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5 Best Binoculars for Bowhunting

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Hunting is an exercise that has been practiced since the beginning of humanity. Our forefathers hunted and their fathers before them. Hunting in the olden days is still fundamentally similar to hunting now, except the equipment used now is different.

Hunting in the olden days involved the use of crude tools and resources. Although some of these simple tools are used to date, these tools are now improved and more sophisticated.

Binoculars are one of the improved tools used in hunting today, and we are going to look at some of the best binoculars for bowhunting.

1. Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binoculars, Realtree AP

The Bushnell PowerView is the first of the best binoculars for bowhunting we want to look at. This pair of binoculars is well-designed, and it has different features included to improve its performance and usage.

The PowerView binoculars are made with high-quality rubber. The material used in the production of this product makes it highly durable, and durability is paramount when it comes to hunting tools. With this product, you can have a more intense hunting session without worrying about your binoculars falling off or getting damaged in the case of heavy impact.

The lens used in the BK-7 prism is top-quality, bringing you high-quality images. The binoculars’ optics are also impressive. It is equipped with BK-7, a top-shelf glassware maker, roof prism glass.

The glass prisms used in the production of the binoculars are highly reflective and effectively transmit light. This glass feature allows the binoculars to form very sharp and clear images on the objective, and you can see animals or targets from a very impressive distance away.

The binoculars are further designed with a multi-layered coating on the optics. The coatings improve the light transmission between the lens and allow more light to enter your binoculars. The layers make the images formed brighter and more defined, making it easier to see things better.

The objective lens of this pair of binoculars is 50 mm, and you can enjoy a magnification of up to 10 times. The magnification allows you to see images that are 10x away from the focus clearly, or you can increase the size of an object 10x. With this product, you don’t have to worry about your target being out of range or unclear.

Also, this product comes with some extra tools to help with its overall performance, and there is the lens cover, lens cleaning cloth, manual, and carrying case.


  • Design blends with nature
  • Allows for a firm grip
  • Has a 10x magnification
  • Comes with a maintenance kit


  • Fogs easily

The Bushnell Powerview Porro Prism Insta Focus Binoculars is an excellent choice for hunting and sports activities, and it has a high magnification and durability.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire HD

The Vortex Optics Crossfire is one of our top-choice of binoculars for hunting. This product has a nice and sleek design that catches the eyes and allows proper handling. The binoculars also have different features that make them worth your time.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire is made with aluminum. The aluminum material makes the binoculars very durable and resistant to physical damage.

With the durability of aluminum, you can enjoy a more intensive time hunting or sightseeing.

Because aluminum is lightweight, you can be sure that the binoculars will feel heavy on your face when you’re using them or add extra weight to your load.

The Vortex is designed with objective lenses 42 mm, and it has a 10x magnification. The lenses used in making these binoculars have been carefully crafted and adjusted to provide the best effect when viewing images.

Additionally, the lenses have multiple coatings. The coatings over the lenses improve their performance. They allow better reflectiveness and transmission of light. The multi-coating and the types of lenses all contribute to the image type formed on the eyepiece, and you can be sure that you will have a clear image of your target. You can also magnify the range of the binoculars and look at subjects up to 10x their original size.

Apart from the metal frame used in constructing the binoculars, it is further protected with a rubber casing. The product’s entire body is encased in a rubber armor to secure it further. The rubber casing also gives you an excellent grip on the binoculars.

Another reason we’re considering this product is because of its adaptability. The design of the binoculars considers glasses-users, and it has adjustable eyecups that turn up and down.

The Vortex Crossfire also has a center focus wheel that you can use to control the focus of both barrels of your binoculars simultaneously.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Center focus is convenient
  • Has a wide field of view


  • Long

The design of this binocular makes it convenient for people to use glasses, and they can view images without taking them off.

3. RONHAN High Power Military Binoculars

The RONHAN binoculars are a standard military product used for a wide range of activities.

The mainframe of the binoculars is designed with highly-durable materials. The material used in making this product makes it difficult to damage, and it can withstand damage. The design of the binoculars makes it suitable for a lot of rigorous activities where your binoculars have a high risk of falling or hitting something.

Furthermore, the body of the binoculars is fitted with a rubber coating. The rubber coating is responsible for further strengthening and protecting the binoculars’ bodies, making them more shock-resistant.

Apart from protecting the binoculars from damage, the rubber coating is also present to make things easier for you. With the rubber coating, you can hold your binoculars firmly with little risk of dropping them.

The RONHAN also offers some waterproof features, and you can now use your binoculars in water. The water resistance of the binoculars is not perfect, but you can use the binoculars in the rain. However, we won’t advise you to use it under heavy rainfall or underwater.

The binocular comes with an eyepiece that is 26 mm, and an objective that is 50 mm. With the RONHAN, you can view objects that are 56 m away from you conveniently, and you can also magnify images up to 20x.

Also, the binocular makes it very easy for you to adjust your focus, and it comes with a center-focus knob for that purpose.

Another reason we like this product is that it allows for the use of a tripod. You can fit your binoculars on a tripod and view images from there. The tripod feature will enable you to spend long periods viewing your target without your arm aching or any discomfort.

Also, this product has high versatility, and you can use it for a lot of exercises. You can use it for watching a game, hunting, hiking, and many more other activities.


  • Can be used at night
  • Very durable
  • Has a 20x magnification
  • Has lens coatings


  • The magnification is not up to standard

The RONHAN is another good choice of binoculars, it has all the basic features you want and is also suitable for a wide range of activities.

4. Adasion HD Binoculars

Another of the best binoculars for bowhunting is the Adasion HD binoculars. This product has a nice look that announces its sophistication and catches the eye.

The Adasion binocular is made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a solid and lightweight material. ABS is a very durable material that doesn’t get damaged easily, and it can also withstand hard contact with hard surfaces.

Also, the material is relatively lightweight which means that your binoculars will not have a lot of weight. You can carry your binoculars around with ease without feeling any extra weight.

The material used to make the Adasion binoculars also gives it a unique and sophisticated look.

The binocular comes with an 18 mm large eyepiece, more prominent than most of the other brands mentioned. The large eyepiece makes it easier for you to see images at a distance, because the images formed on the eyepiece will be larger and clearer.

Also, you can view objects that are at a reasonable distance away from you more conveniently, and you can magnify up to 12x.

The binocular is further equipped with a 16.5 mm Big BaK4 prism, a specially-crafted prism that improves the quality of the image formed and optimizes the light entering the binoculars. The Bak4 prism is the main feature of the binoculars that determines the way the image appears on the eyepiece.

The BaK4 prism collects more light than the regular types making the image clearer.

The weight of this product is just right, and it can be carried around easily for some activities like bird watching, hunting, and more.


  • Has multi-coated lenses
  • Has BaK4 prisms
  • Can connect to your phone


  • It is not compatible with all phones

The Adasion HD binoculars are binoculars with the best image production, and you can also use them for photography.

5. Occer Compact Binoculars

Lastly, we have the Occer Compact binoculars, and as the name suggests, this is the smallest product on the list.

The Occer binocular is a small binocular with a compact design, and it can fit nicely into one palm of your hand.

The binocular is made with plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, and rubber. The ABS plastic used in the design of this product makes it durable to a reasonable extent and ensures that the binocular is lightweight. You can carry this product in your arm or around your neck without feeling any significant weight.

The ABS plastic is further reinforced with a rubber coating. The rubber coating is there to protect the binoculars’ body, and you can rest assured that it won’t break on impact with hard surfaces. Also, the rubber casing provides you with a comfortable feeling to hold when using the binoculars.

Occer has designed this binocular with large eyepieces for better image formation. The product has an objective lens of 25 mm, and you can view up to 1000 yards or 273 feet away. You can also magnify images up to 12 times the original size.

Also, the design of this product makes it possible for both glasses users and non-glasses users to enjoy it. The hunting binocular has adjustable eyecups that can be pulled down to match the needs of the glasses, and you can also pull it up if you’re not using glasses.

The Occer binocular uses FMC broadband technology, and the objective lens is designed with green film while the eyepiece is coated with a blue film.

The image formed on this binocular is quite impressive despite its small size.


  • Small
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Waterproof


  • It doesn’t have night vision

The Occer binocular is a great choice for kids and also adults. It is small and lightweight, but it still performs well.

Getting The Best Binoculars For Bowhunting

Getting binoculars for your hunting trip or any other activity requires attention. You shouldn’t rush off to get the first binoculars that catch your eyes. Instead, you need to consider some key factors affecting your decision.

Focus and Adjustment

The focus of your binoculars refers to the ability of the binoculars to form sharp images. The images formed on your eyepiece are not always clear, and this can be due to a large number of reasons.

Due to the inconsistency in the clarity of the image formed, you must adjust the focus of your binoculars.

The focus is usually adjusted with a knob on the binoculars’ bodies. From the products that we’ve looked into, you can see that most have center-adjustment knobs.

The knob can be positioned in other places, but the center is still optimal. If the adjustment knob is at the center, it makes adjusting easier for you.

Also, there are different types of binoculars, and the way the adjustment knobs work might differ depending on what binoculars you have.

An example of this is the Vortex Crossfire which allows you to adjust both barrels simultaneously using the center-adjustment knob. There are others that you have to adjust the barrel individually.

It is best to go for a binocular with the adjustment knob positioned at the center and top for easy accessibility and ensure the knob controls both barrels.


Magnification is another important part that can’t be overlooked. Different brands of binoculars come in different sizes and types of lenses and magnification.

We’ve seen 8x, 10x, 12x, and 20x magnification from our review. The higher the magnification, the better you can view images further away from you.

However, the magnification also affects the field of view. Binoculars with low magnification give you access to a wider field of view, and you can use them to sight prey that is far off quickly. However, you won’t be able to clear-cut images from afar.

Low magnification binoculars are good for hunting in terrains you’re not familiar with or if you don’t know where the target is and you want to cover ground quickly.

On the other hand, high magnification binoculars are good for viewing things far away, and you can see a clear and distinct image. However, the field of view of high magnification binoculars is low.

High magnification binoculars are suitable for hunting grounds that you’re familiar with. If you know the location of your target, you don’t need a large field of view, and you can also easily view the target in detail.

Magnifications of 10x and below can be classified as low magnification, while 12x and above are classified as high magnification.

The magnification of the binoculars you get should be based on what you intend to do with the binocculars.


The material used in making the hunting binocular is also important, and you need to pay attention.

The common materials that we’ve seen are Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic, aluminum, and rubber.

ABS plastic is quite solid, and it makes for a very good binocular material, the plastic is strong, and it is not prone to breaking easily.

Aluminum is also another great choice. It is very strong and one of the best materials to make binoculars. Aluminum doesn’t break, and it can withstand a lot of pressure.

It is advisable to get binoculars made from aluminum because they have more durability and will last longer.

In terms of weight, ABS plastic is lighter than aluminum, and it will affect your hunting or any other activity less. However, if you want longer-lasting binoculars, aluminum is the best choice.

Rubber Casing

All the top-quality binoculars we’ve to look at all come with an extra rubber coating or cover which is a crucial feature.

The rubber case further protects the binoculars from damage and makes them shock-resistant. With the rubber casing, you can rest assured that your binoculars won’t break on impact with hard surfaces.

Also, the rubber casing makes it easier for you to hold the binoculars, and you will enjoy a firmer grip. The casing reduces the risk of your binoculars slipping from your hand.


The eyepiece of all binoculars are not the same, and you can see from our list that some eyepieces are designed larger than others.

The eyepiece is the part of the binoculars that you put your eyes to and view the image. Larger eyepieces have been recorded to provide clearer and brighter images.

It is advisable to get binoculars that have large eyepieces or eyepieces convenient for your vision.

Glasses Compatibility

Glasses are a major restriction when it comes to using vision-enhancing gadgets. However, you no longer have to remove your glasses every time you use your binoculars.

Different brands are now making their binoculars with designs that make it easy for glasses users and non-glasses users to benefit.

The adjustable eyecups are an effective method, and you can position them to fit your needs.

When getting binoculars, you need to consider if the user wears glasses and then get one that works. The adjustable eyecups are still the best option.


Some brands include different extra kits for the maintenance of binoculars. These accessories are not necessary, but it is good to have one.

These accessories include lens covers, lens cleaning cloths, carrying cases, manuals, and more.

It is best to go for a binocular brand that includes some accessories in their package making the maintenance much easier.

Wrap Up

We’ve looked at some of the best binoculars for bowhunting, and we can say that the RONHAN brand is our top choice.

The RONHAN binocular is a military-grade tool used for a wide range of activities. The product is designed with lenses with a magnification of up to 20x and a field of view of about 1000 m.

This product is well-designed, and the material used is durable and light. It also has a rubber coating that gives you a good grip and protects the body from shock.

The binoculars have multilayer-coated aspherical lenses, BaK4 prism technology, waterproof features, and more.

The focus is good, and it has a center-adjustment knob that is used to control the focus. Also, anybody can use this device, and it is suitable for kids and adults and a wide range of activities.

The RONHAN binoculars are an ideal choice for bow hunting, and you are sure to have a great experience with them.