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You are here because you want to buy a golf rangefinder in 2020. Now you must be looking for golf rangefinder reviews that cover all the relevant information that can help you out to make a wise decision. This article will cover up the tips that can help you to buy the best budget golf rangefinder.

Best Golf Rangefinders – Introduction Best Golf Rangefinders 2020

You are smart enough, and you will not waste your time to search for different reviews by hitting different review sites. For making an informed decision, you need to read a detailed review of a product once and fortunately, you are at the right place.

After reading this review, I can guarantee you that you will leave satisfied by knowing each and every aspect of an ideal golf rangefinder.

If you are a pro, then you already know that the golf rangefinders really help to make an accurate decision while playing the shots. If you are a newbie, then you must be thinking that whether you need a rangefinder for playing golf or not?

✅ If Yes! Then what kind of rangefinder will be good for you?

The best part of the golf rangefinders lies in the fact that all types of players having all skill levels can use the rangefinder to cheer up their passion for the game. Now moving towards a question that might be coming in your mind that which golf rangefinder is right for you?

  1. The answer to the question depends on different factors like do you play with your friends and family?
  2. Do you play in tournaments? Do you play at different golf courses?
  3. Do you travel the world to explore the different world golf courses?

Top 5 Best Golf Rangefinders 2020

Below check our top selected Best Golf Rangefinder with reviews, Specifications and price tables!

TitleRatingCostCheck Now
☛Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt laser golf rangefinder ★★★★★ $$$Shop Now
☛Suaoki PF3 laser golf rangefinder ★★★★★ $$$ Shop Now
☛TecTecTec VPRO 500 Golf rangefinder ★★★★★ $$$ Shop Now
☛Precision Pro Golf – NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder ★★★★★ $$$ Shop Now
☛WoSports laser golf rangefinder ★★★★★ $$$ Shop Now

Golf is a hobby and a passion for golf sports lovers and just like other sports, it requires equipment that helps to play accurate shots. Distance is an important element that needs to be considered in order to play ideal shots. Here comes the part of the best golf rangefinders that will provide you with accurate and reliable data.

Do you know the secret behind the successful game of professional golf players?


Come on today I am going to reveal this secret to you. The secret is they have the best rangefinder that they use along with their experience to find out the exact distance to the fixed points.

Buying Guide – Things To Look Out In a Golf Rangefinder

Technically the rangefinders for hunting and golf are the same; there are a few features that are different. For instance, the range might be different, and the zoom-in options can be different, but the purpose is the same.

I am going to list down a few important aspects that will help you to decide whether you need a rangefinder or not.

Best Golf Rangefinders 2020

What Type of Rangefinder Is Ideal For Golf?

This is a question that many beginners ask which kind of rangefinder will be suitable for them? For answering this question, I have conducted a survey and have taken reviews from the pro players. They are with the opinion that golf laser rangefinders are the best for beginners and pros.

The laser rangefinder is the latest technology and it helps to improve the overall game experience of the payer. It doesn’t provide tips to improve the shot but the level of information that it provides to play the shot is really helpful. If you are looking for laser rangefinder you may consider the best Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser.

4 Golf Rangefinders Feature In 2020:

Best Golf Rangefinders review 2020

Features are the most important aspect that one needs to consider before buying any gadget because these will determine the value that the device will offer you. There are different types and brands available in the market that is offering different technologies, for instance, Jolt Technology, ESP and Vivid Display, etc. You need to consider the following features to select the ideal rangefinder for golf in 2020. This list has been compiled after doing extensive research and taking reviews from the pros.

1) Budget

The most important is the decision that how much you want to spend on your hobby. You can find different price ranges and different brands that offer the top-rated gold rangefinders. But, the fact is that you need to decide how much you can spend and what kind of rangefinder is best suitable for you.

Once you know your needs, then you can easily find an ideal golf rangefinder within your budget. If you are looking for a quality product within a limited budget, then check out Leica Pinmaster II Golf Pro (7 x 24 ).

2) Range

First of all, you need to know the ranges you would like to cover. There are different rangefinders that provide a different range of coverage features. An ideal rangefinder for golf will provide you range coverage of 400 yards, anything less than this is not considered. The best rangefinder that covers the maximum range and has an affordable price is the Bushnell Tour V3.

3) Design and Weight

This is a fact that you need to buy the lightweight and compact rangefinder. The reason is that you have to walk around on the golf course, so you can’t afford to carry a heavy rangefinder. Always check the overall design of the device, as it should be compact so that you can carry it easily.

If you are looking for the rangefinder with a compact design and have maximum features, you can check affordable Leupold Gx4i. It is really a good option for beginners and pros.

The Best Golf Rangefinders of 2020

4) Ease of Use

This is the most important factor that a golfer should consider while buying the best golf rangefinder. A professional or a pro golfer cannot afford trouble while estimating the distances to play the shot. So, always check all the features and don’t go for complicated devices. A recommended user-friendly rangefinder is Vortex Optics 1500 & 1000 RangerFinder. This is a suggestion from a pro golfer that always plays smart by having user-friendly gadgets with you on the golf course.

Best Golf yardage finder does an excellent job between flagstick and you at identifying the yardage. It is very important to know the accurate distance of the pin from you. Forgetting an accurate knowledge of distance, several brands prefer laser technology. By knowing the exact distance, you can hit the right shot. It makes your game excellent. You can avail a huge variety of rangefinders very easily online as well as innovative modern items are sold in the market very easily.

So, yes I can guide you to buy the best budget golf rangefinders 2020 that are best for the beginners and as well as for the pros. These golf rangefinders reviews are done on the basis of features, design, battery life, accuracy, distance coverage, and price, etc. All the models that are selected for a review are top-rated golf rangefinders which are rated as best models by the pros.

Golf Rangefinders Under $200

TitleRatingCostCheck Now
☛Bushnell 202442 The Truth ARC 4x20mm★★★★★ $$$Shop Now
☛TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder ★★★★★$$$Shop Now
☛Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder★★★★★$$$Shop Now
☛Leupold RX-650 Laser Rangefinder Matte★★★★★$$$Shop Now
☛Uineye Laser Rangefinder★★★★★$$$Shop Now
☛Vortex Impact Laser Rangefinder★★★★★$$$Shop Now
☛Naturalife Laser Rangefinder★★★★★$$$Shop Now
☛SIG Sauer 4x20mm Laser Rangefinder★★★★★$$$Shop Now
There are few people who are new to this gadget and they need proper guide containing all the essential details about golf distance finder available in the market. For those customers, we wrote this best rangefinders review. It contains in-depth detail about the high-class rangefinders on hand so that the best buying decision can be made. Some of those reviews along with the pros and cons are discussed below.

This golf rangefinder buyer’s guide is for all those who want to explore the critical information that one needs to know before buying the rangefinder for playing golf. It is human nature to get the best and maximum features of a product within the budget. This buyer’s guide will help you to buy the Cheap golf rangefinder for the money that you pay.

1) Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt laser golf rangefinder – For The Best Price

Bushnell is an amazing company that offers Best Bushnell Rangefinders with multiple upgrades to satisfy customers with great features. Not only they are smaller in size but are of high quality with a solid design. This product is legal to be used in the tournaments and offers accuracy up to 1 yard. The magnification of this rangefinder is 5×. The technology used in its production is stable in order to offer a solid grip. The system enables it to focus really fast on the target. The best thing about this Best rangefinder is that it offers such amazing features in a really affordable price range.

best golf rangefinder For The Best Price

The Shift feature present in Tour V4 has an innovative of toggling between the on and off version of slope compensation. This is really helpful in identifying if the player is using it illegally or not. Some of the great features present in this device that make it the best golf rangefinder with slope 2020 are as follows.

The features present in Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt which differentiate it from the other products as well as its previous version are following.

  • The shooting takes place really quickly. It takes no time to make a shoot after it receives the instructions.
  • The size is really compact. It is much less than the previous design offered by Bushnell by the name of V3. It fits easily in the hand or even a person can carry it in the pocket. It is a great choice for people who are looking for the best rangefinder with slop and small in size.
  • This is a great choice for people who play in the rain because of its water-resistant feature.
  • The usability of this device is really simple because it does not require any extra skills to operate it.
  • The pin seeker present in this product makes it really easy to secure the target in less time. It never makes a mistake while identifying a target.
  • The slope feature is different and provides a lot of advantages over other products. The downhill or uphill movement of the ball is identified which appears to be at the same level when rangefinder does not have this feature.
  • Tour V4 comes with a warranty of 2 years.
  • Sometimes the zoom feature works slow which may be annoying for some customers.

2) Suaoki PF3 laser Golf Range finder - For The Money

This is a great product which is Swiss made. It has multiple features to make it versatile and fit all the needs. Its weight is just 0.5 lbs which makes it the lightweight golf rangefinder that is easy to carry along in the golf course. It is a multiple purpose device that can also be used for wildlife observation. The structure is made really dense so that it can tolerate all kinds of dust as well as water splashes. Even in unfavorable weather conditions, it gives out the best type of result. This is an amazing product for people with eyesight issues whether it is long-sightedness or short-sightedness. It is really easy to look through it while wearing glasses because of the versatile design and construction.

best golf rangefinder For The Money

The magnification level of this device is 6× which is more than the usual devices in competition. The adjustments can be made in 5 directions so there is no need to wear glasses. It comes with a battery, wristband, carrying a bag along with a user manual so that the person does not have any difficulty while using it. This device comes while wrapped up in a fully integrated silicone piece for protection. Some remarkable benefits a person can get from this best budget golf rangefinder with slope are as follows.
  • The slope feature is present in it to consider the sloppiness of the ground up to 20 degrees both in an upward and downward direction. This helps in carrying the ball according to the nature of the ground. The yardage can be adjustable by using this feature. While taking a swing, it makes the person more confident because of detailed observation.
  • The user feels more convenient while using it because of the precision it provides to the player for playing the shot. The units can toggles in between meters and yards easily to help better players.
  • The functionality of this product is really versatile. This has the ability to measure the distance of 600 meters in a second. Flag lock technology is used in its manufacturing to secure the high quality of speed, angle and height support.
  • The construction of this device shows that it is durable. It is both waterproof and dustproof. The design is made compact to ensure the feature of portability. The grip of this rangefinder is strong so that it does not slip from the hand.
  • The pin seeker present in this product makes it really easy to secure the target in less time. It never makes a mistake while identifying a target.
  • The slope feature is different and provides a lot of advantages over other products. The downhill or uphill movement of the ball is identified which appears to be at the same level when rangefinder does not have this feature.
  • The viewing experience provided by this device is amazing. A great image is provided in front of the eyes with the help of magnification 6× which is higher than usual.
  • The price is really reasonable in comparison to the features offered by this rangefinder.
  • Some people consider it’s working difficult. However, with the help of the user manual provided with the product, it can be used without any difficulty.

3) TecTecTec VPRO 500S Golf rangefinder - With Slope

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is another hit in a list of golf rangefinder review 2020. Though this is a new player in this product category, the features of this product are really amazing. The magnification level provided by this is 6×. This product is available in really less price with the yard range of 400. It is a little heavy as compared to other items but for people who do not consider weight, this is the best choice. The warranty provided along with this product is 1 year. People who like the rangefinder with GPS identification have this amazing new addition to the family of golf accessories. This is not only sturdy but also gets the job done in no time. This product is waterproof with the ability to work in rain and also includes pin seeking technology.

golf rangefinder With Slope 2020

The hard case available with this device is really decent which comes along with the pin sensor. The company Tec Tec Tec is new in this market and has not much information on it. This cheap rangefinder is great in terms of budget and for people who want to try an entry-level device for practice.
  • The best advantage of this device is its reasonable price. It provides all the latest features in a really less price range.
  • Where most of the Best rangefinders have the magnification feature of 5×, this rangefinder gives a magnification of 6×.
  • The customer service department works efficiently by responding to all the customer complaints in less time.
  • The manufacturer warranty for this product is 2 years while it offers a money back guarantee of 30 days.
  • Some of the other brands like Bushnell have greater accuracy than this device.
  • It is not clear whether this brand will offer greater durability in the long-term or not.
  • The track record of this company is less because it is new in the market. Most of the customers want a product from the established brand name because of greater durability.

4) Monument golfer magnetic Rangefinder - Golf Digest

The accessibility of this cheap golf rangefinder is increased with each shot. The body is made durable with the help of added layers on the outside. Even if it encounters bumps, that are resistible because of the magnetic strength present in its body. It can easily be attached to the column or frame of the roof so that it remains within the reach of the arm. All these features make it a really handy device to carry around. Some of the amazing advantages shown by this device are as follows.

golf rangefinder Golf Digest 2020

  • The wear and tear of the device are protected because of the magnetic layer that is added to it.
  • It is made handy with the help of strong magnets and smart design.
  • It can be easily accessed after every shot because of the handy design and easy accessibility.
  • This product is great for those who want to have a device is more reachability.
  • It is considered to be a bit higher on the price range.

5) WoSports laser Golf Distance Finder - Under $300

This product comes in wonderful white color which increases its aesthetic appeal. The range offered by this device is up to 600 meters. It offers a huge level of accuracy so that the user should rest assured about the correctness of the target distance. The angle can be measured with a remarkable precision of 1 degree. Along with all these features, the durability of this product is ensured by keeping great construction of the overall outer body.

best golf rangefinder for the money - Under $300

This device is made handy with a tight grip so that it does not fall off and gets damaged while using. The laser type used in it is 905 nm. The magnification of this device is 6× which increases the precision level and the user can see everything clearly. The size of the lens at the front is 22 mm. battery type is also great with CR2 – 3V. The temperature of the machine is controlled while using to avoid burnout. Dimensions of this device are 127mm x 80mm x 43mm which is really less in size as compared to other devices in this category. Overall it is an amazing product with all the necessary features in it.
  • The accuracy of 1 meter is offered by this device which can be toggled by the help of players with excellent skills.
  • The slope feature of about 20 degrees is provided in both directions which helps in increasing the accuracy level. It helps the player to keep in mind the changes in ground level and then making a shot with full accuracy.
  • The overall functioning of this device makes it a perfect fit for the high-quality game because of the great angle calculation, speed, range and flag lock technology.
  • Wosport rangefinder comes with a warranty of 1 year with which customers can have the support of life in case any problem arises in it during working.
  • The construction of Wosport is incredible because of the comfortable grip. This rangefinder is completely safe for the eye because of its making. The power output is less than 0.4 mW on average keeping its energy requirement low. The battery work for a long time because if this system.
  • The guide is provided along with the product to help the customer in working and starting the process.
  • Offers a lot of great feature in a very competitive price range.
  • This device has a little problem with the battery screw. It becomes loose after some time so the person using it should keep this point into consideration while playing.

6) Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser - Best For Golfers

It is the most dependable item that is extremely efficient in showing the accurate distance for hitting the right shot. The use of this device is very safe while you are busy in taking the right decision to play an accurate shot. These are masters of safe gaming and are recommended in driver’s courses. It enables you to focus on your shot by judging the right distance. It offers you safe and easy gaming.

bushnell golf rangefinder for Best For Golfers

  • It is very easy to use and install during game
  • Offers two years warranty
  • Jolt technology to guide when to hit the ball
  • Intending with the touchscreen interface for the convenience of the golf player
  • It does not need any subscription and contains no fee
  • It is a free mobile app that is available on your smartphone, Android and iPhone
  • It is helpful for you to share existing data or important information
  • Assists in displaying accurate distance
  • It is an ideal choice for offering updates of the range
  • It offers a clear image of the range for an accurate shot
  • Light transmission, clarity, vivid display, ESP and 2nd generation

7) Bushnell Tour V3 - For The Money

This golf rangefinder can help you to hit the right pinpoint. It acts as a hand free because it can be set up in front of you. For containing the touch screen interface, it helps you in easy hitting. You can improve your hitting strategy. It will help you out in keeping you in a free state of mind. For improving the efficiency and the accuracy of your tasks of shooting and hunting, this is the safety device. It gives you complete accuracy in judging the right pinpoint to hit the shot.

  • 5x magnification offers single-hand operation
  • It is user’s friendly device
  • LCD displayed, legal tournament play, scan,
  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy to use, Rangefinder with accurate measurements of 10 to 1000 yards
  • Accurate distance measurement of 300 yards to the flag
  • It has the features that are full of convenience, comfort, and
  • It is the true blend of security, convenience, and
  • It can be used in all weather conditions.
  • It reduces the risk of wrong shots
  • You can get information by touching the screen
  • The gadget is perfect for distance measurements

best rangefinder For The Money

8) Leica Pinmaster II Golf Pro (7 x 24 ) - Laser Rangefinders Under $1000

To increase the allure of your game, you need to get an accurate estimation of the distance. This is the right product that gives you complete assistance with high magnifications. This will help you how to hit your target in the right way. The image clarity of this device is amazing. You will love its accuracy.

  • It offers a bright Display.
  • One year warranty
  • It is intended with capabilities of dual-orientation to offer the vertical and horizontal display
  • For offering detailed route information and free updates, this device is incredible in use.
  • Excellent for looks and factor
  • 7x magnification and a small device
  • It is a user’s friendly device with simple operations
  • Natural colours with Crisp, clear display

Laser Rangefinders Under $1000

The brand is innovative for offering unique configurations. The attractive designing along with new style makes you compelled to use this device easily. The other aspect that makes us popular is the excellent, prompt and quick services. The brand guarantees you that it is designed to fulfill your golf needs. They keenly focus on the high-class output to play a right shot. They offer you enjoy authentic, trustworthy, safe and secure rangefinding. The significant side in all processes of selling and delivering is our low-cost items.

9) Leupold Gx4i - Under $500 Range

It is Prominent for quality and efficiency. It comes with an aluminum body. For offering an accurate line of sight measurements with an OLED display, this is a wonderful golf RangeFinder. A golf player needs to get an estimation of the distance to hit the right shot. With the powerful lens, high magnification and clear image, this product are highly amazing.

The image sensor is sure to provide 100% efficiency. It is furnished with a vari-focal lens that you can adjust as per your convenience. You will enjoy your game by using this device because of the true measurement of the distance. It is a waterproof product.

  • Provides complete protection for range finding
  • Allows security and efficiency in output
  • High-magnificence, clear resolution
  • weatherproof, rainproof
  • detailed range display
  • Intended with efficient technology
  • Offers a comprehensive guide for the true shot
  • For containing high specifications, this is an ideal choice.
  • Offering quick start manual
  • It is an innovative device for guiding you with a true point.

golf rangefinders Under $500 Range

The Leupold Rangefinders are the name of excellence that offers powerful lens and high magnification. These are made of strong and sturdy material for long-term use. These are comfy items that provide simplicity in operation. These, are very easy to use and adjust. Users can purchase these items of high quality at affordable rates.

✅ Premium Vs ✅ Budget Golf Rangefinders

There are different types of rangefinders with different price ranges. The premium golf rangefinders are expensive as compared to the budget golf rangefinders. Now it is important to know whether you should pay for the premium brands like Bushnell, Callaway or Leupold or not?

Being a buyer, you must be concerned while spending $350 to $650 on the premium models of golf rangefinders. What functions can you get for your money spent on the budget brands like or Tectectec vpro500 golf rangefinder, GolfBuddy & Precision, etc.?

In my opinion, the premium models do offer additional features, but these additional features are useful for gold pros. The budget brands cover most of the functions, but still, you can’t get all the features at half price. So always bargain the features with price by keeping in mind your requirements and demands.

Laser Vs GPS Golf Rangefinders

There are two different major types of laser golf rangefinders available in the market i.e. the GPS golf rangefinders and the laser rangefinders. Let’s explore the differences between these two types first.

The successful golf players have all the equipment which they need during golf playing, Golf Rangefinder one of the most necessary and essential elements during a golf match. To know the perfect range or distance of your target you must have lightweight rangefinder which gives you the accurate distance of your goal or target. There are many distance measuring tools but the latest and fast technology named Laser rangefinder & GPS rangefinder both are kinds of golf distance finder which helps you find the accurate distance of your target and both types have different features, cost and designs.

There are a lot of gadgets related to golf that promise to deliver accuracy with straight shots. Laser & GPS rangefinders act as a game-changer and whether it is the upgraded version or a replacement, it always offers something amazing. The scores can be boosted by the selection of the right gadget for the game. This is specifically a device that measures distance and is used in Golf. Either Laser or GPS technology is used here to calculate the space in ball and target.

As per the opinion of pro golf players, and my survey, the suggested rangefinders are the laser golf rangefinders.

5 Qualities to look for Laser Rangefinders

You need to look for the following features while buying the best golf rangefinder with the slope.

  1. Accuracy

This is the most important feature of a rangefinder, as it is the main function for which you are willing to pay a few extra bucks. Check the magnification glass specifications used in the selected rangefinder.

  1. Distance Covered

This is another important factor that should be looked for in a rangefinder. The ideal gold rangefinder covers 1000 yards at least.

  1. Design

The design is another factor which is important to a few players. If you want a device in a pocket, then you will have to check for the sleek and smart designs.

  1. Ease of use

If you are a beginner, then check out the functions and features that a device offers. Don’t go for complex golf rangefinders. Ease of use is a must in order to get the accurate distance of a target from a specific point. If you don’t know how to handle a rangefinder, then that device is useless for you.

  1. Weight

The lightweight golf rangefinders are easy to carry but you have to pay a few extra bucks for it.

  1. Price

This is the most important factor as you must have a budget in your mind to spend on a top-rated golf rangefinder, so try to select the model according to your needs only. If you are a beginner, then you don’t have to waste money on buying a premium golf rangefinder. And if you are a pro, then you definitely need a premium golf rangefinder.

Cheap golf rangefinder for the money 2020

Now you need to ask yourself a question and priorities each feature according to your needs. First, you need to know what exactly your needs are, for instance, you want a sleek design golf rangefinder or best golf rangefinder golf digest or the golf rangefinder with a slope?

  1. Do you need a lightweight Cheapest golf rangefinder in case you travel a lot and what kind of shots do you play?
  2. Do you play in a big golf course or a small golf course?
  3. You need to give points to all the features and have to make a selection accordingly.

FAQ's For Golf Rangefinders

Why you need a Golf Rangefinder?

You need an ideal rangefinder for golf so that you can play minimum shots to put the ball into the target. During my survey, I concluded that pro gold players use good rangefinder to play successful shots. If you are a beginner then you need to read this guide that will help you know that why you need a top-rated rangefinder for golf playing and how it can help you to beat pros in the game.

1. Saves time to play more

According to a survey conducted, all golfers who are using the rangefinders endorsed the fact that the best rangefinders for golf saves a lot of time and they can consume that time in playing more shots.

The basic purpose of a rangefinder is to measure the distance to any specific point in a second. This technology saves time and speeds up the play, as you do not have to waste your time in making estimates of the distance to play the shots. The club selection also becomes fast as you are already aware of the range you want to hit.

2. Compensation for Slopes or Elevation

This is really a good feature of a rangefinder that it considers the slopes and elevations while measuring a distance. You can’t do it manually by using the yard markers. Hence, accurate distance measurement is key to play accurate shots toward the target points.

3. Builds up Confidence

Golfers are aware of the fact that confidence is the backbone of this game. If you are confident to play a good shot, then only you can play an accurate shot. The rangefinder makes it easy to estimate the distance, so you can select the club according to the range, and it helps to play a good shot.

How to Select the Best Laser Golf Rangefinder for Starters?

If you are new to this game and just starting out to learn and play golf, then I will call you a beginner or a novice. At this level, I suggest you to go for a simple laser golf rangefinder that can give you an accurate distance to the hole.

At this point, you need very basic features to master the shots by knowing the accurate distance and playing less false shots. I would suggest these best gold rangefinders to the seasonal players, who play occasionally.

How to Select the Best Laser Rangefinders for Middle-Level Players?

If you are a good player and adept at playing golf, then you are a middle-level golf player. Your playing needs are now different from the beginners as you have mastered a few skills now. At this stage, most of the players can give a rough estimate of the total distance of the target from any particular point.

The mid-level rangefinders can satisfy the needs of almost all the golfers. The middle-level rangefinders include the Latest or Used golf rangefinder with slope 2020 and the best laser rangefinders 2020. These devices are more durable and handy. These cover more area and distance and give accurate readings in the bad weather as well.

How to Select the Best Laser Rangefinders for Pros?

Now let’s talk about the players who want all the features and are willing to pay the price for that. If you are a guru gold player and want to enjoy all the features that the best golf rangefinder 2020 can offer you, then consider buying the premium golf rangefinders.

In the premium device, you will get maximum features and you need not bargain between the features and the price. You can get all the best features offered by premium brands.

The premium rangefinders are not user-friendly, if you have not used a basic or a mid-level rangefinder then you will find it difficult to understand the advanced level features. But you can understand the usage of advanced features by spending some time exploring the device functions.

Final Verdict

A golf rangefinder is an important sports equipment for the golfers. Most beginners are not aware of this gadget and they end up playing false shots. Professional players always find the smartest way to play golf, and they recommend the use of the best gold rangefinders so that they can estimate the distance before playing the shot. This helps them to select the appropriate club for hitting the shot.

Rangefinders also help beginners to learn the use of a specific club with reference to the club. They can estimate the range and successful shots played with any specific club. Next time they can use this information to select an accurate club to play good shots. Finally, it is recommended to buy an ideal golf rangefinder to spend more time playing golf rather than wasting time to make false distance estimate with yard markers.

I have chosen selected golf rangefinders, so it is easy for you to select the one which is suitable for you. The list contains the top-rated golf rangefinders 2020, so you can select from the list without indulging yourself in tiring research for the best golf rangefinder.