Best Scope for Savage 220 | Top 7 Choices in 2020

Are you looking for the latest best scope for savage 220? hunters & shooters always on searching for best-hunting scopes under your budget range in 2020!

Slug guns have always been regarded with an inferior attitude. They’ve been considered the lowest form of hunting imaginable. You’d switch out for any other weapon than go with slug guns. That all changed when the Savage arms company kept making slug firearms and perfected the formula in 2020. They made other slug guns utterly obsolete with the release of Savage Arms’ famous Savage 220 20 gauge slug gun.

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Savage 220 Scopes:Best Scope for Savage 220

The Savage 220 acts more like a rifle than any other slug gun on the market. This firearm is comparatively light with an approximate weight of 6 pounds and is extremely useful at 100 ranges, more than any weapon in its category. The Savage recoil pads are incredibly efficient in giving comfort in their recoils. The Accutrigger provides the gun with three types of loads. With this gun, you can kill a deer at 200 yards max. The gun offers a multitude of advantages such as being lightweight, providing comfortable handling, high recoil absorption, and with vast effective range for a slug gun.

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The Savage220 has quickly become a favorite for hunters, and because of this, it needs excellent scopes that can maximize its efficiency.  The gun is valid at 200 yards; the 100 yards distance is the most effective range, though. In this list, you’ll see the different scopes and their features that help the Savage220 standout, which will help you net the game you’re after.

1.Vortex Optics Diamondback 1.75×32 RiflescopeBest Scope for Savage 220

Vortex has released a great scope in the shape of the Diamondback scope. This action scope Dead hold Ballistic Drop correction. The feature is essential for bullet trajectory, and with its dead hold feature, it’ll be a steady shot every time. The multi-coating feature is important for light retention; with this coating, you can see your target in most light conditions.

The scope is ruggedly constructed with Anodized finish, which makes it shockproof, add an O-ring seal and nitrogen purging, and that makes the scope resistant against the elements. It’s one of the best vortex scopes for savage 220 you’ll find anywhere.

6 Features:

  1. The scope has dead hold Ballistic Drop correction for calculation of bullet accuracy.
  2. Multicoated lenses help in light retention.
  3. Metal precision turrets for natural zero reset after sight in.
  4. It’s an ideal spotting scope because it has a precision glide erector system for accurate tracking.
  5. O-ring and nitrogen purging makes the scope waterproof and fog proof.
  6. Anodized finish makes the scope shockproof.
  • This hunting accessory has features that help in bullet trajectory calculation.
  • The multi-coating on the lenses offer good eye comfort and ease target acquisition.
  • Easy zero resetting mechanics are employed in the scope.
  • The scope has accurate tracking of your target.
  • The weapons accessory is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.
  • The scope has inadequate eye relief.
Final words

Vortex has never disappointed with its line of products, and surely with the multitude of features that are present in this product will make it a worthy buy. The best vortex scope for savage 220 you’ll find on the market.

2.Truglo 4x32mm Compact Rimfire Scope Seriesbest scope for savage 220 slug gun

Truglo has released an impressive scope that is sure to net you your targets in excellent conditions. This is one of the best scope choices because so many buyers already tried and loved this product. It has astounding reviews from over 1,700 buyers.

This action scope has the manufacturing qualities of most of the top scopes in the market with aircraft-grade production and weather-resistant protection. The shotgun scope has easy adjustment settings that will allow you easily calculated shots and excellent image clarity with the multi-coated optics the scope provides.  Fog-proof coatings will also keep your view clear even as you hunt in humid regions.

It’s a little bit heavier than other scope types because the device is fitted with larger lenses, but these bigger lenses are ideal for easy game locating.  

Overall, it’s a suitable scope for your gun. The Truglo is one of the best 220 savage scopes you can find on the market.

6 Features:

  • The scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • The scope has a rubber eye guard for easy eye placement.
  • The scope is scratch-resistant, durable, and nonreflective.
  • The scope comes with rings for rimfire and air rifles.
  • The scope has an O-ring seal and is nitrogen purged, making it waterproof and fog-proof.
  • Easy fingertip windage and elevation adjustments under screw down caps.
  • The scope is perfect for shotgun hunting and forest critters.
  • Rubber eye guard makes it easy for scoping.
  • The telescope has a durable design and is scratch resistant.
  • The scope comes with free rings, ready for placements.
  • With a  waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof design, you don't have to worry about environmental factors. 
  • The adjustments settings of this scope are user-friendly.
  • Quality materials like aircraft steel material are used for manufacturing. This durable design makes it usable in any harsh environment.
  • The images in this scope provide clarity and eye relief.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • There are problems with zeroing in.
Final words

The scope is an excellent pick if you’re going turkey hunting or deer hunting with your shotgun or any other medium to low range firearm. The Truglo is a sure buy for your hunting needs. The savage 220 sights for these optics are the best you’ll find anywhere.

3.Simmons Prodiamond Shotgun  Prohunter Riflescopebest scope for a savage 212

Simmons has released an impressive scope that is one to give you a great scoping experience. The lightweight optic scope has multi-coating on the lenses and offers excellent eye relief for easy scoping and target detection. A raised tab on the power change ring provides the scope with a great sense of stability.

It’s a good telescope for different hunting environments because it has a waterproof design and the fog proof housing ensures a clear view even in chilly, snowy, or humid weather conditions. 

The budget scope is constructed to be taken into the harshest environments and, as such, it’s a very durable and functional device to add to your buying list. If you want a savage 220 sights worth buying, then consider this product.

7 Features:

  • The scope has multi-coated lenses that retain light inside them for optimal viewing.
  • The product has an exclusive true zero windage and elevation adjustment system.
  • It has a raised tab that provides an excellent grip.
  • You can spot animals at a distance thanks to an impressive 4x magnification.
  • The telescopic finder has a 32mm objective lens that gives excellent eye relief.
  • It comes with Quick Target Acquisition for easy target detection.
  • The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.
  • Great multi-coating for image clarity and excellent light retention.
  • The scope has easy windage and elevation adjustments.
  • With an easily usable design and excellent grip you’ll gain lots of control. 
  • The scope comes with magnification for distant target acquisition.
  • The lens also has great eye relief thanks to its specialized coatings.
  • The scope helps target tracking and acquisition with QTA.
  • It has a rugged construction, great for harsh environments.
  • Not many people like diamond reticle.
  • It has terrible zero retention.
Final words

The scope is impressive in terms of its price and features, but with the range having zero in problems, you should weigh your options. Overall, the scope provides more, and it makes it a good scope to have.

4.Weaver Kaspa  1-4x24 Shotgun Riflescopebest scope for a savage 212

Weaver has made a scope worth buying with the Kaspa muzzle scope. The rifle scope is ruggedly constructed to be put in the harshest of environments.  It does an excellent job of showcasing its strengths even in those grueling conditions thanks to a fog-free view and a durable construction. The action scope has three reticles to choose from, allowing the shooter to assert his choice in the matter. It offers multi-coated optics and has a 30mm objective lens that gives great image crispness and clarity.

This telescope also has a compact design that makes it easily mountable, and due to its 1/4th MOA adjustment, it's also very easy to adjust. This hunting accessory won't increase your overall gun weight by much because it’s quite light with a weight of just 1 pound. 

Forums with savage 220 reviews generally favor the purchase of this scope.

7 Features:

  • This weapon telescope has a 30mm objective lens for great eye relief.
  • It has three reticles to choose from.
  • The optic has multicoated lenses that help in image clarity and light retention.
  • The device’s construction has an O ring seal and is nitrogen purged, making it fog proof and waterproof.
  • Crisp 1/4th MOA adjustment for precise accuracy.
  • The compact design of the scope gives you a low-profile mounting option.
  • The reticle is illuminated for better use in low light conditions.
  • The scope has exceptional eye relief.
  • The option of choosing from any three reticles is always preferred.
  • Multi-coating lenses help in the detection of images much more quickly.
  • Illumination of the scope lets it be used in low light environments.
  • The scope can be used in any rugged environment with any weather effect.
  • The eye objective cover is somewhat loose.
Final words

The scope is an impressive piece of gun essentials that are hard to come by in the market. The scope will provide an unchallenged experience due to the features it offers its users.

5. Nikon Prostaff P3 Shotgun  BDC 200 Riflescopebest scope setup for savage 220

Nikon has manufactured the best optics and scope on the planet, and they've shown their dedication once again.

The Nikon Prostaff is an excellent choice for a slug shotgun but it can also be used for other types of weapons. It’s constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it very durable. The quick-focus eyepiece has a multicoated optics system, QTA, and generous eye relief to acquire, examine, and judge your target very easily and with precision. The larger optics also gives you a very clear view and is more suitable for eyeglass wearers. It’s a suitable accessory to add to your gun if you need to make an accurate kill over a 200 yard distance.  

The savage 220 scope mount Nikon will go superb with this optic because it will keep your telescope in place even if your weapon has a lot of recoil.

7 Features:

  • The telescope is made of rugged one-inch aircraft quality aluminum.
  • The quality optic system gives maximum image clarity.
  • The durable scope has a 200BDC reticle.
  • It has easy windage and elevation adjustment with 1/4th MOA turrets on the side.
  • The sprung loaded instant zero-reset turrets give the scope an easy zero resetting option.
  • The gun accessory has Quick Target acquisition, making spotting your targets easy.
  • The scope has constant eye relief.
  • The scope is constructed ruggedly, making it durable against most conditions.
  • It has a multicoated lens that helps it give image clarity.
  • Ballistic Drop Correction helps in shot estimation.
  • Easily adjustable windage and elevation settings.
  • The optic has quickly zero resets.
  • The optic can acquire its target very quickly and can be tracked easily.
  • The eye relief given is phenomenal.
  • The scope will not hold to zero position.
Final words

The optic is one produced by the top line of optic manufacturers, and it shows in its features and production quality. The scope is unmatched in terms of performance and standards.

6.Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Scopebest scope for savage 220

Bushnell is one of the top leading brands in optic production, and it's continuing the trend by releasing this product. The Trophy Shotgun lens is multicoated and has a lot of light retention, and due to this, we can see our targets with excellent clarity.

The Bushnell trophy scope has a fast-focus eyepiece with excellent magnification of 1.75 to 4x and various magnification settings. The eye relief is also great, with 3.5 inches to supply easy scoping. You can also detect your target pretty easily with its quick target detection.

This telescopic shotgun accessory is ideal for hunting in rough terrains because this product is 100% waterproof and won't be damaged by rain.  A fog proof construction also gives you a nice and clear view even as you attempt to make a kill in those early and misty hours of the morning.  

The shockproof tube construction is also ideal for rough handling or for shotguns with lots of recoil. 

7 Features:

  • The lenses are multicoated, giving lots of light retention and clear images.
  • The scope is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof.
  • The accurate scope has a magnification range of 1.75 to 4x.
  • The optic gives the eye relief of 3.5 inches.
  • The optics give fast target acquisition.
  • Easy adjustable windage and elevation adjustments.
  • The scope is a one-piece tube constructed.
  • The optic has excellent image clarity and light retention.
  • The product has a lifetime warranty attached to it.
  • The scope provides generous eye relief.
  • The product gives the hunter fast target acquisition.
  • The telescopic finder is easily adjustable with turrets on the side for easy adjustment.
  • It’s a one-piece device which makes it easily adjustable to most scope ring types.
  • Hard to zero the scope.
Final words

Bushnell has not disappointed in their products yet,  that is why this scope is also in the spot of their best products. It’s a scope that will provide you a pleasant experience taking out your target. One of the best savage 220 sights in the market you’ll buy.

7.KONUS 7249 Shotgun Riflescopebest scope setup for savage 220

The scope is an impressive production from a relatively unknown company, KONUS. The Konus 7249 speaks much more than the company's popularity as its standard is up to par with any leading international company.

The telescopic finder offers bright images because it has great magnification, along with substantial eye relief that enhances your view in poor lighting.

A good adjustment range also offers great functionality in all sorts of conditions. The durable scope is multicoated and coupled with the nitrogen purging; you'll be able to detect your target in any condition without having to worry about damaging your expensive hunting accessory.

It’s constructed with a waterproof and fog proof feature that allows you to see better when hunting in harsh conditions.   

This scope has one of the best savage 220 reviews by its customers, so rest assured you'll be pleased with your purchase.

7 Features:

  • The accurate scope has a magnification of 1.5-5, the most in this list.
  • The Konus 7249 has an eye relief of 3 inches.
  • The device has a duplex reticle for fast target detection.
  • The optic is multicoated, giving great light retention.
  • The telescopic finder is nitrogen purged, making it fog proof, it's also waterproof.
  • It's also designed to be shockproof.
  • It employs finger adjustable windage and elevation adjustments.
  • It has a great magnification range for long distance kills. 
  • The scope provides great eye relief.
  • Fast target detection is given.
  • The image clarity is the best in the market.
  • The scope is designed to be used in rugged environments.
  • A waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof design ensures good functionality.
  • The scope is relatively inexpensive.
  • Problems with zeroing in.
Final words

Konus has proved that they are an emerging optic producer with the release of this product. Providing you with the best of quality scope features, If you want a quality scope on a budget, then this is the scope for you.

Scope Mount and Ring for Savage 220:

There is a multitude of scope rings and mounts that can be used for the savage220, and considering the gun in question, you'll need the best of the best gear available to you. The scope mounts of the savage 220 need to have an effective range of 100 yards because that is where the gun does the most damage. The accuracy of the scope is sufficient at this range, and due to the short span of the scope, you will need sturdy rings and mounts to handle the recoil of this gun. As this gun is mostly used for beginner hunters, you will need high gear to not put them off.

The telescope mount and rings need to be perfectly aligned to get the perfect alignment for the shot. If the scope rings have a difference of more than 20 %, your shot accuracy will be at stake. All these factors contribute to how well the scope rings will be able to handle the recoil. The mounts used on this gun are mostly Picatinny and Weaver rails. These are the most diversely used weavers, which makes most scope mounts and rings easily attachable to them.

Warne 1 inch Matte Rings:

The Warne 1 inch matte rings are incredibly durable and are worthy scope rings to be used with the scopes in this list. You can attach these rings to Warne mounts to have the optimal performance from them. The rings are incredibly chap but are produced with incredible production quality. The quality is so superb that it is rated in the top 30 scopes for airguns in the amazon list of popular products.

The best way to use these scope rings is by using a torque wrench for installing these scope rings. Follow the directions for torque specs in the directions, reducing the torque to 20 pounds for helping in the mounting of aluminum receivers.  The setting of most optics with scope rings is one of the most challenging parts of setting up your scopes. The rings need to be high enough to allow for bolt clearance. The scope comes close to the bore as much as possible, giving a proper alignment for your aiming needs.

The mounting the scope is the hard part, but other than that, these scope rings are pleasant to use with most of your scopes and firearms, especially the savage 220.

Evolution Gun works Picatinny rail:

Picatinny rails are one of the most used rails in the gun industry, and as such high-quality Picatinny rails are in high demand. These rails are compatible with most scope mounts and rings, and hence they are primarily bought by eccentric hunters and sharpshooters. The evolution gun works Picatinny rail offers all the checklists for a standard gun rail. This Picatinny rail is specially designed for guns like the 220 savage gun, and it’s even been shortened to better suit the compatibility with the firearm mentioned above.

The design of this rail is excellent as the guns having rounded receivers with Accu-trigger will benefit from the round back of this rail. The savages models having no rounded receivers will need to install the flat back mount The shortening of the rail will be optimal for shotgun scoping. The problems that arise with the bell hitting the front of the scope will be minimized. The installation of this scope is pretty easy, with just 20-inch lbs of torque used and a drip of blue Loctite.

Overall this mount is well rounded, with no burrs or sharp edges coming out of the mount. The height is perfect for the aiming cheek position that all hunters crave. The fitting and production of the rail make it a must buy if you want to use your savage 220 to the best of its abilities. You can find savage 220 scope mount weavers, but this rail is the optimal mount.

How to Choose Scope for Savage 220?

If you want to choose a great savage 220 scope, you’ll need to look for these specific features in the savage 220:

The scope should have Ballistic Drop correction. This feature helps in the accurate calculation of the shot you’ll be taking. This always gives the shooter the advantage of mapping out his aim for killer shots.

The scope should be multicoated to let in as much light as possible. Light retention makes the image clear and optimally visible.

The scope should be resistant to elements. The scope should be preferably O-ringed sealed; this helps it be ultimately waterproof and hence no worrying about the weather. The scope should also be nitrogen purged to avoid any fogging up of the optic.

Anodized finishing of the scope will be required because it will make it nonreflective and essentially shockproof as well. The sturdier the scope, the harsher the environment you can take it in. Look for products that are made from quality materials like aircraft grade aluminum. Aluminum scopes tend to be lighter than metal types but are strong enough to handle lots of use.

The scope should have easy windage and elevation adjustment settings. The easier it will become for the user to align their shot. The scope should also have an easy zeroing feature to help in the setting up of the optic.

What magnification do you need?

The savage 220 is a short to medium range gun that is most effective at 100 yards. The magnification used for this gun shouldn't be much considering its effective range. The best range of the magnification for this gun would be from 2 t o4 magnification. The guns like Konus 7249 even has five magnification if you feel like really zooming in on your target. The magnification isn't needed for this gun as the power is excellent, and the range is short, guaranteeing you an effective shot almost all the time. For some weapons like rifles or for long-distance kills, you’ll need a telescope that offers lots of magnification. 

5 Top Savage 220 Scopes FAQ’s

What is a good scope setup for savage 220 slug gun?

The slug gun scope should be placed on the evolution gun works Picatinny rail because of its rounded pad feature or savage 220 scope mount weaver might be the next best option. This setup for the scopes, coupled with the Warne 1 inch Matte rings will help you hold the scope in place, better than any other combination on the market. These products are reasonably cheap and easily available, making them your first option to buy them.

How accurate is a savage 220?

The savage is a slug gun, making it ideal for short-range encounters. The savage 220 is most effective at 100 yards. The thing about this model of gun is that it has increased its range, making it viable up to 200 yards. The 200-yard mark will be useful if you have a scope on, the power of the savage 220 will allow this distance as most slug guns don't work well at that range.

How far can a savage 220 shoot?

The distance of the savage 220 is generally 200 yards. The 200-yard mark is the effective range as this gun was made to be used for close quarters, 200 yards Is the limit to which this short-ranged gun can work.  This average shooting range of shotguns is exactly why so many telescopes come with a 200 yard range. 

How many shells does a savage 220 hold?

The average shells that the savage 220 holds are round about 3 or 4 rounds depending on the cartridge being used. The savage 220 was designed with a rifle barrel, but it is ultimately a slug gun that limits its ammo capacity.

What ammo does a savage 220 take?

The Remington Accutip 260gr is the best recommended ammo for the Savage 220. This bullet is the most massive tipped bullet you'll find anywhere on the market. The accuracy of this bullet is unbelievable at the 100-yard range. It is the best ammo type for the slug gun series of firearms.

Buyer’s Guide:

The savage 220 is an absolute beast of a gun, the best you would buy out of the slug series of guns. It's a perfect gun for beginners, and as such, you'll need suitable scopes to enhance the experience of scoping your targets. This gun is most useful for taking out small creatures at medium to close distance. You can even take out a deer, but you'll have to get in close range. To deal with that problem, you'll have to get a proper scope, with a plethora of features that will aid you in your scoping needs.

Lucky for you, you have this buyer's guide helping you choose the best slug scope in the market, high quality made, and reasonably cheap for every type of hunter you can find. The following things are what you have to look out for when buying scopes for the savage 220.

Ballistic Drop Correction:

The Ballistic Drop Correction is a great feature to include in any scope. This feature helps in calculating how much your bullet will drop. The greater the accuracy of your shot, the better the chances of capturing your target.  There's always a bullet drop, and BDC helps the hunter anticipating their shot for distances greater than 100 yards, the intended distance of the gun.

Multi-coating on the lenses:

The multi-coating on the lenses helps the optics retain light up to 98%. This makes the vision in the optics very clear, and the visibility of your target increases exponentially. This is standard stuff for most optics but is equally essential because without it’ll make your optic rendered useless for different types of environments.

Sturdy and multiple elemental coating:

The scope is attached to one of the hardest hitting tools that man has created. The guns have great recoil and especially slug guns that are longer ranged shotguns. The optics will need to be made from excellent material to resist the effect of breaking. The preferred material to be used is aircraft-grade aluminum; one of the best substances to make the optics.

These guns are taken to the harshest environments, and as such, they should be ready for any change of weather. Scopes should also be made with an O-ring seal so that they are completely waterproof and can be used in the most humid of environments without the fear of water clogging the scope. The optics should also be nitrogen purged to remove the fear of fogging due to any temperature change.

Great magnification:

The scope should have magnification as it is its job to let you see your target at a greater distance, clear and crisp. The best magnification range of the scope should start at one and should go up to 4x. This magnification is ideal for the gun like the savage 220.

Elevation and Windage adjustments:

The ability to set the settings of the optics is a feature that is desired in all types of scopes. The optics should have elevation and windage turrets on the side so that you can adjust these variables with the flick of a finger. The better the settings of these options, the more accurate shot you’ll be able to pull off.

Great eye relief:

The eye relief on your optic should be at least 30 mm. The eye relief that your optic provides makes it easier for hunters to look at their target without the fuzziness getting in the way. The greater the eye relief, the easier it will for you to place your eye near the scope and not be hindered by blurry sides of the scope.

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