Best Crossbow Scopes Review & Guide for Hunting & Archery in 2022

Crossbow rangefinder scopes are the ultimate gears for people who do not want to miss a shot. When you step into a market full of crossbow rangefinder scopes, commonly, one gets confused. The gears come in various shapes, sizes, and prices so it gets very difficult to choose the best crossbow rangefinder scope. The vast and versatile features including their shape, optics, casing, durability, and much more must be kept in mind. But questions arise is what will suit your needs and requirements best? To solve this issue you must go through every specification and feature thoroughly. Your money is precious so spend it wisely. Do not get into the trap of expensive high-end products as the market is full of such gear at a very affordable price and has a lot of features that are of high quality.

Things to Look For When Buying a Crossbow

You need to keep a few things in mind when buying an ideal crossbow. You’ll need to know what type you need and then determine its bolt speed, power stroke, draw weight, noise, and range, amongst other factors.


Stealth and quickness are essential in hunting. You have to be faster than your prey. When you point your crossbow at a target, you’ll want the bolt to hit it precisely and at the correct speed. 

FPS, or foot per second, is used to calculate this speed. A crossbow that can produce a speed of 300 FPS or higher is considered a good option.

No Stray Light

When light bounces off the scope’s metal, it’s known as stray light. This glare obstructs the shooter’s view when taking a shot. Thus, when choosing a scope, opt for one that has an inner covering. This reduces glare and makes it easier to see your target.

Noise Level 

The relative silence of a crossbow is critical for hunting reasons. In this regard, recurves are quieter than compound crossbows. The compound model’s pulley system makes little noise when the bolt or arrow is released. 

Even though recurve bows are quieter, pulling a shot requires more physical effort. Choose a compound crossbow if you want less effort and more precise shots.


There are two different forms of scope magnification, Fixed-Power and Variable-Power scopes. Fixed-Power crossbow scopes generally vary from 3x to 6x magnification, with variables adjustable within these limits. 

The the distance you want to hunt will determine the type of scope and the magnification you need.

Pupil Exit

This refers to the quantity of light that passes through your scope and into your eye. You’ll need a sufficient amount of light to guarantee adequate visibility.

Draw Weight

The draw weight and the bow weight aren’t the same. The latter refers to the weight of the crossbow. The former refers to the amount of force required to draw the bow. The shot velocity increases as the draw weight increases. 

Draw weights for crossbows are often higher than for other bows because of the shorter draw length. You have to pull the weight until it reaches the clasp. This is done so that you can use more weight with lower draw lengths.


Poor-quality scopes that are susceptible to the elements are a typical problem. The worst part is when moisture causes your scope to fog up. There’s not much you can do to stop it once it starts. 

Check reviews from past purchasers before purchasing a scope to see whether users have complained about this issue.

Tube Diameter in the Center

Center tubes are available in two diameters: 30mm and 1-inch. Although they don’t differ in quality, the 30mm-diameter has a thicker wall and provides more protection.


Not all crossbows are equal in weight. Controlling a light crossbow with a lot of recoils may be difficult. It’s also challenging to manage an excessively heavy crossbow. It’s essential to look for the crossbow that fits your needs.


The “Crossbow Rangefinder Scope Reviewguide will help you to buy the best crossbow rangefinder scope which will fulfill all your needs and requirements. Before you buy any gear you must be fully aware of your personal needs and requirements. After you know what you want and what your expectations are regarding your crossbow rangefinder scope, only then you can comprehensively go through the products and buy the one which will be of great value to you. It is very important that you go through the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the product and then make a choice.

The stakes are higher when archery is played. An archer must be well-equipped with the Crossbow rangefinder scope for Bow Hunting. This monitoring equipment is highly wonderful to increase the accuracy of the action. It gives excellent opportunities for exact skills.

Top 5 Best Crossbow Rangefinder Scopes 2022

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☛Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope $$$ ★★★★★ Shop Now
☛EO TECH XBOW CROSSBOW MODEL 512 $$$ ★★★★★ Shop Now
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☛NIKON 8461 BOLT XR CROSSBOW SCOPE $$$$ ★★★★★ Shop Now


crossbow rangefinder scope

It is a very inexpensive and a great crossbow Rangefinder scope. It has great and versatile features. It includes of scope and also low profile scope ring mountings for 7/8″ Weaver Picatinny rails. The lens is multi-coated for maximum light gathering ability. It has a 32mm lens which has the 4x magnification for crisp vision. It weighs only 9.3oz. The tube is 1″ long and width is 8.25″. Furthermore, the tube is filled with nitrogen gas which makes is fog-proof. Also, this crossbow scope is shockproof and water resistant. It is made of highly durable and strong solid aluminium with a very nice black matte finish. This scope comes with full windage and elevation adjustments as well.  The reticles are offered in two illuminations. You can choose between red illumination and green illumination and brightness levels can be adjusted as well. The multiple reticles range from 20 to 100 yards. The field of view is 28 feet at 100yards.



This product is of great value. According to its price, the product offers a lot of great features that can cater to your needs with quality.

The 32 mm lens gives a clear and crisp vision of your target. It will make you feel that your target is standing right in front of you.

The lens can gather the maximum amount of light and give a clear vision. This feature helps to see in dark and dim light situations very clearly.

The nitrogen-filled tube does not make the lens foggy at all. The body is made of excellent material and makes it shockproof and water-resistant. This can be used easily on a bad weather day as well

The dual illumination option between red and green is very useful as the user can choose between the two according to his own choice and need.

The brightness of illumination can be controlled by the user.

The size and weight make it very easy to carry and handle. Does not occupy a lot of space.



It is only a standard multiplex reticle crossbow. It is not a true rangefinder. So the name of the product can be deceiving. It has fixed reticles that allow you to aim from 20 yards till 60 yards only.

This product is limited to only 7/8″ Weaver rail rings.

Sighting in elevation can be a problem. To solve this you need another offset mount.


best crossbow scope

The Hawke Crossbow is offering great quality with excellent performance. It has a great feature of speed selector and allows you to select from speeds from 275fps till 425fps. The optics of the scope are fully multicoated which allows great light transmission. This also has dual colour reticles which include the color red and green. It can aim at every 10 yards interval precisely from 20 yards to 100 yards. The dimensions of these wonderful products are 13.6×4.9×0.3 inches. And it weighs about 1 pound. It is a durable and weather-resistant scope. It allows you to see in the dark. Its optic offers 1.5-5 x 32 magnification.



Its speed selector is a great feature. It will work perfectly if you have a fast working crossbow. The range of speed it offers is also very wide.

The glass is very clear and provides a great and clear vision.

This works great in low light areas. You can easily take it on a nighttime hunt and get crystal clear vision through it.

It has great illumination. Its brightness is good enough to be used in low light situations. If you take this scope for a nighttime hunt it will not disappoint you.

It is durable and can be used roughly without the fear of damaging. And can withstand worst of all weathers. So it can be used on rainy days as well.



According to the State of California, it consists if chemicals which can be very harmful to the health of the user. It can cause cancer, result in defective birth and other reproductive abnormalities.

The speed and magnification are can be changed and set both at the same time only. This means a specific speed is selected for a specific magnification due to which you do not have the liberty to change both independently.

The brightness of the illumination is fixed. It cannot be turned up by the user.


best crossbow scope review

This crossbow is specially designed with a hunter needs in mind. The unique feature it consists of is the use of holography to create excellent scale data in the display. It can measure the target and represent a pre-calculated ranging scale on a regular whitetail deer from its back to belly. It can be easily mounted on 1″ Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rail. It works on 1.5 volts AA battery. The dimensions of the product are 7.4×6.55×3.6 inches. The product weighs about 1.45 pound. It has a great feature that it is submersible at a depth of 10 feet. It is trifocal so you can use it with both of your eyes open. The information about the range target reticle both is displayed simultaneously. The housing material of this product is aluminum.



The holographic feature gives a great hunting experience. It represents all the required data easily on one display.

It can be mounted on two different rails. This product is not limited to only one kind of rail only.

It has an easy on and off option.

The brightness can be controlled by the user.

The quality of sight is very clear.

It supports lithium, alkaline and rechargeable batteries.

It is highly water-resistant and can be submerged in water as deep as 10 feet.

This crossbow has the ability to remove and movements or shakiness which is not required and also removes background noise.



This product has no night time visibility compatibility. Unfortunately, this product cannot be used in dim light or night time. .


best crossbow scope reviews

It has wonderful range finding and trajectory compensating reticle. It consists of nice eye relief. The lens is fully coated to give maximum brightness and contrast. It also consists of an eye guard made up of rubber. Windage and elevation adjustment feature is available. It consists of a 1-inch tube made up of aluminium. The dimensions of this crossbow are 9×1.8×2.8 inches and it weighs about 1.1 pounds. Provides a magnification of 4x. The field of view is 24 inches wide in 100 yards.



The aluminum used is of aircraft quality.

The field of view is marvelous.

The reticle is deer-sized so it is perfect for bow hunting.

It is durable.

The material is scratch-resistant.

The outer body is of camouflage finish. This is a great feature for hunting purposes.

The scope is fog proof and water-resistant.



This crossbow scope has no illumination.

The rings may not fit properly to all crossbows.

It cannot be used in low lights and dark. This is not a good product for nighttime hunting.

According to the State of California, it consists if chemicals that can be very harmful to the health of the user. It can cause cancer, result in defective birth and other reproductive abnormalities.


crossbow rangefinder mount 2018

This model consists of BDC 60 crossbow reticle which allows you to aim points every 60 yards very accurately. It has a large ocular for a wide field of vision. It consists of a one-piece body which is lightweight yet very strong. This article is waterproof, shockproof and also water resistant. The tube is filled with nitrogen and sealed with O-ring. The lens is multi-coated and allows to see a bright vision and maximum light transmission. It consists of 150 MOA adjustments and zero reset turrets. For every 20 yards, it is free of parallax error. The dimensions are 12×3.8×2.8 inches and weigh about 11.2 pounds. The eye relief is 3.4 inches.



The eye relief is very generous and is 3.4 inches

The zero resets sighting turrets Which allows field adjustments with just one knob.

Gives an ideal crystal clear image of the target.

The light transmission is 92 percent t due to its excellent multi-coated lens.

It provides vivid and bright images.

It is fog proof, shockproof and water-resistant.

The field of vision is very wide which is 5.6 inches at 100 yards.

The compact size makes it easy to carry.

The strength is remarkable, making it a very durable product.



The reticles are not illuminated.

It does not come with any scope rings.

It consists of only dotted reticles. There are no lines that can make it a little difficult to use.

It does not work well in low light conditions.

According to the State of California, it consists of chemicals which can be very harmful to the health of the user. It can cause cancer, result in defective birth and other reproductive abnormalities.

A good crossbow range finder scope is a great gear to level up your shooting, aiming and hunting game. It is very important that you go through all the details before spending your money on this gear. The comfort of using a scope should not be ignored and all the features should be kept in front of you before you choose it. The decision should be made wisely because your money is valuable and it should not be wasted. Your scope should be easy to use. The precisions and accuracy should be on point. The reticles should be well illuminated. The field of vision should be wide enough so that you can have a better view if your target. The gear should be comfortable and the chemicals used for illumination should not be harmful.

Crossbow Scope Frequently Asked Questions

Can a regular rifle scope be used on a crossbow?

Yes, some regular rifle scopes can be used on a crossbow, but not all rifle scopes will be compatible. For a rifle scope to be functional with your crossbow, it will need the following main characteristics:

  • A close-range parallax adjustment or a fixed parallax of 50-100 yards.
  • Various elevation and vintage marks.
  • A low-power range or low-magnification range, such as a variable magnification range of 1-4x or 2-7x. A short-distance rifle scope with a fixed magnification range of 4x or 2.5x may also be suitable. 
  • The crosshair focus should be adjustable. 
  • A small objective lens since larger lenses might increase the weight of the crossbow too much. 

For most hunters, it is better to get a rifle scope that is specially developed for crossbows. 

What is the difference between a rifle scope and a crossbow scope?

The main difference between a rifle scope and a crossbow scope is that rifle scopes are designed for long-range shooting while crossbow scopes are designed for close-range shooting. 

Crossbow scopes and rifle scopes can look very similar and can have various similar functions. The following are some of the main characteristic differences between these two devices;

Range difference

Most rifles are designed for firing from 50 yards up to 1000 yards. Crossbow scopes, on the other hand, usually have a shot range of 20 – 50 yards. This is the main reason these scopes are usually not interchangeable.

Magnification differences

All crossbow scopes are designed with a low-power magnification strength and most have fixed magnification settings. These scopes usually feature a magnification setting of 1 – 4x. 

Rifle scopes usually feature much more powerful magnification strengths and allow for much greater adjustability. This is especially true for variable scopes. With rifle scopes, you typically get a magnification ratio of 4x – 10x.

Reticle differences

The scope reticles function the same way but rifle scope reticles are set for a distance of about 100 yards while crossbow reticles are set for about 20 yards. 

What is the best range to sight in a crossbow?

The best sight range for a crossbow scope is usually 20 yards. It is however better for complete beginners to start with a 10-yard range and gradually move their way up to a greater distance. Crossbow scopes can also be effective for hunting at around 50 yards but with this distance, there are a lot more variable factors such as arrow weight, wind strength, wind direction, and target type that needs to be taken into consideration or the chances are pretty good that you might misfire. 

How far can a crossbow shoot accurately?

Some modern crossbows are powerful enough to project an arrow up to 500 yards away but this is only when the shooter isn’t aiming at any particular target. For hunting, the maximum shooting distance of a crossbow is 80 yards but many consider this distance unethical and only recommend this hunting distance for highly experienced hunters. Relatively skilled shooters usually stick to a hunting distance of 50 yards. Complete beginners should hunt at distances no greater than 30-35 yards.

This guide is the ultimate source of the crossbow scopes review. This will enable you to find the products that will fulfill your needs. Even if you are new to the world of such gears this guide will step by step educate you regarding the best five crossbow rangefinder scopes and help you get the one you would enjoy using most. Before buying such gear make sure that you do not buy products that are too expensive and have too few features or buy those scopes which your fellows are using. Always make a detailed survey and buy that scope that will fit aptly your needs. Once you have gone through all this, hopefully, you will end up with the best crossbow rangefinder scope.

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