Best Nikon Rangefinders Reviews – 2020 Rangefinders For Hunting & Golf

Best Nikon Rangefinders:Best Nikon Rangefinders Reviews

Nikon is one of the leading companies in the field of production of optics. And as such, the output of rangefinders has gone in their favor. Rangefinders come in many shapes and with many features, and after surveying multiple rangefinders, it’s safe to say that all the best rangefinders do belong to Nikon.  They have taken the quality and easy to use nature of the rangefinders to its fullest extent and after reading this list, you see why.

Rangefinders are mainly used for the recreational activities of golf and hunting. In hunting, it’s used to detect the distance between you and the prey you’re stalking. They offer accurate distances that give the hunter an idea of how accurate his shot maybe. For golf, it’s mainly used to detect the distance between the flagstick and you. This helps in aligning the shot to get the hole in one you deserve. All in all, you need a suitable rangefinder that will help you in achieving these goals and ultimately make these experiences as enjoyable as they can be.

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1.Nikon Cool shoot Pro Stabilized Golf Range FinderBest Nikon Rangefinders Reviews

The Nikon Cool Shot Pro is an excellent tool if you want to go golfing out and find your target, the flagstick. The stabilization of the rangefinder is phenomenal, and not only does it stabilize the lens within the rangefinder but also the outbound laser. The outbound laser is there for better and accurate results. The range of this rangefinder is insane, with the range lying between eight to twelve hundred yards.

The target detection is also apparent in this as the rangefinder lights green circle to confirm the target lock. The background of the red OLED display helps in finding your target too. With such vast range and detection features, the Nikon rangefinder for golf it’s a must-buy for your target detection needs.


  1. Stabilization of rangefinder and outbound laser.
  2. Three easily changeable ID technologies.
  3. Background contrasted Crystal clear red OLED display.
  4. Auto and manual brightness levels.
  5. Green ring circling of the target to confirm lock.
  6. It is legal for tournament play, USGA conforming mode.
  7. It is waterproof as well.
  8. Extremely long range of eight to twelve hundred yards.
  • It has excellent stabilization.
  • It provides you with noticeable target detection.
  • It has a long-range for detecting the target.
  • It has three easily changeable ID technologies.
  • It adjusts its brightness automatically.
  • It is expensive.
Final words

This product is an excellent tool in finding your target if you’re out golfing or hunting, with its vast range, easy to use features and easy detection, you’ll have a wonderful time using this rangefinder. Due to its VR technology, it’s the best Nikon stabilized rangefinder.

2.Nikon Arrow Bowhunting Laser Rangefindernikon rangefinder review

The Arrow Bow Laser is a hunter’s best friend with the fantastic features it presents. Nikon has outdone themselves concerning rangefinders for hunters, with this rangefinders target detection going up to a thousand yards. Helped with a magnification of 6x, this makes it easier to spot your target.

If you have shaky hands, then don’t worry because the vibration reduction technology keeps the image steady with the help of the activated laser beam, for more accurate results. The Tru-technology is an exclusive feature as it offers two ranging modes. The first target priority mode allows you to range small objects, and distant target priority mode lets you display the range of the farthest target among many selected targets. This is the idea Nikon rangefinder for bow hunting. It’s also the best Nikon rangefinder with angle compensation


  1. It has an effective range of up to a thousand yards.
  2. It has a magnification of 6x.
  3. The Vibration reduction system creates excellent stability of the rangefinder.
  4. Tru-target technology allows the rangefinder to choose two different ranging modes.
  5. ID (incline and decline) technology for accurate reading of inclined or declined targets.
  • Impressive range.
  • Great magnification for a clear image of the target.
  • The VR causes good stabilization for the rangefinder.
  • Two unique targeting modes.
  • ID technology for the removal of incline/decline inaccuracies.
  • Not very good in low light situations.
Final words

This is an excellent rangefinder when it comes to hunting for targets. It has excellent range, accurate readings, unique targeting modes, and good stabilization. It’s always good to take with you on hunting trips. Arguably, the best Nikon stabilized rangefinder you’ll find anywhere.

3.Nikon Monarch 7I Vr Laser Range Findernikon rangefinder review 2020

The Nikon Monarch is the benchmark in rangefinder technology. The range of this rangefinder is one of the best, starting from eight yards and accurately estimating ranges of target up to a thousand meters. It has Vibration Reduction technology that steadies the aim of the range finder for better clarity of target. VR technology reduces the vibration of hand movements by 80%.

The Hyper Read technology used in this product delivers a fast measuring of the distance of the target with accurate readings up to +/- 0.5 yards.  The tru technology offers two unique targeting techniques, one is the first target priority, which targets small objects, and the other is distance targeting that spots the distance of the farthest target among a group of targets. The Nikon rangefinder battery has an impressive battery life on this thing.


  1. It has Vibration Reduction technology for great stabilization of rangefinder.
  2. It has a great range of eight to a thousand yards.
  3. It has angle compensation capable.
  4. It is also waterproof.
  5. Tru-target technology for unique targeting options.
  6. ID technology for varying angled targets.
  • Stabilizing VR technology.
  • A good range for target detection.
  • Two unique targeting modes.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • ID technology helps in detecting inclined/declined targets.
  • Eyepiece does not give support to the eye.
Final words

The Monarch sets the standard for all rangefinders to follow with its incredible range, superior target detection technology, and modes that let you how you want to detect your target. The best Nikon rangefinder with angle compensation you’re ever going to get.

4.Nikon Golf Cool Shoot 80VR Golf Range Findernikon rangefinder review 2020

If you are a fan of golf and want to know how well you're doing, you can employ the Nikon golf Cool Shoot Golf range Finder will help you out. With a grand range of a thousand meters, you can pinpoint your target effectively within seconds. The VR technology used in this product helps you to identify your target steadily. The Hyper Read technology continuously measures the distance of multiple objects for eight seconds, letting you know distances to hazards, pins, mounds, and trees. The Nikon rangefinder golf is an excellent tool to assist you in your game of golf.


  1. It has an effective range of eight to thousand yards.
  2. Nikon’s Vibration technology reduces the vibrations of the cam.
  3. First Target Priority technology used in it.
  4. Hyper Read Technology for fast target reading.
  5. Waterproof and fog proof.
  6. Coolshot 80 VR technology used.
  7. Locked On Technology for pinpointing your desired object.
  • Excellent range of the rangefinder.
  • VR technology increases stability by 80%.
  • Detection of multiple objects for reference.
  • Instantaneous detection of objects.
  • Rugged against the elements.
  • Too much information on a screen.
Final words

This product is perfect for your golfing needs. With its impressive range, fast target detection, multiple features used for optimal and excellent sturdy design, this is a rangefinder for making your golf better than the masses. One of the best Nikon rangefinder for golf.

5.Nikon Pro staff 3I Rifle Rangenikon rangefinder

The Nikon pro staff is the compact version of the bunch in this list, but by no means is it inferior in any way. The range on this thing is an outstanding 650 meters of effective targeting. The large ocular lens on the rangefinder helps to find your targets faster and more efficiently. The ID technology helps by calculating the distance on the target while ignoring any incline/decline between you and the object.

It also offers Tru-technology, giving you the option of using the first target priority, allowing you to choose small objects to pinpoint. The other option is the distant target priority, which displays the distance of the farthest target in a group of targets.


  1. Large Ocular lens for fast target acquisition.
  2. ID technology for inclined/declined calculation.
  3. Waterproof and fog proof.
  4. Tru-Target technology for two different targeting modes.
  5. 650-yard accurate range.
  6. Ultra-compact size.
  • Fast target detection is used.
  • You can use any of the two targeting modes present in it.
  • ID technology removes the inaccuracies of angular distancing.
  • Lightweight and very compact.
  • Poor performance in low light settings.
Final words

The Pro Staff is small, but it packs several features in it with a vast range backing it up. It comes with the standard Nikon quality with options like Tru-technology improving its value tenfold. This is a rangefinder you don’t want to miss out on.

6.Nikon Golf – Cool shoot 20 Laser Range FinderBest nikon rangefinder for the money

If you want something of ample quality yet easily carryable and that'll be able to fit in your pocket, then the Nikon Golf Cool shoot 20 is the rangefinder for you. With a stellar range of 550 yards that can accurately pinpoint your target, you'll have an easy time locating the flagsticks far off. The cool shot VR 80 scans the environment for about 8 seconds and register all the objects in its vicinity, giving you an idea of the distances to hazards, pins, mounds, and trees.

This product will automatically shut itself down after ten seconds, which is quick, but it can be turned on instantaneously, this saves a lot of power for the rangefinder. The compact size is also a bonus as it is light and small enough that you can put it into your pocket. If you want to take your game to the next level, this is the best Nikon rangefinder for golf


  1. First target priority targeting mode.
  2. Coolshot 80 VR technology used.
  3. Auto shut off feature.
  4. Compact in size.
  5. It has an impressive scanning distance of 550 yards.
  6. Waterproof and fog proof.
  • Auto shut off feature saves a lot of power.
  • First target priority mode for accurate readings of small objects.
  • Compact size.
  • Resistance against weather conditions.
  • 80 VR technology to accurately get the read on your environment.
  • No pin technology.
Final words

The small size and easy portability of this rangefinder are exceptional. Do not take it lightly due to its small size; it has the same features you would expect from quality standard rangefinders and, as such, should be on your buying list.

7.Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Laser Range FinderBest nikon rangefinder 2020

The Nikon Arrow ID is one of the best rangefinders for hunting, and once you get the hang of using this product, you’ll see why.  With its 550 yards accurate reading, you’ll see your prey from afar with clarity. It has a long eye relief of 20.3 mm, which will make viewing and ranging your target easier. The compact weight and easy to use features make it very user-friendly. With its eight-second continuous measurement, you'll be able to see the whole landscape and pinpoint objects of interest.

The true-technology used in it is very useful as it offers two moods of target acquisition. One is the priority targeting, which targets small objects and the other being distance targeting that picks out the farthest target in a bunch of targets — one of the best Nikon rangefinders for bow hunting in the market.


  1. IT has a long eye relief of 20.3 mm.
  2. It has a range of 550 meters.
  3. Compact, lightweight, and stylish design.
  4. Tru-target technology for optimal target detection.
  5. Nikon ID technology used for optimal distance calculation.
  6. It is waterproof.
  • The vast range for a compact design.
  • Good eye relief.
  • Tru-technology for variable detection of objects.
  • ID technology helps in calculating inclined and declined targets.
  • It has a 2-year warranty with it.
  • The layman will need time to learn to work.
Final words

The Nikon Arrow is an excellent choice for any hunter who’s looking to get the optimal gear for detecting their targets. With an adequate range and a plethora of features helping in detecting your target accurately, it’s a great rangefinder to have with you.

8.Nikon Pro staff 7i Laser Range FinderBest nikon rangefinder 2020

One of the best products when it comes to Nikon’s variety in rangefinders, It offers everything when it comes to this line of products. With one of the best ranges on the market, of about thirteen hundred yards, you'll be detecting your target far and wide. The magnification of 6x also helps to see your targets quite vividly and clearly. The ID technology also removes any miscalculations when it comes to reading targets at any incline or decline.

The long eye relief that this product gives is exceptional and helps to look at your target. With the true technology too, you get two varied options of detecting your target whether you want to determine the distance of a small object or the farthest target in a group of targets.


  1. An excellent range of eight to thirteen hundred yards.
  2. Long-range magnification of 6x.
  3. ID technology is integrated into it.
  4. Long eye relief.
  5. Tru-Target technology.
  6. Single-button operations for simple use.
  7. Weatherproof construction.
  • The substantial range of this product.
  • A very nice magnification limit.
  • ID technology for accurate readings.
  • Tru technology that helps adjust the targeting mechanism.
  • Rugged design.
  • It is expensive.
Final words

The Nikon Pro Staff 7I boosts the features of its predecessors to new heights and is the reason why it’s on the list. With the most extended range of in the market, best detection methods are programmed into it, and with Nikon’s seal of approval, it’s a must-buy for any golfer or hunter.

9.Nikon Black Rangex 4k Laser Range Finder Best nikon rangefinder 2020 reviews

The Nikon Rangex is your go-to rangefinder that can detect your targets at the longest distances. With an outstanding range of about four thousand meters, it's the most extended detector of targets. The High visibility of red OLED display makes it ideal for contrast for targets, and with its five selectable brightness levels, you'll be able to see in any light levels.

The ID technology offers excellent efficiency in measuring targets for targets at incline or decline. With the Hyper read technology, you detect the targets extremely fast with the time of 0.3 seconds. With its weatherproof construction, the Nikon rangefinder 4k is a great rangefinder to consider adding to the collection.


  1. The largest available range on the market, up to four thousand meters.
  2. High visibility red OLED for contrast on different targets.
  3. Five stages of selectable brightness.
  4. ID technology for accurate readings.
  5. Hyper Read for fast and positive measurements.
  • This rangefinder has one of the best effective ranges.
  • The contrast of background and target for idea target location.
  • Variable light choices.
  • Fast and accurate readings with ID and Hyper Read technologies.
  • Rugged construction.
  • No stabilizing feature.
Final words

With the most features present in this product, the Nikon rangefinder 4k is a must buy if you want to have the edge in hunting or golf. The detection features in this product are unmatched; that is why its users adore it.

10.Nikon Prostaff Laser RangefinderBest nikon rangefinder 2020 for hunting

The Nikon Prostaff is an excellent addition to your hunting or golfing needs. If you're looking for an excellent rangefinder for a high price, then this is the product for you. With its impressive range of a thousand yards, you'll be able to spot targets at great distances. With the ID technology, you'll get accurate results, no matter what the angular difference is between you and the target.

The rangefinder also has Tru-technology installed in it and, as such, gives you two targeting options. One is the priority targeting system that finds small objects, and the other is the distance targeting system made for detecting far off-targets. Combine all these features with the rugged construction; you’ll have a reliable rangefinder on your hand. The Nikon rangefinder battery also comes with this purchase.


  1. It has a great range of six to a thousand yards.
  2. Tru-technology, giving you two targeting modes.
  3. ID technology used to measure reading accurately.
  4. Water-resistant production.
  5. Rangefinder related items are also given.
  • Impressive range of the rangefinder.
  • The option of choosing any two targeting modes.
  • Fast and accurate readings of distance.
  • Compact and rugged construction.
  • Care items are also provided with the purchase.
  • No stabilization feature is used.
Final words

Nikon doesn’t disappoint and looking at the quality of this product; it sure looks like they won’t let us down any time soon. With several features backing the quality of this product, you’ll be sure to have a good time with this product.

4 Most Asking FAQ’s For Rangefinders

  1. What Is The Best Rangefinder?

The best rangefinders are the ones that have the following features:

  • They should have an adequate range. A good rangefinder should have at least 500 yards of range.
  • They should have stabilizing technology to maintain the clarity of the target.
  • They should have ID technology for more accurate readings.
  • They should be weatherproof to resist the effects of the environment.
  1. Can You Use Hunting Rangefinders For Golf?

Yes, hunting rangefinders can be used for golf. Most laser rangefinders offer this option to their customers. You will need to check the specs to see if the rangefinder matches your needs, but mostly, they make due. These rangefinders are a bit expensive, but it's better to buy them rather than purchasing separate rangefinders for both golf and hunting.

  1. Does Nikon Aculon Rangefinder Have Angle Compensation?

No, surprisingly, the Nikon rangefinder Aculon model does not have angle compensation. It's limited in the features it offers, but it's an excellent rangefinder nonetheless.

  1. Are Rangefinders Waterproof?

Yes, most rangefinders are waterproof. Nikon has released many weatherproof products. That also includes fog proofing. The varied environments and portability of these products make them handy tools to carry in several situations.

4 Best Nikon Rangefinders Features:

There are many features that the rangefinders offer their customers, some more useful than others but the following features are present in all Nikon rangefinders:

  1. Long effective Range:

The rangefinders need to have long-ranging detecting distances. The distances should be at least 500 yards, and the more the range, the better. Some products even go to the length of four thousand yards, which are more ideal for hunting. The longer the effective measuring range of the rangefinder, the more value it has to the user.

  1. Stabilization technology:

What's the point of the rangefinder if you can't see your target? That's where the stabilization technology comes in. Nikon has used its vibration reduction technology to decrease the shaking of the rangefinder by eighty percentage. The clearer the image, the easier it'll be to determine the status of the target. Shaky hands are a problem for most people, and especially when you're outside, being affected by many environmental factors, it’s nice to have your rangefinder minimize the shaking of the rangefinder.

  1. ID technology:

ID technology is essential to have an accurate reading of your targets. There will be many instances when your target will be on an incline or decline, and due to the angular difference, you'll need an accurate reading. The ID technology compensates the difference and calculates the difference for the user, making it a crucial part of the rangefinder.

  1. Tru-Technology:

Tru-technology is mostly found in the Nikon series of range finders, and it's a useful feature. There are two different targeting techniques used. The first is priority targeting distance that detects small objects such as fence posts and is used for tiny objects mostly. The second feature offered is the distance targeting that calculates the distance of the target, which is the furthest among a group of targets. Calling on the occasion, both techniques are essential to use.

6 Buyers Guide Points:

The rangefinders are vast, and they all have different features attached to them, that's why choosing the best rangefinder for your need can become a daunting task. Never fear for this guide will help you in choosing the best rangefinder for your targeting needs.

  1. Potent Range:

The range of rangefinders should be significant if you want to take your golfing or hunting to the next level. The minimum distance should at least be 500 yards and should go well beyond that. The more distance that is available for the user, the better it becomes for the versatility of use it presents.

  1. Stabilization technology:

The image should be clear to determine your target, and hence stabilization of the rangefinder is crucial. Vibration Reduction technology is used to minimize the effect of the shaking; It effectively finishes this effect off about 80%. It's optimal to have this in your rangefinders, so you don't see the target as a blurred blob.

  1. Easily detectable targets:

The target should be easily distinguishable from its surroundings, and as such, there should be features backing up this quality. Red OLED should be present so that you can have a great contrast of the target to the background. Coupled with green circle dots that lock onto the target, further distinguishing it from the targets and making it easier for you to detect your object of interest easily.

  1. Adequate brightness levels:

There should be good brightness levels in the rangefinders as you'll use this tool in many conditions. The light retention should be optimal, as it will help in detecting the target as well. With adjustable light levels, you’ll be able to detect targets in any lighting conditions.

  1. ID technology:

Targets can always be found on inline and decline, and most rangefinders function on plane areas. To combat this, you'll have to use ID technology that calculates the angular difference between you and the target to give you the accurate result you deserve.

  1. Tru-technology:

Tru-technology is a pioneer feature that helps the user in several ways. It has two ways of detecting targets, one is the small object detecting mode known as priority targeting, and the second being distance targeting, which looks to measure the distance of the farthest target in a group of objects. This gives the user versatility, which is always needed.