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What’s A Good Watch To Use When Hunting?

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Going out hunting isn’t the same as in the good old days when all you needed was a standard rifle and binoculars. With higher expectations of coming home with a better catch than the last, most hunters find themselves needing a little bit of assistance. 

You might be wondering, what has a good watch got to do with hunting? Being outdoors in the wilderness and exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and temperatures can ruin a watch in a matter of minutes. So, getting a watch that isn’t durable is a big no no, not to mention a massive waste of money. 

Important Hunting Watch Features

Here is a list of features to look out for when choosing your hunting watch, and why you might find them helpful. 

1. GPS

It is all well and good going to new hunting locations and exploring places you have never been to before, but what happens if you find yourself suddenly totally lost? Annoyingly enough, the best hunting experiences happen in places you have never been before, but it takes longer to find your way home than the whole hunt did!

It has happened to us all at some point on hunting trips and there is rarely any cell phone signal to call for help. Having a GPS tracker will come in handy in these sticky situations for sure! Just follow the map on your watch and you are back to safety. 

2. Long Battery Life 

Having a long battery life on your watch is important, especially if you are going for a hunting smartwatch. Look for watches that have about 24-48 hours worth of juice with all features activated. Some smartwatches have a 14-day battery life when turned on power-saving mode too which is even better.

3. Durability

It is almost guaranteed that you will knock, scrape, bash, and pull your watch without realizing it. Get yourself a watch that is durable but is not too heavy and bulky and I assure you it will last a long time.

4. Water Resistance

Water-resistance… probably the most important feature you could ask for! After all, you can’t hold an umbrella and shoot at the same time, right?

5. Activity Tracking 

Tracking your activity is useful for your records. Hunting takes a very long time and you will find yourself walking for hours without even realizing it. This is a brilliant exercise, and you might want to know how many steps you have done and how many calories you have burnt, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. 

One of the best hunting watches on the market today is the Garmin Instinct, check out all the variations here. Tactical, rugged, solar are all options and it comes in some cool colors as well. What hunting watches have you used in the past, and what did you love and hate about them?