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Hunting rangefinders are a great way of determining the distance of your target. They are specifically made to use a beam of the laser to measure the range with accuracy. The market is full of rangefinders. They all have a different range of measurement and have a wide variety of use. They can be used for bow hunting, archery, golf, military purposes and much more.

Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting is considerably used by hunters. Hunters need a rangefinder that will show the distance and speed of their target accurately so they can make a bulls-eye shot every single time. Hunters cannot afford to miss a shot and need a perfect guide to buy a Cheap best rangefinder. This article will provide you with the best “Hunting Rangefinder review” and help you to buy that fits your needs perfectly.

5 Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting 2018

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Finding a decent laser rangefinder in the market can be confusing. It can be a tough call while hunting for a product with a good range, accurate measurements and also not too expensive. Here are the reviews of five hunting laser rangefinders which help you to find that will fulfil your requirements perfectly.

1-Fnova Digital Hunting Rangefinder (Fnova 600s)

This is a wonderful pocket-friendly laser rangefinder. The range it can determine is 5 to 600 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1. Its magnification lens is 6×. A great product for distance and speed measurements. Such versatile features have enabled this product to be used for people who are involved in racing, a sportsman who loves archery and do not want to miss a shot, and even engineers who do not want to make any miscalculations. Its wide variety of features makes it a valuable product for the hunters.

Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting

Laser technology is highly advanced and new in this rangefinder. It uses the 3rd generation chip which improves its performance greatly. The speed of calculating range is increased by 60% and the accuracy of the measurements is increased by 50% with this new and improved technology. The speed range it can measure is 20 – 300km/ h. The size is in the dimension of 5.11×3 14×1 57 inches and weighs 0.6lb.



It works on only two AAA batteries. There is no hurdle of charging or buying expensive batteries for it. This makes it great product during hunting as you will not need to worry in a forest about power supply to charge your hunting rangefinder.

The size is small enough too easy to carry. This reduces the burden while you are on a hunt.

It is also very lightweight. When you have so many other things to carry, this light-weight rangefinder will make it convenient to carry.

It has a great option of measuring the range in Meters or Yards.

A great plus point is that it can measure speed up to 300km/h. No matter how fast your hunt is running, this will get the right measurements with its speed so you can make a clear shot and take your hunt down.

It has a rubber casing which makes it perfect for use in bad weather rainy days. The rubber casing makes it tough and best for rough use while hunting.



The speed can be only measured in km/h. This can be a little tedious while hunting.

The battery compartment may not close firmly due to its design which fails to hold the battery properly at times.


2-LaserWorks LW 1000PRO

This model of LaserWorks is a wonderful small sized product which has numerous features at a very affordable price. Functions that a high-end rangefinder can do, this LaserWorks model can do only at a fraction of their price. This rangefinder has a wide range of measuring the target from 5 to 1000 yards. Its one of the amazing feature is that it can measure up to 1600 yards for reflective targets. Its lens is also has a 6× magnification.

Hunting Rangefinder Review

The dimensions are 4.2×2.9×1.4 inches and weigh 7lb. The chip used in it is 1409 chip. This chip is manufactured by LaserWorks themselves. They have developed it to increase the efficiency of its performance and stability. It is made in such a way such that it is safe for the human eye.



The accuracy is highly accurate for the range measurement within 5 to 1000 yards. So even if your target is as far as 1000 yards, you can easily shoot your hunt without missing it.

The high-quality lens gets you a crystal clear image of your target. If you are in a thick forest, where images can be murky, this will help to focus on the subject of hunt sharply and clearly ass if it is standing right in front of you.

It has the ability to AUTO TURN OFF itself for power saving purposes. For hunters, power saving is very important. This feature will save a lot of battery and keep it going for long hours of the hunt.

Very handy as it fits perfectly into palm due to its small size. Makes it portable and easy to carry.

The laser radiant power is 70.1 microwatts. Which makes it highly safe for the human eye. Being a hunter, you need to use a rangefinder regularly without damaging your precious eyes.

An excellent mode of “Flag Locking”. It locks your target and makes sure that it does not get confused with background noise. Your subject can be moving a lot. Also, in forests, the trees and bushes may confuse the target. But with this feature, you can fix your target and get the accurate measures no matter how much it moves or gets distorted due to the background objects.

Measures both horizontal and vertical distances. Also, the gradients can be measured. So even if your target is on top of the hill or any higher place it can give you the right angles and gradient to make a perfect shot.

Comes with a CR2 battery with your rangefinder.



The disadvantage has it that it has a plastic casing. Although it claims to be durable and waterproof. The plastic casing can greatly decrease its overall durability. In a rough and complex terrain of forests, you might have to be a little extra careful while handling the product.

The auto turns off occurs just after 15 seconds. This time period can be too short according to the liking of many people.

It shows perfect accuracy only within the range of 300 yards and not beyond that.


3-TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

This product has been carefully designed for hunting purposes. This also can measure both distance and the speed. The product has a multilayer lens which helps you to hunt down your target precisely and accurately. It can measure up to 540 yards with a +/- 1-yard accuracy. It gives its calculation pretty quick and can measure continuously.

Best Rangefinder For Long Range Shooting 2018



It is very cheap and inexpensive. Yet, it has a lot of features to offer.

It is a small size and a lightweight laser rangefinder. Also a great feature for hunters who do not want to carry extra weight.

It comes along with a CR2 battery. So for the price, it is a great plus point that it comes along with a battery.

It has a water-resistant body which makes it perfect for hunting.

It comes with a complete package of a pouch for keeping it safe, a cleaning cloth specially made to clean your lens without damage, and a wrist strap for its convenient handling.



It only measures 540 yards. Many best rangefinders of this range may measure a double of this range. For Bowhunting it cannot be a great product as it fails to measure close distance targets.

It does not focus clearly on targets in low light.

If the target’s background consists if of many more objects creating noise, it may be unable to detect the target clearly as it lacks “Flag Locking” feature.

It fails to measure the slopes and angles.


4-Fnova TM-1000 Laser Rangefinder

This a great model by Fnova. It is highly improved and designed in such a way so that it may give measurements of speed and distance every single time. Its minimum range limit is 5 yards while its upper limit of the range is 1000 yards, with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. The wide range of speed it measures with utmost accuracy is 20 to 300 km/h. Dimensions of this product are 4.72×3.15×1.97 inches and weigh only 0.52 lb. Lens has a 7× magnification.

best hunting rangefinder with angle compensation



The 3rd generation chip makes it a highly stable and accurate rangefinder.

Not only hunters, golfers or racer can use it but also the engineering surveys can be carried out with this rangefinder due to its high accuracy.

This works perfectly fine from temperature 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. This makes it a great rangefinder to work with on a hot sunny day as well.

Weather resistant and waterproof.

A durable casing.

Class I laser is used of 905 nm which will not harm eyes.



Unlike other rangefinders in the market, it can be a little heavy in weight.

It can only perform the basic and entry-level functions. If you want professional and an advanced rangefinder, this might not be a great choice for you.


5-Wosports Laser Rangefinder

It is another great and inexpensive laser rangefinder. It is perfect for hunting which will include ranging and speed measurements. The lower limit of range it measures is 5 yards while the upper limit it measures is the 600 yards with an accuracy of +/- 5 yards.

best hunting rangefinder under 100

It can measure the speed of range from 20 to 300 km/h. A high-quality lens of 6× magnification. The Wosports laser rangefinder has dimensions as 6.4×4.1×2.8 inches and it weighs about 8.25 lb. This product is also protected from dust particles, water and is very durable for rough usage.



The rubberized body makes it tough and durable. This feature makes it very appropriate for hunting purposes.

Includes “flag locking” feature.

The product comes along with a case and a wrist strap for better handling and care of the laser rangefinder.

It also includes a Microfibers cleaning cloth which is perfect for cleaning lens without damage.

It is very affordable.



The downside of this laser rangefinder is that it fails to measure the range of target within 5.5 yards. Although it claims that it has a minimum range limit of 5 yards.

In dark, the readings cannot be read clearly.

It lacks the option of locking the target

It does not work properly in low lights. For a hunting laser rangefinder, it will fail to work in a thick forest as the light is not enough there.

It cannot give measures of slopes and angles.



Hunting laser rangefinders have to be highly precise and accurate so that you do not miss a shot. It should be designed carefully in such a way that its handling and care is easy because in forests you cannot have a delicate device. Above all, situations may get dark in forests so the rangefinder should be well equipped with technology which will enable it to work well in the dark.

The battery time should be long enough and also it should be efficient in saving power. The laser should be of a safe category which will not damage your eyes. Your eyes are a great gift of nature and have no replacement. So before buying make sure you are buying a product which is safe to use. The rangefinder should also have an easy grip so you do not drop it while hunting.

This review guide for you to buy the perfect rangefinder that will fulfil your needs and requirements. Do not look what your fellow hunters are buying. Go through all the products and make sure you know what you are looking for and what you want. This article will guide you and also help you to compare products so you can end up buying a product which you will not regret. Your hard earned money is precious and valuable.

So before spending your money make sure, that the product you are going to buy will cater to your needs and bring you the maximum amount of benefits. To level up your hunting game, buy a hunting range finder which will help you take a perfect aim and make a perfect shot.