10 Fishing and Hunting Tips You Should Know

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Fishing and Hunting Tips

Have you just gotten into fishing? Have you been fishing with poor results? There is an old saying that says “have you been fishing or have you been catching”, which is used mostly on beginner anglers who are still learning how to fish. Catching is basically what fishing is about and the better the techniques you use in fishing, the more catch you will get. This school of thought also applies to hunting because there is a difference between hunting and landing a catch. In both cases, catching requires some essential skills that will give you the upper edge, enabling you to outsmart your target. Some of the fishing and hunting tips that will help you in these activities include:

Do some research about fishing/hunting

Before you get into fishing, you must learn the basics such as the types of fishing lines and fishing lures and their intended usage. When it comes to hunting, you must learn about the various hunting tools such as hunting bows and their different types. Learning these basics is crucial to helping you understand the sport better and this will go a long way in helping you transition from being an amateur to being a pro.

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Choose the right fishing/ hunting gear

There are beginners fishing gear as well as beginner hunting gear that are specifically designed for simplicity of use. These have specific features that are meant to help out the beginners. From a pro’s perspective, selecting the best fishing/ hunting gear is also crucial to their success. However, the best gear varies from person to person and therefore, what works for a fellow angler might not necessarily work for you. You should try out different gear and test how effective you are when using them so that you can narrow it down to the best one that suits you.

Rig the whole set up correctly

Rigging applies to fishing and basically involves arranging all the items used for fishing. These include the hooks, lines, lures, swivels etc. These components should be set up correctly, with parts such as the hook being tied using the correct knots to the fishing line. This will ensure you have a reliable fishing system that can haul up different kinds of fish from the water.

Move your lure realistically

Lures are usually shaped after different worms or insects that fish eat. Depending on the lure that you use, try to think of how it moves naturally and move it using the rod tip and the reel. This will look very convincing to the fish and make them fall for the trap easily.

Change locations

Whether you are hunting or fishing, you need to move to new locations regularly, especially if you have not had any catch after a while. Moving around will help you find your catch and possibly help you identify the spots that they are usually located or frequent the most.

Change lure depths

As you change locations when fishing, you should also cast your lures at different depths so as to have a higher chance of landing a fish. The top waters are usually fun to fish on but sometimes you have to improvise so that you do not leave empty-handed.

Move quietly

A key aspect for successful hunting or fishing is stealth. On the water, you should paddle slowly, without causing any turbulence so that the fish do not get spooked and go into hiding. In addition to maintaining stealth by moving quietly in the woods, hunters are known to cover themselves with camouflaged as well as scent-proof clothing, which keeps the prey unaware of their proximity to them. This enables the hunter to shoot accurately from close range.

Check the weather

Some anglers, as well as hunters, argue that overcast weather is the best for both fishing and hunting. This is because you have proper visibility in such conditions as opposed to the glares during sunny weather or precipitation that negatively affects visibility. Overcast weather also means that it is neither too hot nor too cold, giving you the most comfortable conditions for these outdoor activities.

Fish in clear and clean water

Murky waters are usually smelly and full of bacteria and this is not a place you would like to land a fish. Fishing in clear and clean water is recommended so that whatever type of fish you catch is healthy to eat.

Dress for the occasion

Even though most hunters and anglers like to go out when it’s overcast or sunny, the weather can change drastically, leaving you exposed to the elements. Having a waterproof jacket and some boots might come in really handy just in case the clouds let loose.


Whether you like to pass time or survive on hunting or fishing, these outdoor activities will only be rewarding if you take time to go through the most basic tips, which are given above. It is important that they become rewarding because as a hobby or a profession, you must have invested time and money into them, expecting some good results at the end.