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TecTecTec Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2020

TecTecTec one of the best trusted brand provides best rangefinders all over the world, TecTecTec rangefinders having 2,424 Positive Customer reviews, Provides 1-2 Years warranty for all products with min 30 days money back guarantee, below we are reviewing their all distance finders with cost & Features!

While playing golf, the most important thing to consider is distance. Any player can only have success if the distance is measured carefully and take a shot according to perfect measurement. The people who are experienced and professional can measure this distance with the help of physical objects however that may not be accurate. For bringing an ease to this process, TecTecTec VPRO500 & VPRO500S Golf rangefinders are introduced so that distance can be measured accurately and more fun can be brought to this game. This is a simple device that can be worn like a clip or a watch and then the electronic software installed in it will do the work. TecTecTec Company introduces some of the best rangefinders. The reviews of those devices are discussed here to have a better idea about which one is the best for use in the field.

Top 3 TecTeTec Rangefinder Reviews

TecTeTec Rangefinder Reviews


TecTecTec VPRO500S Golf Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec VPRO500S is a device which used the latest technology of finding the accurate distance. This is really flexible and performs best when compared to other devices. The distance is measured quickly and improves the experience of gaming. The magnification of 6× is used which is more than usual. The distance is calculated and presented after elevation adjustment. There are different modes of scanning used in this device which are really helpful for every type of situation. The targets which are overlapping can be identified correctly and then the pin location in areas of wood is identified. There is also a locking measurement feature which increases the confidence level of player. Some amazing features of this product are.

tectectec vpro500s review


  • There is a new mode of slope estimation which can help measure the distance keeping in mind the sloppiness of the surface in front. It helps in taking an accurate shot in uneven places as well.
  • The pin sensor technology is used in this device which is really advanced. It is commonly known as flag seeker technology because it identifies the accurate distance with the help of sensors used in it.
  • The measurement range of this VPRO500S Golf Rangefinder is 540 yards which are quite large. This is legal to be used in the tournaments.
  • The durability of this product is ensured because it is rainproof. The player can use it in any circumstances and its working will not be affected. There is a coating of multiple colours done on it which helps in giving out the clear images. The magnification power is 6× to give brighter results with complete accuracy.
  • This is a slope rangefinder which keeps in view sloppy surface while measuring the distance of the target. It helps in playing in the areas where the floor is not even. It enhances the accuracy of the rangefinder.
  • The guarantee period for this device is of 30 days within which complete money is refunded to the buyer. The manufacturing warranty of this Tec Tec Tec VPRO500S rangefinder is of 2 years which is according to the standards of the market.


TecTecTec VPRO500 Review with laser technology

It is not easy to guess the distance and now there is no need to do so. The accuracy with the margin of one yard is guaranteed with the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder. The lens used in it is multilayered and this gives the best idea about the surrounding in order to get the right shot at any time. This is helpful in taking the game to a new level of accuracy.

There is a carrying pouch available with this device which is of premium quality. The wrist strap is present to keep it close and access all the functions whenever needed. The visibility of this device is high and it can be taken from one place to another with complete reliability. Once the person gets to use it, he cannot leave it even for a single swing because the accuracy level is amazing. All the functions are easy to use and handle.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Review


  • This is a rangefinder which works with the help of a laser. Laser rangefinders work much better as compared to the GPS ones. It has a mode of continuous scan which can provide reach up to 540 yards of distance.
  • The body of this product is waterproof. This feature makes it reliable and durable for a longer period of time.
  • The sensing technology used in its production is of pin sensor that helps to sense even the long distance. This is the perfect type of device for measuring the accurate distance for the flags and overlapping subjects.
  • The weight of this device is really less. The dimensions are 104 mm x 72 mm x 41 mm with just the weight of 185 grams. The body is not only durable but also resist the dust. The measuring is now not time taking and there is no need to carry a lot of extra weight while playing.
  • The power output used by this device is of even less than 0.5mW which keeps it running for a long time. This device can be set up for working in less time with the help of guide available with it.
  • The customer support centre works properly and this device comes with the warranty of 2 years. This means that if anything happens to the product within the first two years of purchase, the company will be responsible for all the reimbursements of repair charges. This increases the confidence level of customers over the company.

TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf laser rangefinder

The measurement range of this TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf laser rangefinder is longer than other products. This is not only accurate but also flexible. The measurement and functions are changed according to the desire of the user. The functions can be altered and handle easily. The frequent changes and accuracy help in making this the ultimate product that anyone needs. The complete game can be changed by wisely using this product. The clear view is obtained by this rangefinder with the help of diopter adjustment. Not only the person using it sees the object clearly but also identifies exact distance with the help of high-quality technology used in this production.

TecTecTec VPRODLX Golf laser rangefinder

There are three scanning modes used in this that are suitable for every situation. This not only measures the accurate distance but also identify overlapping objects and pinning the right location of the target. The confidence of the user is increased with the help of repeated successes. The battery coming with this device is free and of CR2 quality. It works for a long time and there is no need for frequent recharges. The cloth for cleaning is also attached to the package which is made of microfibers for better cleaning. The guide is present for making the setup and functioning easy.

The case of this device is made with a shock resistant body which helps to protect it against the odd weather conditions and its impact. The design of this device is made clear with the use of yellow colour which makes it easy to identify and find from quite a distance. It is also not needed to use it for every swing the person has to take. Some of the other important features present in this device are here.


  • This is made of a high-quality laser technology. The range of this golf rangefinder is from 5 to 600 yards which is more than all the other ones. It can measure a long distance with great accuracy.
  • The overlapping objects are measured with the help of flag seeker technology. This is an advanced technology which pinpoints the exact location in the golf ground. The ups and downs are kept in consideration while measuring the distance. This means that the measurement is done while considering multiple dimensions.
  • The construction of this device is done to keep it waterproof. The magnification power of this golf rangefinder is 6× which is good for far-off Clear and bright images can be obtained by aiming correctly. The multiple layers of coating keep it safe even in worst weather conditions.
  • This is a comprehensive package which has a good quality bag, a strap, a battery and a cloth for cleaning. The cloth is made of microfibers to keep it in safe care. Battery runs for a long time to keep it working in the longer


These were some of the products offered by the company TecTecTec that are of really high quality. This is a company which makes optical products and has good worth in the market. They are skilled in making the products such as cameras, rangefinders, and projectors. Their products are always of premium quality. As far as the above-mentioned products are concerned, the best of all s considered to be VPRODLX. The reason behind it being the best is its laser technology. It also has the ability to measure distance up to the larger range as compared to others. This makes it the best device for professional players to play on the grounds which have large geographical area.