edible source of food for the whitetail deer when everything else has died and withered away.  Winter green can also be a great feed for other animal species. It’s a great lure for hunters who prefer to hunt a variety of animal species.


  • Comes in 3 pounds (covers 0.5 acres)
  • Comes in 12 pounds (covers 2 acres)
  • Extremely attractive to deer which will amass them by the dozens
  • Due to fortifying with tall tine turnip, it makes the product long-lasting
  • It is highly beneficial and nutritive for deer in Fall Season
  • Resistant to the elements such as cold and drought
  • Quickly grows within weeks
  • Ideal for growth in early and late seasons
  • Easy to sow and establish
  • Expensive
Bottom Line

Whitetail Institute always delivers with another spectacular product. Winter Greens is popular due to the multiple brassicas veggies that grow in the winter which is always attractive to deer. The foliage is resistant to the winter season making it a long-lasting and supreme contender for one of the best foliage vegies for deer in this list.

This crop is planted during the autumn months and is rather quick to grow with minimal effort.

The thing it has going for it is that it has two food sources, one is the foliage above ground that is a natural source is a natural source of minerals and the turnip below with excellent supply of nutrients.

Like the other products on this list and as to be expected from imperial whitetail, you have a resilient source of food that is unaffected by neither cold nor drought.

Due to six years of research done and the amount of time it's been tested out, it's clear that there is no other product that can match the speed and nutrients this product provides for the deer.  It’s also a good feed to consider if you want to nourish other animal species during harsh conditions or increase the general food foliage on your property. 


  • 3 pounds (covers .5 acres)
  • 12 pounds (covers 2 acres)
  • The irresistible new addition of Tall tine turnip, which will be extremely attractive to Whitetail deer
  • It grows faster than most attractant products and has a great establishing success rate
  • Gives off two food sources – one is foliage above the ground and the other is tubers below
  • Resistant to both cold and hot climates, ideal for most places.
  • Very effective late food plot
  • The product is drought resistant
  • Heavily researched for 6years, showing effective and productive results
  • Inexpensive
  • Can only be planted in fall
Bottom Line

If the deer in your forests love turnips then we have a treat for them. With foliage growing above ground and turnips in the underground, it’s almost like a feast for them. With its fast growth, it’s an expense and delicious wholesome nature, you will be ranking in the deer before you know it. The only downside is that it can be planted in the fall season.

what is the best deer attractant during rutIf you don't want the deer to come out and hunt the deer the traditional way of tracking them down and taking aim but don't want your scent to alert the prey then this product is the best one to use. As human's scent is very recognizable to animals and it tends to linger, which will make the animals stay clear of that area, reduce deer activity, and ruin your chances of hunting them easily and making you increase your search area overall.

This bottle is very economical, as it comes in a bottle that can fit in your palm and it only uses one drop peruse to encapsulate your odour completely. Due to its economical nature, you can use it for the whole hunting season without any fear of it running out. You will quickly agree after using this that this is the best deer attractant scent available for masking human scents on yourself, your hunting gear, or a hunting dome. The skunk scent is a deer hunter's best tool for increasing hunting success throughout the year. It might not have the best smell but it’s much easier to use compared to incense sticks and other scent masking products.


  • Dimensions: 
  • Length:5.5 inches length
  • Width: 4.2 inches
  • Volume: 3.2 ounces
  • The very strong odour that is effective for long periods of time
  • Due to wax stealing properties found in the product prevents it from becoming a recognizable scent of humans.
  • An ounce of this glass bottle, which makes it very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • The effects of this scent repellent are so strong that you can use this tiny bottle by one drop for each hunting session, letting you last the whole bottle for the whole deer hunting season.
  • The smell is very potent, it can easily be distinguishable by any man or animal that Is in its vicinity.
  • Extremely cheap and easily available.
  • Ideal for masking human scents around feeding areas or on yourself.
  • The smell lingers for too long and may become a nuisance to remove
  • Due to the everlasting properties, if you dropped the scent in multiple areas the whole vicinity will smell which will cause other animals and people to avoid that area and will have to wait out the season till the smell clears up.
Bottom Line

You can use this to cover your scent and track the deer yourself. It has a strong scent cover and you can use it for a long period of time but be sure to get used to the smell because it’s very long-lasting.

best homemade deer attractantIf you want to increase the efficiency of deer scrapes without the fear of your scent contaminating the area then this web spray is ideal for you. With a web that can spray up to 15 feet, you never have to worry about every going near the scrape out of fear of contaminating the scrape.

The product is 300 times more powerful than your average liquid solvents which are in most cases sticky, messy and much more difficult to handle than your average liquid solvent, plus it's eco-friendly which is always a bonus.

They can contain up to 300 feet of the sting that is more than enough for your hunting needs for the season and due to its economical price, it is the desired product of many hunters

The downside of this product is that it’s very noisy which may scare the deer in the vicinity but it is the best deer attractant spray in the market.


  • Dimensions: 
  • Length:7 inches length
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Volume: 5.6 ounces
  • As deer make scrapes, this product is key to attract deer to your own scented scrape which will help you in freshening scape, in turn attracting even more deer.
  • The range of the web spray is up to 15 feet which means you can spray it on to scraps without the fear of the hunter's scent contaminating the deer's natural scent and trails that is usually visits.
  • As this product is air-based, an aerosol, there are no sticky or unclean liquids, extra stuff that you have to apply on. Just Spay it.
  • Each can have 300 feet of the web you can use to spray all over the vicinity that you desire.
  • Spraying it onto the terrain, such as on a tree or on the trail, it will be potent until it dries up.
  • Eco-friendly
  • The web is scented with deer attractants that are 300 % more potent than your ordinary liquid-based products.
  • The web solvent lasts for 5 days which is enough time to hunt your desired buck or foe.
  • There are different variety of scents that you can choose from
  • Inexpensive.
  • Noisy, which may alert the deer in the area.
  • Very mixed reviews on its performance, either Are very potent or it’s shipped with a fault.
Bottom Line

Keeping distant to your lures and having a ton of spray at your disposal, you can spray as much as you want and you’ll have an easy time catching and hunting your targeted deer with this product.

best homemade deer attractantThe gel mineral fluid is excellent for a variety of reasons.

It's easy to apply the buck jam.  You can either pour it on a clearing, in trough feeders, on crops, sweet potatoes, or on fruits, either way, the product will do its magic in attracting the deer. Due to its fruit-like aroma, the deer lures will attract deer almost instantly. It's especially a favorite for amateur hunters as it requires no real work and it gives positive results.

Due to the aroma overpowering the area, your scent will also be covered, which is a plus point for you as it you won't have to apply scent covers.  Two-in-one types of deer attractant always give you good value for your money.

The more you apply the buck jam in one area, the smell will be reinforced which means it'll increase the probability of deer every time you apply itSince it’s a liquid form, it’s pretty easy to add the attractant to just about any food or on any surface.

The size is big, which means you’ll have enough applications throughout the hunting season. 


  • Dimensions: 
  • :12.7 inches length
  • 13 inches
  • 9.9 pounds
  •  1 gallon
  • Instant deer attractant, you will have to wait no time before a deer will be at the site of application.
  • The buck jam has a fruit-like smell, very pleasant for the area surrounding it, unlike the smelly repellents the other products ooze off.
  • It is easy for rookie hunters to handle because you only have to apply it at your desired area and let the gel do its work
  • The smell overpowers other scents which means the hunter’s scent will not be noticed by the deer.
  • The aroma doesn’t fade off, rather it reinforces the area, meaning the more you apply, the more deer it will attract over time.
  • The smell is instant, which means that you will be seeing deer in no time.
  • Deer baiting is illegal in some states, so be sure to read your state’s legal hunting notices.
Bottom Line

The gel-like substance is great for applying on other food alures, multiplying the effect of the scent in the vicinity, making this product an easy allure to use in this list. The amount you get from one purchase is more than enough for your hunting needs.

best deer scent attractant 2020This food attractant for deer, especially due to the mix of plants that it offers in its yield. Other food attractants grow one type of foliage but due to honey hole's unique recipe that lets you grow Rapeseed and Turnips. Each bag helps you fill half of the acre with this attractant which is more than enough that you'll need.

The best time for plantation of this mix is during late summer or early autumn depending on the state. The next best thing about this mix is that it's coated Ultra Coat Orange which helps in the germination rates and increased yield rates. Better yet, this mix of attractant is tolerant to more acidic soil and can even go as low 4.

Most foliage gets worse as the winter goes on but for this batch of plants, the colder it gets, the sweeter the rapeseeds and turnips become, ensuring that more and more deer will be coming to your attractant.

So due to a bit slower growth, it’s a trade-off but because it gives you a variety of plants, greater yield, tolerant seeds, sweeter crops and more alluring of deer, it’s a good deal and one of the best you’ll find in the market, it is essentially the best deer attractant for fall.


  • Comes in packs of 1,2,3 or 4
  • Attractive to deer and is guaranteed to attract them.
  • One of the best products to attract the deer in the late fall and winter seasons.
  • Covered with Antler King’s Ultra Coat Orange for higher germination and exponential growth of foliage.
  • Can be used for lower Ph levels such 5.
  • The more the weather gets colder, the sweeter the foliage becomes.
  • The product will grow a mix of plants unlike other attractants that only grew one type of plant.
  • Slower growth times compared to other foliage crops.
Bottom Line

This attractant is the best when it comes to growing in different kinds of soils. Due to it’s tolerant nature of Ph levels, weather-resistant foliage and mix of brassicas veggies, you’ll find it irresistible to deer.

Best Deer Attractants 2020From the user reviews over in amazon, it seems this stuff is highly in demand. Produced to aim at attracting and nourishing deer, Acorn Rage is one of the best products out there. The deer go for this alluring attractant because it's made by crushed acorn mixed with roasted soybean meal.

This type of deer attractant is high in protein that improves antler growth, muscles and bones making for one good nourishing meal for deer and later for you

If you just want to feed the local wildlife, then this is stuff you should plant because not only do deer get attracted but also boars, squirrels and herbivores of the sort.

For the price and amount you get, it makes this product a bit expensive but it sure is worth it because of the many benefits it provides to your deer hunting.

You can use the Acorn rage all year round without the fear of planting beforehand to grow the crops at the right time. It's excellent for managing the whitetail deer population all year round, feeding them during the normal months and picking them off during the hunting seasons for maximum reaping.

Just be sure to read your state laws because this product is considered deer bait and that is illegal in some states.

Overall this product is good for all-year-round deer hunting.


  • It comes in a 5.5pound bag and a 15 pound bag
  • Specially designed for alluring deer for nutrition supplement and for hunting game.
  • It is filled with protein that ensures antler growth, muscle growth and bone density which is always better for the deer and your hunting needs.
  • No mixing of this attractant required, just use it as it is from the bag making it easily plantable.
  • The acorn taste is found in the foliage, which is very attractive for deer and they’ll be sure to pick off every plant grown there.
  • You have the option of planting it in tough feeders or free choice gravity feeders.
  • This mix of buck attractant Is best for planting it all year round. Making it grow at any time of the year and a constant supply of whitetail deer.
  • Expensive
  • Attracts hogs and squirrels which may deter whitetail feeding and hunting.
  • It is illegal in some states.
Bottom Line

Acorn is a favorite amongst deer and this product cashes in on it. Great for easy and quick allure placement and you can hunt deer all year round with this product.

best deer attractant reviewOne of the easiest attractants found in this list, it’s the antler king deer attractant. It weighs a hoofing 20 pounds and is just perfect for your deer alluring needs. 

This deer block is a wholesome and nutritive supplement for deer and other animals alike. The deer cannot supply their bodies with nutrients from plants alone in the winter months so this premium formulation block is essential to use at that time. It contains proteins and essential minerals that are important for antler, muscle and bone growth in deer but it also comes with the added vitamins A and Vitamins D which are helpful for other growth purposes.

One whiff of the sweet aromas of this block and deer will come running towards as if it were a buffet and will likely keep coming back for more. The best place to place these blocks is near deer feeders, a bait pile, or near deer trails so that they don't miss out on this chance for nourishing themselves and also you don't miss out to bag yourself a nice catch.

Due to it's easy to use nature, this deer block t is a god sent to beginner hunters as it literally just asks you to open the packing and place the block in a good location, the only thing you'll have trouble with is figuring out where to place it, plus the other animals or blacktail deer that might nibble on it but this deer block gives more advantages than disadvantages. It might be a bit pricey but it is worth it in the long run.



  • 2 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches 
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • It is filled to the brim with many growth supplements that help in the maturation of several deer types.
  • It has many aromatic scents and flavored attractants that ensure the deer comes to the feeders or trails where it’s been placed, again and again.
  • It contains different nourishing properties such as vitamin A, vitamin D and proteins that will help in the growth of deer.
  • Easily placeable without much struggle and is a great deer attractant to increase hunting success.
  • Expensive for one block
  • Other animals eat the block which was meant for the deer.
Bottom Line

Mineral blocks are the easiest food allures to use as you just have to place them in a place where the deer will find them and the rest of the work is up to the product. It gives the deer nutritional supplements that are vital for improving the deer’s overall health.

best deer attractant scentLiquid options in catching deer are optimal when the products contain pheromones or other mating odors that attract the bucks. The product is made by the use of doe urine that was in heat and oils from the mating areas of the female.

Due to the good folks that developed this product, they made sure that it be used and produced in such a way that only one bottle of buck urine will be enough to last you out through the mating season. Just one drop of urine here and there is enough for luring bucks during hunting season to a specific hunting region or towards a hide.

This brings us to the only drawback of this scent attractant, that unlike other food attractants or aero sprays, which can be used multiple times a year, this product can only be used during the rut phase or breeding phase otherwise it isn't using the whole year-round.  The deer smell is, however, more effective for luring mature or large male deer to a specific region to boost hunting success. You can also use it to mask the scent of trail cameras. 

Other than that, you don't have to be careful and take care of this scent attractant as it is freeze proof and resistant to weather effects.

Overall, this concentrated formula has limited time to use but you can maximize it by applying it on lures of different kinds and ultimately cash in on the mating phase of these majestic and delicious beasts because it's the best attractant for the rut phase.



  • It weighs 14 approximately ounces
  • Great for hunting bucks during mating season.
  • Easy to apply on the desired location
  • One bottle is plentiful during the mating season.
  • Due to its manufactured properties, it doesn’t freeze and is fully weatherproof.
  • It can only be used during the mating season otherwise it won’t manifest any type of deer.
  • It can only be used to attract bucks.
Bottom Line

Made from the natural mating oils of does, you can use this to your advantage. The only drawback is that you can use this product for a limited time, during the rut phase. The amount you need to use, which is just a few drops, is enough to last you out the whole season.

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer Guides are always needed so that the customer knows what he wants and if he makes a sound purchase or not. The varied options today’s consumers have are beyond imagination and having a good sense of the quality of things you will buy is a must in this day and age.

Which are the best deer attractants?

The best deer attract the ones that have a high chance of success. If you go out of your way to do something you should have a reward waiting for you in the end.

In terms of the most effective attractant, foliage is best preferred if you plan to catch deer all winter long.

For mating season, liquid allures like fresh urine are best suited for this job. The fresh urine scents of a doe will attract bucks to a specific region which is superb for hunters who are looking for a big kill.

A false scent like skunk scents are also terrific for masking human scents around a hunting sight for a couple of days so animals won't become aware of your position.

When to use deer attractants?

Attractants are best used in the early season when deer are trying to find mates and are plentiful to find. Other than that, the best time to use them is during late season months, for when food is scarce and do not move about much so that they can conserve as much energy as possible.

Legal issues

Deer hunting is banned in some states. Some states have banned the use of baits. Some have banned the use of minerals and some allow hunting using food sources. So it's best to read up on your state laws before you go and start purchasing hunting gear for your expedition.

Type of buck/deer attractant

Deer attractants come in a variety of types ranging from food attractants, liquid attractants, and aero spray attractants.

The food attractants come in either mineral block forms, foliage growth seeds or bait that you use to lure out deer. 

Mineral blocks are blocks that contain nutrients for the deer. They have aromas that attract the deer in the vicinity but it also attracts other animals to ground sites which is always a downside and due to the limited amount you can buy at one time, it gets diminished fast and you have to buy these blocks in bulk. They are although easy to use and don't require much planning or hard work for that matter. Good for quick hunts.

Foliage allures are the best out of the bunch as it attracts the deer by the masses. Whether you want to help the deer out and the local wildlife by planting foliage for them and helping them survive through the winter or you want to fatten them up and make them worthy trophies, foliage allures are your best bet. You need to be mindful of which allure you’re using for which season.

Different seeds grow in different soils of different Ph levels so checking the Ph levels of your soil is always a safe bet. Each seed has different properties and grows different plants with different nutritional values and aromas. You need to know when is the best time to plant them and how fast they grow.

The best foliage allures are the ones that are found in the winter season because food is scarce and deer will always go for the available food source. These are great for three reasons, deer are easily available, you help the environment by planting them and you can fatten and make your game stronger for the final hunt.

Liquid Allures are used temporarily. They do not last as long as the solid allures. They are mostly used in conjunction with other allures to maximize effectiveness. Rut allures are the best used among this bunch but it’s only useful during mating season.

Aero spray allures are best used if you want to spread it in the air and let the breeze do the rest of the works. Best used in deer trails or with food items.

It depends on what your needs are, where you are located and what you have at your disposal to have a happy hunting season.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to choose the best deer attractant?

To choose the best deer attractant you need to be clear of the following aspects:

  1. When to hunt?

As there are different allures that can be used at a different season of the year, you need to know which season you'll be hunting in and using the desired allure.

Food scented lures are a pretty safe bet for luring deer during winter because they crave the extra nutrients and food during these harsh months. A good deer block or buck jam can be a great lure for winter time but won't be as effective during spring and summer since there could be plenty of other foods that might mask these food scents.

Deer urine scents are a good option for luring deer during mating season or for masking human scents. 

Masking scents like skunk scents are also a good all-year investment because they mask human smells of hunters throughout the year.  

  1. How much to hunt?

Depending on how much game you are planning to catch, you will have to plan beforehand, food allures bring in the most deer while mineral blocks, aero spray form liquid allures can be used for quick catches.  The type of allure you use might also affect the type of animal species you manage to lure to your location. 

  1. The reason for using the allure?

If you are using the allures to feed the deer, foliage allures will be the best and most economical bet but for catching and hunting purposes, other lures mentioned are better used.

What is the best homemade deer attractant?

Homemade deer attractants are easily available and are the cheapest and quickest way to nab yourself a deer. Although there’s always the problem of state laws were using bait is prohibited and some allow them to use, provided with restrictions. Following are the best homemade attractants that deer love to nibble on

  • Corn

Corn is easily available and the deer love them. You can either distribute them over a wide area of you can put them in deer feeders which is a better option

  • Acorn

These nuts are found all over forests and can be preserved for a long time. Ripe acorns are always a good bet.

  • Sugar Beats

Sweet foods are like honey to these animals and they are always on the look for it. Gather some beats and distribute them with apples to maximize your chances of getting a deer.

  • Salt

Salt is not found in forests but it gives useful minerals which are always wanted by the deer. Another reason to using salt is that it is not considered bait and you can use that to your advantage though double-check if your state allows the use of minerals otherwise it is a safe way to catch deer.

What smells are deer attracted to?

There are two types of scents deer are primarily attracted to:

  • Mating scent:

During mating seasons, the does release pheromones that the mature bucks are attracted to, this happens during the fall season. Liquid allures use this to their advantage. This mating season lasts in the fall and the bucks go crazy for liquid allures.

  • Food source scent:

Deer have always gone where they can smell food sources. Most of the allures found in the market use food scenting to attract a multitude of deer and it’s one of the most successful techniques to attract them.

How do you use liquid deer attractant?

Liquid attractants that have food scents are combined with food sources to make the deer scurry through the forest to find the source of these fumes.

What is the best late-season deer attractant?

Food allures that's months of looking after the seeds. Other allure and attractants work but are generally less successful than the aforementioned attractants.

Final Note:

Deer have always been hunted by men and as the ages have passed, humans have become more adept at catching them. Whether it’s for food purposes or for the thrill of the hunt, deer hunting has been a past time of human civilization. Now it’s been restricted due to humans overhunting but it is still enjoyed even to this day. 

Out of all the different ways of catching deer, the best technique is always that has the most planning and execution done. In that regard using food sources for deer hunting is the best, especially planting foliage crops.

They are expensive, yes and take weeks or months to look after but they always rear in the most deer. They are good for the forest life as it provides other living things a food source and it's generally the most allowed technique to catch deer. It has many uses and advantages to its name and is always preferred. Other allures have their purposes and uses but they diminish the deer population too quickly so by planting foliage crops you essentially help manage the deer population and that is why food allures are recommended and are enjoyed by hunters all over the world.