Firearms Training Using Airsoft – Top Tips

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Firearms Training Using Airsoft

If when you hear about airsoft, the first image that comes to mind is comprised of a bunch of 11-year olds running around with toy guns shooting at each other with plastic BBs, we can’t condemn you.  This happens a lot these days, as kids love to boast about their so-called shooting skills.

However, with the right airsoft weapon and the right team, the game can be quite challenging. Actually, I dare say, it can become a very credible MilSim scenario, with real war-related problems to solve. But, before you can participate in a game for the big guys, you first have to learn how to point and shoot.

Now, most people who want to learn how to shoot a gun go to a shooting range and ask for a trainer. But, the shooting range is nothing in comparison to a CQB scenario, where you have to watch out for your skin while giving your adversary a headshot (with a BB of course). Not to mention, things get kind of expensive since the ammo is not cheap.

So, in my opinion, the best way to get used to a gun is to practice using an airsoft one. The cool part is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money in this (yes, high-end airsoft guns can get pretty pricey) and the ammo is extremely cheap.

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All you need is one that’s accurate and provides a good feel in your hand (check out this post on best cheap airsoft guns to learn more about the models recommended by specialists).

And before we go back to the argument that airsoft guns are toys for kids to have fun with, you should know that even law enforcement agencies use these guns for training.

Of course, they have access to guns that almost imitate real steel ones, but civilians also have access to such models. So, if you’re like me, trying to learn how to shoot and handle a gun, an airsoft replica will do just fine. Not to mention you can shoot it in your backyard or garage whenever you want!

How to Choose a Gun for Training

Firearms Training Using Airsoft

Airsofters have a wide range of options to choose from, but it all comes down to three main categories:

  • Spring action
  • AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)
  • Gas

In the first category are the cheapest and most durable designs, but they also look and feel more like a toy. They’re also slow at firing (you need to pump the gun after each shot) and their range is not fantastic. Honestly, I would leave these for kids.

AEGs are closer to what you need and there are some very realistic replicas that will make you live the experience of holding a real gun. These are not very loud and can shoot at automatic fire pretty well, so you can practice the spray and pray technique (which I don’t recommend if you actually want to shoot).

Finally, airsoft guns that use gas as fuel are the ones that will be of more use. I say this because some even pack powerful recoil and are loud enough to get you accustomed to the idea of live ammo. A GBB (gas blowback) pistol or rifle will definitely challenge your skills as a shooter!

The Ammo

As I already mentioned, the ammo used in airsoft games is made of plastic (usually) and is called BBs. These are tiny projectiles, colored in white (but there can be different colors) and can cause quite some damage if you’re not using protective gear in the game.

You can get BBs in bulk, they don’t occupy much space, and they don’t need any special storage conditions. Overall, it is the perfect ammo because it is extremely cheap and doesn’t leave too much behind. However, there are several kinds so you should learn how to choose the ones that match your weapon.