Technique: Hunting With a Bow

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Hunting With a Bow

In my case I am self-taught in the technique of shooting and hunting, all shooting technique I have learned by myself, with the teaching that you give the failures and the pain of broken arrows to 10 euros a piece, not counting the tips hunting.

So the only thing I can show you are some rules and general tricks for hunting that I use and I have been very useful, with proven success with the passage of time, I imagine that there will be qualified people to teach the technique immensely more prepared that I and of which I will try to give the contacts to all that interests you in another section.

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The Power of the Bow

For hunting like the more than discussed rifle calibers, I am of the opinion that no more caliber, is always better, and it is much more important the accuracy of the shot than the caliber.

At least for the species of our country, but the power of the bow of big game in my opinion should be of minimum 50-100 dollars, of the Valencian Community says that for the big game the arcs must have minimum 50 dollars (20.25 Kg) of power and for small game 20 dollars (13.59 Kg.).

The Articles of Aiming Day, Night

The Hunting Team

In this sense again everyone has their ideas, mine is that it is not necessary to be able to reject an animal or make a wait or wait in the mountains, to have these camouflage suits so sophisticated with active carbon for the smells that the stores sell.

Fashion surely will go well, but it is much more important for me to have the wind in favor ‘whenever you can’ and if you do not have it, forget about the stalking or even with a good camouflage suit.

Any used clothing of neutral or brown colors, always making sure very much that it is not of noisy materials, can be useful to us. It is essential in the waitings.

However, and this is the experience of knowing how many clothes we have to wear, making sure we are warm on the head and feet, after spending several hours sitting on the mountain, the position, the chair or the seat, and the wind will undoubtedly be the main factors of the success of the hunt.

If you are cold or uncomfortable, you will not enjoy hunting, and you will not have enough time to succeed


Trigger or release with your fingers? For those who do not know this matter, the trigger is a contraption of which there are different models that are fastened with velcro or taken directly by hand and that has a mechanical clamp that holds the bowstring, with a kind of trigger like of the firearm, cleanly release the bowstring at the right moment, help to open the bow and the release is impeccable without transversal deviations of the arrow at the time of release to deference of the fingers.

I have chosen the trigger shot at the end, and I recommend it to all amateurs, I have left the release with my fingers, I think it is more comfortable with the trigger in arcs of great powers, and at the same time it reduces the number of things that can go wrong when firing,

Hunting With a Bow


Odorous claims give a good result, and focus the desires of the animals in a specific site, that if, if the area has hunting nearby, if not, these systems do not perform miracles, there are those who think they can attract hunting far in areas where there are no animals, and I have found that it is not so miraculous.

I have also seen how deer and wild boar dry up a huge carapace based on rubbing with it, having the smell of the claim on its trunk.

Hunting with bow is a challenge from the beginning to the end, but like all the difficult things in life, you get more than enough , and that makes you forget the time and work done which in turn are also performed most of the time In our favorite environment: the field and that also in turn is to enjoy and hunt in some way.

To be able to make a successful archery hunting in an open farm that is the only place that can be called truly hunting and that is where I usually hunt, it is essential three things, and without any of them, it is impossible to have repeated success.

First, you must know the nature, customs of the animals that are in the zone and to be an observer of the fauna in general and its customs of each habitat in particular where it is tried to hunt so much diurnal as nocturnal.

You must have a practice and mastery of impeccable archery with repetitive success until the boredom in the target shooting with all kinds of targets, three dimensions from heights, distances, and different planes, treestands, and others.

One of the maxims in the hunting with bow and that I follow to the letter is not to throw if you are not sure 110 percent of the success and you feel sure of the shot. Treestands, and others.

One of the maxims in the hunting with bow and that I follow to the letter is not to throw if you are not sure 110 percent of the success and you feel sure of the shot. Treestands, and others.

One of the maxims in the hunting with bow and that I follow to the letter is not to throw if you are not sure 110 percent of the success and you feel sure of the shot.

The third point is to keep track of the movements of the animals in the area and points of passage of the same. Another complication at least in the big game is that most of the sets are made in low light or night with the complications that imply to make aim with guarantees.

The Arc

There are several types of the bow; the best known are the recurved arch, the old longbow, and the most popular and currently known is the arc of pulleys or compound bow. To start the first thing is to choose the right arch for your measurements, opening, physical strength, and use that you want to give.

The compound or arc of pulleys is in my opinion the most recommended for hunting, at least to start since the progress is faster and for people with little time for practice or little patience, training does not need to be as strong as in the recurved arch or longbows, where it is necessary to repeat the shot and practice daily until acquiring an instinctive shooting technique much more refined to achieve remarkable successes.

The big difference between the compound or pulley arc is that the opening of the arc is much easier.

The Arrows

The choice of the arrows, their weight, rigidity, is also something delicate, depending on the type of use that will be made of the bow, as always I recommend for the big game in USA aluminum arrows.

I use them for many years, and they work for me very good, specifically the EASTON XX75 and XX78 Gran Slam with tips of 125 grains, in any case, there are different products and materials carbon, aluminum, wood and mixtures of all to choose.

There are also tables to select the right weight to the power of your bow and this is the most important thing, choose the right weight to the power of the bow and we should let us advise by a professional in this subject, to begin, then the experience will teach you.

In my case most of the information I have obtained from the different publications that currently exist on archery in USA.

Hunting With a Bow

The Points

The tips are a separate chapter, there is also a wide variety in the market, depending on the animal you want to hunt, specifically for the big game there are two, three, and four edges or blades of different qualities.

My experience tells me that those with two points have a much greater penetration than the others and in case of touching bone they open the way better, which always give good results, if the shot does not fit the desirable, I have also noticed that the flight of the arrow is better with two points than with more points.

This is only my opinion since in this of the archery like in everything, (each maestro has its booklet). Currently, some tips open to impact and that I have heard give good results.

When you get 25 m of target to group ten arrows in a circle of 15 centimeters with normal points of target shooting and change the three best arrows at the point of hunting, you will be disappointed to see that the groups shine by their absence or as you have left the circle 10, 15, cm.

If you have grouped the shots, you are lucky, and you can center the shots with corrections in the point of view of your viewfinder or point of en fleche of the bowstring.

When practicing with hunting arrows I recommend throwing three or four different targets, each Arrow to a different target to 15, 0 20, centimeters of previous because it is very unpleasant when you start to group well with hunting tips and in the third shot, parts in four your first two arrows.

I have a trick for when I’m in a bad patch, and I can not group the desirable and I have to go hunting imminently, Practiced with a single arrow and although it is uncomfortable to pull and collect continuously, it is very practical since each arrow by very well manufactured that.

This one, it’s different from the next one and it has its aerodynamics, and I often take one or two arrows to the hunt. This is only for when you have a hunt that cannot wait for an arrow a life.

I used to say that archery has something spiritual and I am sure that I am not the only one who says it, I usually throw some arrows in the morning when I get up and before throwing many times.

I know I will throw well or bad, after throwing some arrows and relax I’m improving, or not, depends on the mood, if I can group well, and I’m safe all day and proud of myself, and if not coincidentally with the days that one or the other thing you are stressed and insecure, Other days before pulling I am convinced of hitting fully, and indeed it is so.

Final Verdict

I am convinced that as in everything, the head and the brain is all-powerful, once again if you have the technique learned, if you have confidence, concentration and you are sure of yourself, better barbarities.