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5 Best Foxpro Sounds for Coyote Hunting

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Hunting has been around since the beginning of time, and it was an essential part of surviving in the olden days. In this modern world, hunting has become more of a recreation, although there are still those that hunt as a source of income.

Technology has made hunting easier and more enjoyable with the introduction of new equipment and the further development of old ones. A great example of this is the Foxpro sound for calling coyotes which is more effective and safer than baits.

We have researched some of the best Foxpro sounds for coyote hunting, and you’re sure to see one that matches your taste.

1. FOXPRO HammerJack American Made Electronic Predator Call

The Hammerjack is the first on our list of best Foxpro Sounds for coyote hunting, and this device is one of Foxpro’s best designs.

The design of the Hammerjack makes it a great choice for hunting. It is designed to be small and lightweight. With this device, you can enjoy more freedom hunting coyotes. You don’t have to worry about your device getting in your way due to the size, and you can also carry it anywhere you want to go due to the lightweight.

The Hammerjack is designed to bring the best out of your hunting expenditure, and it is designed with enough sounds to ensure your target is attracted to the noise. Foxpro has included 100 sounds and an extra 100 free sounds for you to enjoy.

With the Hammerjack, you have access to over 100 sounds already installed into the device, and you don’t have to pay a dime to use them. Also, the device can hold up to 300 different sounds, and you can buy more sounds to store on your device.

The Hammerjack comes with two speakers, there is a speaker at the front and one on the rear to provide top-quality sound. The front speaker is responsible for producing sounds and vocal signals specific to coyotes, which is advantageous if you go coyote hunting.

The rear speakers are responsible for making sounds with low frequencies, and you can use them for making other animal sounds like owl sounds, bear growls, and other low-frequency cries.

Also, you can use both speakers together to produce a more defined and realistic sound that will easily attract the attention of your target and other animals that you have in mind.

Another thing you should know is that you can connect external speakers to the Hammerjack for louder effects. Two ports allow you to connect external speakers.

A charging port allows you to recharge your Foxpro when the need arises and an auxiliary jack.


  • Easy to use the category files
  • Has a remote control
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty


  • It is expensive

The Hammerjack has two speakers that can play different frequencies and play two different sounds from each speaker.

2. Foxpro Deadbone Electronic Predator Call

The Deadbone  is an even older version compared to the Hammerjack, it was released around two years before the Hammerjacl, and it is still one of our top choices.

The big plus about this product is the price. The Deadbone is reasonably cheap, and it is budget-friendly. Usually when a product is considered cheap, it isn’t as effective as other slightly more expensive products that are similar. That doesn’t apply to this product most of the time.

Despite the low price of the Deadbone, it still has some technical features that are good enough to rival that present in the new Foxpro releases.

This product is designed with the rigorous activities and terrains that come with coyote hunting in mind. It is crafted with a rugged ABS housing which is one of the toughest forms of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your device breaking or getting damaged from the harsh conditions and elements.

Apart from the device’s durability, it is intentionally designed with minimum physical parts and a lightweight type of plastic. This design makes the Deadbone as light as possible. It makes things easier for you when mobile with your predator caller.

In terms of sound, the Deadbone is still a great choice, and it comes with some interesting You get to enjoy 15 high-grade sounds that are good for hunting coyotes and other wild animals. The sounds are preinstalled and there for your use.

This model of the Foxpro comes with fewer speakers, and it features only one horn speaker. However, the smaller number of speakers doesn’t affect its effectiveness. The Deadbone is capable of making two different noises at the same time just like the predator callers with two speakers.

This model of the Foxpro callers has another advantage that makes it practical for hunting and outside use. It makes use of batteries! The Deadbone runs on 4AA alkaline batteries, and this means that you can use your coyote caller any time as long as you have extra batteries with you.


  • Uses batteries
  • Plays two sounds at once
  • Is a cheap device


  • It is not very loud

The Deadbone has one speaker, but it can play two sounds simultaneously. It comes with remote control for easy access from a safe distance. The device is also very lightweight and durable.

3. Foxpro Inferno Electronic Predator call

Our next best FoxPro sound for coyote hunting is the Foxpro Inferno Call. This model is also an earlier model, and it came out the same year as the Deadbone. The Inferno also has interesting features that make it a great choice for predator calls.

The price of this product is also very low, and it will hardly leave a dent in your wallets. Also, a device with this price has some interesting features above the cost.

The body of this device is made with durability in mind. You can move around conveniently over harsh terrain without worrying about your device getting damaged. You also don’t have to worry about your device getting damaged by predators.

The device also gives you a nice selection of preinstalled sounds, and you have access to 75 top-quality Foxpro sounds. Also, you can get more sounds for your predator device because it can store up to 200 sounds.

The Inferno also uses batteries making it very possible for you to hunt for hours without worrying about your device dying on you. Just be sure that you pack some extra batteries you switch out.

Apart from the main unit, the Inferno also has a remote control that is common to the other models. However, the Inferno’s remote control screen is improved providing better visibility.

The remote control screen has a bigger screen, and it also has a higher brightness. The remote control is also designed with an easy-to-use interface, and it can be easily operated any anybody.

You will also enjoy a good sound quality with the Inferno; the sounds produced are clear and loud enough.

You can also connect your device to your laptop or computer if you need to reprogram it.


  • It can store up to 200 sounds.
  • You can connect it to your laptop.
  • The remote screen is bigger.


  • The speaker is not loud.

The design makes the coyote caller easier to use and aids your mobility. It is also compact and can store up to 200 songs.

4. Foxpro Patriot Electronic Predator Call

This model of the Foxpro was released after the Deadbone and the Inferno, and it is also one of our top choices for coyote hunting.

This model of Foxpro is one of the top-rated in terms of durability, and it is designed with one of the strongest materials that can be used for this device. The body of the Patriot is made with Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic, and it is one of the toughest kinds of plastic.

You can navigate all types of terrains and hunt more rigorously without fear of your device falling and breaking.

The Patriot provides you with quality sounds that can be used for all animals. You get to enjoy 35 Foxpro specialized sounds and 100 other sounds that don’t require any payment. Apart from the preinstalled sounds, the Patriot coyote caller can store up to 300 different sounds, and you can categorize them properly.

The Patriot is designed as a single speaker with a horn shape. The horn shape of the device is intentional because it allows the sounds to travel in a longitudinal plane and spread out over more distance.

You can also get a louder effect because the speaker makes it possible to connect with an external speaker. Also, there is an auxiliary jack that you can use to connect to other forms of the Foxpro devices.

This device also has a remote control that makes it easy to access. With this remote control, you can send commands to your predator caller from a safe distance, and this reduces the risk of a wild animal or coyote coming within a harmful range.

The remote control is not the usual button like the other models, but it has an elastomeric keypad. This advanced keypad makes it easier to operate the remote even when you have hunting gloves over your fingers.


  • Has a 3-year warranty
  • The remote is easy to use
  • Can store up to 300 sounds


  • Not readily compatible with Macs

The Foxpro Patriot Predator Caller is another great choice, and it also makes use of batteries. The design is compact, and you can store up to 300 sounds on it.

5. Foxpro Snow Crow Pro Digital Game Call

This is the last best Foxpro sound for coyote hunting. Meanwhile, this device is designed for other animals, but it can still work effectively for coyotes.

The design of the Snow Crow is completely different from those of the other models, Foxpro has given a lot to advance the design of their predator callers, and we can see this in the design of the Snow Crow.

With the Snow Crow, you get to enjoy a lot of sounds. You have access to 100 of Foxpro’s special sounds, all high-quality sounds with impressive effectiveness at attracting animals.

Apart from the available sounds on the caller, you can also get other sounds that you want. There is a good chance that you won’t run out of space on this device because it is designed with space for up to 1000 high-quality sounds.

There are also other features that you can enjoy with the Snow Crow, and you can use the Foxbang, Foxmotion, Foxfusion, Foxpitch, and Foxdata.

Also, you can enjoy long hunting sprees without having to worry about your caller running out of battery. The Snow Crow uses two batteries that use 12 volts.

You can also enjoy up to 5 years warranty on these devices which is more than the ones offered on other models.

This device has two speakers located on either side and connected to an operating panel. The sounds produced are high-quality, the frequency is right, and the volume is sure to cover a wide distance.


  • A recent model
  • Design is more attractive
  • Has many added features


  • It is expensive

The Foxpro Snow Crow is our top choice for coyote hunting. Everything about this device is a plus.

Getting The Best Foxpro Sound For Coyote Hunting

Foxpro has succeeded in making some of the best sound makers for hunting different types of animals. However, not all their models can satisfy your taste, and you need to know what to look out for to pick one that will suit you.


The materials used in making the body of the caller are very important. The material will determine how hard and heavy your device will be.

When considering the material, you also need to consider the weight and durability of the material.

The best material for the production of this device is ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a type of plastic that is very tough, and it is quite shock-resistant. When you’re getting a caller for your coyote hunting, ensure that you get one made with ABS plastic.

You will notice that most of the models listed in this review are made from ABS plastic. With ABS casing, you don’t have to worry about your caller falling or getting damaged early.

Battery or Electic Charging

Most versions of predator callers usually have ports and need to be plugged for some time for optimal battery life. However, some make use of replaceable batteries.

There is a definite answer to which choice is better because it depends on your preference. However, you can do more hunting in the woods with replaceable batteries without worrying about your coyote caller giving out on you. All you need to do is replace the batteries, and you’re good to go.

Compatibility with Your Other Devices

The callers are designed to connect with other devices like your laptop or computer via a port. However, there are instances where the device doesn’t connect to the caller because they are not compatible.

You will need your PC to configure sounds on your caller, so it is important that you can connect them before making any purchase.


The whole point of the device being discussed is making sounds that can attract intended animals. Also, the device allows us to adjust these sounds to produce a wide variation of them for different animals.

Foxpro preinstalls some sounds, and you can enjoy up to 100 Foxpro sounds depending on the model you buy. There are also free sounds included in hand with the Foxpro sounds, and the number depends on the model you buy.


The speakers are another important component that should not be overlooked. There are different designs of speakers with different models. Some have two speakers, and some are designed with one.

Those with two speakers can play different sounds from each speaker simultaneously which allows you to play both high-frequency and low-frequency sounds together.

As for the models with single speakers, some can be played two sounds simultaneously. If you’re going to go for a model with one speaker, make sure that it can play both sounds simultaneously.

Wrap Up

We’ve looked at some of the best FoxPro sounds for coyote hunting, and the Snow Crow is the top choice.

With the Foxpro Snow Crow, you have access to many Foxpro features like the Foxband, Foxmotion, Foxfusion, Foxpitch, Foxdata, and more.

The design makes it suitable for hunting coyotes, especially in the snow, and the design makes it blend more with the snow.

This device also operates with batteries which easily can be replaced. The sound quality is also great and can cover a wide range.