Best Bushnell Rangefinder Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Bushnell is 60 years old an American Company Specializing in all kinds of Outdoor Products like Binoculars, Laser & Golf Rangefinders, Rifles & Scopes, Scopes and Tactical, etc, Today we are going to review Bushnell rangefinders with the case, slope, and Scopes of 2020 models!

Best Bushnell Rangefinder – Overview

Best Bushnell Rangefinder

Bushnell has been in the matter of assembling golf gadgets for the greater part a century, and the organization is among the business pioneers in the creation of various things including the rangefinder. This golf gear organization was the first in the business to make a mixture of rangefinder that consolidates attributes of the two GPS and laser. They have a broad stock of rangefinders that change in cost and highlights. Bushnell is continually thinking of another golf rangefinder relatively consistently, and it does this by enhancing their current highlights or advancements and concocting new ones.

Bushnell has an index of numerous golf rangefinders, and golfers will want to utilize distinctive Bushnell rangefinders. Thus it is never simple to decide the best golf rangefinder by Bushnell. Be that as it may, according to the number of offers and client surveys the two best contenders are the Bushnell Tour V3 and Bushnell Tour V4.

16 Best Bushnell Rangefinders Review 2020

Product Name Rating Check Now:
Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Shop Now
Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder Shop Now
Bushnell Pro X7 Slope Shop Now
Bushnell FUSION 1 MILE ARC (12 x 50) (10 x 42) Shop Now
Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Shop Now
Bushnell Elite 1 Mile CONX Combo Shop Now
Bushnell Elite 1 Mile ARC Shop Now
Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Shop Now
Bushnell G-Force DX ARC Shop Now
Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Shop Now
Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Shop Now
Bushnell Trophy Shop Now
Bushnell The Truth with ClearShot Shop Now
The Truth Bushnell Shop Now
Bushnell Bone Collector LRF Shop Now
Bushnell Sport 850 Shop Now

V4 jolt has the Bushnell’s PinSeeker as a feature in it. This helps you find your target flag and the jolt feature makes it vibrate as a confirmation that the target is locked. It has 5x magnification quality and a fast focus system with that slope technology.  It has a rechargeable battery and gives you the distance between any 5 and 100 yards.

Best Bushnell Rangefinder

It is one of the best rangefinders that may help you get the best while on course. it has the feature of jolt technology and pin seeker. It has a 6x magnification and a dual display. It has a stable grip and is very easy to use.

Best Bushnell Rangefinder

This is one of the best rangefinders offered by Bushnell. It has a unique elastic eye hook and itself is made of high-quality material. The rangefinder is additionally not as little as a portion of the other present-day ones, yet once you get to the green, you won’t see its size because of the estimation of findings that it will offer you. Setting it up takes under 10 minutes, and this is a lot like paying little heed to whether you have utilized a rangefinder previously or not. It has a waterproof packaging and rough elastic covering that will ensure that it serves you for quite a while.

best bushnell rangefinder golf

The Elite 1 Mile CONX Combo incorporates a Kestrel® Sportsman Ballistics Weather Meter. The Sportsman removes the mystery from long-ago shooting and is the ideal partner for your Elite 1 Mile CONX. The primary Laser Rangefinder that interfaces with your advanced mobile phone, the Elite 1 Mile CONX is a mechanical favorable position for long-extend shooters. Once your cell is associated by means of CONX you can set up the Rangefinder from the telephone and set up to 3 distinctive custom ballistic bends. Get hold over qualities from the Laser Rangefinder in inches, MOA or MILs on your advanced mobile phone or the Rangefinder’s show.

best bushnell rangefinder golf 2020

It has a magnification power of up to 6X. It has the technology of  E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) which provides you with up to 1/2 yard accuracy and 1/10th-yard display precision. Further, it has a built-in inclinometer that provides ARC. The ARC Bow Mode is what provides you true horizontal distance out to 99 yards. ARC Rifle Mode provides you bullet-drop/holdover in inches, MOA & Mil. Moreover, it has VSI (Variable Sight-in) Bullseye, Brush, and Scan mode. It has a range of 5 to 1000 yards. It gives the feature of diopter adjustment for crystal clear viewing. It is completely waterproof and has a carrying case, battery and neck strap. It is available in black (202355) or Realtree AP (202356).

It is the second generation of ESP turbo processor. It is rubber-armored and has a metal housing. Rubber-armored metal housing. It has a 6x magnification power. It is designed with VDT (Vivid Display Technology). It is 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) and provides you with up to 1/2 yard accuracy and 1/10-yard display precision. It has VSI (Variable Sight-in) technology. The Bow Mode provides true horizontal distance from 5–99 yards. The Rifle Mode provides bullet-drop/holdover in CM, IN, MOA & MIL. It has a BullsEye,™ Brush™, and Scan mode. The rangefinder has a range of 5–1,300 yards. It also has a diopter adjustment feature. It is also compatible with the magnetic attachment system. It is fully waterproof and has a built-in tripod mount and a Posi-Thread™ battery door. This rangefinder is available in Black (202460) or Realtree Xtra (202461).

bushnell rangefinder reviews

What Is Golf?

Golf is known to be a very old game. It is considered to be a game of the elite class of society. The game turned into a sport from simply a leisure long time ago. The game has its own etiquette and is considered as a symbol of status for the aristocrats.

Best Rangefinders

Different tools are used in this game and a rangefinder is what is really important for you to win this game. During the game on a vast green ground, all you need to inquire about is your distance from the hole. A rangefinder is exactly what helps you do that. To use a rangefinder you must be aware of different target modes or different features available on different rangefinders. These features vary according to the quality and price of a rangefinder.

A laser rangefinder is what provides you with these different target modes.  A GPS rangefinder works with the help of satellite signals. These target modes are provided in order to enhance measurement accuracy. These target modes help you adjust your inclines or declines which ultimately affect your distance to the hole.

1.       First Target Priority Mode:

The Bushnell rangefinder provides you with a first target priority mode which tells you about the accurate distance from the hole. It ignores all the objects around which may include trees and mounds etc. This target model provides you with the nearest target hole or the flagstick. It is known to be the most helpful target mode.

2.       Pin Seeking Mode:

It is the upgraded model of the first target priority mode and is manufactured by different best rangefinders companies. It is a feature found in the Bushnell rangefinders. They call it exclusively as Bushnell’s PinSeeker. They make ranging faster and easier for the flagstick and that is why they are worth manufacturing for. They are specialized to seek for and zero on the flagstick.

These modes provide some vibrations, as in  Bushnell’s jolt series, as a confirmation that it is locked onto the flag. You will be confident enough about your target distance once you buy a Bushnell rangefinder with this feature.

3.       Distant Target Priority Mode:

This is also sometimes called a second target priority mode. This mode is usually found as a standard model in the hunting rangefinders but in golf rangefinder, it is just added as a secondary or advanced feature. It ignores all the distractions from around the environment and seeks for the farthest target. This makes the rangefinder a versatile device because it helps you range the target of your choice. The game actually includes finding the closest target but sometimes this feature helps you get to a target hole of your choice.  This feature makes the device used for more than golf only. You may also use the same device for hunting or bird watching.

 4.       Scan Mode:

This mode is the most important mode of a rangefinder and you must definitely look for it when buying a rangefinder. This feature makes the game more convenient. During hunting, this feature is used to keep a track of the moving target like a deer or a bird. For the game of golf, you might use it to look for a moving cart or to know about the opponent. You may get an update on all your stationary or moving targets and about the distances on the viewfinder using the scan mode. Bushnell’s rangefinder provides you with the standard scan mode and the firing button shall be depressed in order to stay in the scan mode. You get a full distance report in the game of golf using the scan mode and it makes this feature the most convenient of all.

5.       Angle/ Slope Compensation Mode:

This feature provides you with a degree of incline and decline along with the distance from the target hole or flagstick. This feature is considered illegal to use in the tournaments but is considered very handy to use by the players who play for leisure only.

6.       Fog or Rain Mode:

It is a rare feature and is not found in all rangefinders. Rain particles can affect your rangefinders working as the droplets may reflect the laser when it is emitted. Bushnell rangefinders have that rain mode in them. This makes every penny spending on a rangefinder worth it because you shall all know that every day is not a bright sunny day and a game is to be carried on a rainy day.

Different Bushnell rangefinders are listed below along with their specifications. These are the best-reviewed Bushnell rangefinders by our customers and you will love them.