Why to Have a Tactical Knife if You Are an Outdoor Freak?

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Why to have a tactical knife

Knives are essential tools when heading into the wild. They are small and light making them easily portable. Hence a little bother to you when carrying them. A tactical knife is even handier.

Having military specs, it is very strong and sturdy, meaning it can be very practical outdoors. Just like regular knives, it is also lightweight and mostly worn around the waist, giving you convenience and practicality at the comfort of your fingertips.

When outdoors, you will need multipurpose tools to ease the load that you would otherwise carry containing all the various specialized tools. Combar is making some of such tools.

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Get more ideas of their Campaign here. tactical knife will help you when doing the following:

1. Self Defense

When on an outdoor expedition, anything can happen, including attacks from wild animals. With this knife safely worn around the waist, it can be easily drawn and used as a weapon for self-defense.

It is quite convenient in this because it can be worn permanently on the waist and thus keep you prepared at all times.

2. First aid

In case you get hurt when defending yourself or when cutting pieces of wood, such a knife can be a very useful tool to carry out first aid. When disinfected through heating, it can be used to safely remove foreign bodies that have pierced your body such as splinters.

It can also be used to cut medicinal plants to prepare disinfecting concoctions which can be applied as disinfectants on wounds. At the same time, it can be used to cut pieces of cloth to act as improvised bandages to wrap on wounds.

3. Hunting

A knife is not the best tool for hunting but it is certainly not the worst. When your best hunting tools are out, for instance, your rifle, the tactical knife comes to your rescue.

It is especially good when hunting for fish. It can also act as a complementary tool to the rifle by finishing off the prey like stabbing the neck of a deer to put it down for good.

4. Cooking

After catching prey, the knife is the next best thing to cut the meat into smaller pieces before cooking. Also when dealing with vegetables, a knife is quite useful in chopping them up to eat.

In the case where ready food is brought along, a knife can still be used for instance to cut open the lid of canned beans.

5. Digging

Instead of carrying a shovel, a big knife can help you dig holes for setting traps or to get worms underneath. Digging can also extract edible plant roots, enabling you to get food easily if you know where to look.

6. Making shelter

Some hardcore outdoor freaks will head into the wild with no sleeping bags or tents. In that case, tactical knives can help them cut rope like tree branches to make makeshift hammocks to sleep on and stiff tree branches to make the roof like structures (and cover them with grass) for protecting them from the rain.

Final Verdict

Apart from being important, tactical knives look very cool; in fact, way cooler than all other outdoor gear. They are versatile and multipurpose tools meant to give you convenience out in the wild.

They are even easier to carry due to their small size and light weight and might eliminate the need to carry heavier tools like axes in some outdoor expeditions.