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Best Reloading Kit For Beginners: Reviews And Complete Buyer's Guide

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Best Reloading Kit For Beginners: Reviews And Complete Buyer’s Guide

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If you want to beat the excessive costs of buying new ammo when your supples run low, one sustainable method is to just make it yourself. Reloading requires a lot of care and accuracy. However, it can be done if you acquire necessary skills and pick the right tools.

Reloading ammunition is an important skill for any gun  lover to maximize the availability of ammunition while saving costs long term. Reloading kits can be costly, however investment in such a kit compared to repeatedly purchasing production line ammo will pay for itself over the years.

Buying reloading kits, especially for a beginner can be overwhelming due to the many options of products and brands available in the market. This article will help you to narrow down your search by reviewing the best reloading kit for beginners and giving you tips on how to buy the one most suitable for you.

Reloading Kit

Maybe you are a new gun owner and have just learned it is legal to reuse your ammunition but you don’t know how to do so or what tools to use. It is ideal you familiarize yourself with the components of a reloading kit before jumping into Amazon reviews of products themselves.

Reloading kits, or unloading presses are, fundamentally, presses that permit you to stack your own rounds for all types of cartridge designs without having to purchase new ones. This can be done simply with the use of ammo and gunpowder.

The reloading process relies upon the kind of gear available to you. Each has various qualities and processes to reload ammunition. All you need to do is fill the case with explosives and press the bullet into the case. The press permits a particular depth to prevent the bullet from going deeper than necessary.

Best Reloading Kit For Beginners

1. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits

This reloading kit is available at an affordable price and it features everything you need to reload rifle and pistol rounds. It is a single-stage press which is a commonly recommended kit for beginners.

On the Amazon product page, users of this kit say it is easy to install and is a great kit for the beginner. It is also a good choice for the occasional hand loader looking for an all-inclusive, quality, single stage press.

All told, this is one of the closest substitutes to a universal reloading station that you can get your hands on. The press is strong and can function efficiently for many years if given proper maintenance. Additionally, each component of the press, from the reloading dies to the powder measures, fits perfectly in the machine.

Features And Specifications

  • Lock-N-Load Classic single-stage press
  • Digital scale
  • Lock-N-Load powder measure
  • Universal reloading block
  • Die bushing
  • Chamfering and deburring tool
  • Powder trickler and Funnel
  • One-shot case Lube
  • Hunting and shooting sport type


  • Affordable price
  • Strong die sets
  • Precise measurements and perfect reloading
  • Outstanding starter kit for pistol and rifle cartridges
  • Safety scale
  • The Reloading press is easy to utilize


  • Difficult to use without lubrication on the first time
  • Possible dead scale batteries

2. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master Reloading Kit

The RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master is another one of the best known single-stage presses out there. This ammo reloading kit was manufactured with the new standards taken into consideration. It contains all the reloading equipment you’ll need (aside from the shell loaders and dies) to start pressing rounds like an experienced reloader. It can be used by both beginners and seasoned reloaders.

The information for this review is compiled from many users’ reviews. One user indicated that this kit was purchased two years ago and got him up to speed in reloading in a short time. In addition to the included equipment, this kit can also use dies from other reloading kits of the same thread size.

With these features in mind, the RCBS is a top-of-the-line reloading kit with all the crucial components needed to produce high-powered rifle rounds precisely and consistently.

Features And Specifications

  • Universal case load block
  • Single-flow powder measures
  • Hand priming tool
  • Case lube kit
  • M500 mechanical scale
  • Rock Chucker Supreme press
  • Deburring tool
  • Hex key set
  • Reloading manual
  • Powder funnel
  • Hunting sport type


  • Strong steel build
  • Large loading window for lengthy cartridges
  • Effortlessly upgraded to a progressive reloading kit
  • Accurate and consistent loading


  • Primer catcher is below expectation
  • Limited dies
  • Lacks quick-change die component

3. LEE PRECISION II Shotshell Reloading Press

This press is a single-stage design reloading kit. With its incorporated powder measure and effective pull-down handle, the LEE PRECISION II is explicitly built for amateurs that have little familiarity with reloading their own ammo.

The kit includes all of the vital components that are needed to reload ammo proficiently. It is capable of loading 2 3/4 to 3-inch rounds with less effort. The press works well for 24 gauge with 24 shot and powder bushings.

The features and efficiency of the LEE PRECISION II are verified to by previous users. A buyer claimed to have had the reloading kit for years and successfully made thousands of rounds with it.

Features And Specifications

  • Simple and affordable gauge
  • Incorporated primer catcher
  • Hunting sport type
  • Able to load 200 shells


  • Efficient quick-switch between shot and power
  • Easy mobility and use
  • Compound lever


  • Time-consuming reloading process
  • Plastic build
  • No efficient prime feeder

4. Lyman All American 8 Turret Press for Reloading

Say you need an option that would be preferable over a modest hand press yet aren’t prepared to dish out a lot of cash for one of those huge reloading stations. This Lyman All American 8 Turret press could be exactly the one that suits your needs.

It is a rugged and affordable turret that utilizes a cast-iron frame design bolted down to make a steady workstation, much  like many standard presses. The frame is large enough to be used for all cartridge lengths. This enhances its safety, creates minimal movement, consistent loads, and high-quality ammunition.

Locating the right equipment to feed your ammunition is easy due to the compatibility of this kit with Hornady and RCBS rock chucker dies. It is most suitable for an average shooter on a budget.

Features And Specifications

  • Substantial cast iron edge and turret.
  • Extra-large 8 station turret is effectively taken out to make changing turrets basic.
  • Tough powder coat finish.
  • Features straight line primer feed with enormous and little primer tubes.
  • Features two complete 4 die sets or as many as four 2 die sets.


  • Rigid frame design
  • Convenient to use
  • Accurate reloads
  • Boxes of ammo can be made in a bit of time


  • Poor priming
  • Bad shell holders

5. Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Press Loader

If you are looking for speed, ease, reliability, and efficiency, Hornady lock-n-load auto progressive press loader is the real deal. It features an auto progressive reloading press that is capable of reloading up to 500 rounds in just one hour. With this automatic loading feature you will be adequately equipped for all your reloading needs.

Thanks to the incorporated 5 station bushing system, change of dies and loading of another caliber takes just seconds. The EZ-JECT guarantees an efficient removal of cartridges each time without adjustments.

Accurate measurements are used every time you reload your ammunition. This is possible as a result of its automatic indexing, ejection, and priming features. One user stated that the Lock-N-Load AP press loader’s changeovers are quick and easy – the press loads in high volume and produces better ammo than what can be bought off the shelf.

Features And Specifications

  • Quick-change tool head
  • Built-in priming system
  • Auto-progressive reloading
  • Fast reloading Lock-N-Load technology
  • 5-station bushing system
  • EZ-JECT system


  • Quick, durable, and reliable
  • Very easy to use
  • Incorporated priming system
  • A large volume of ammunition is produced


  • Liable to jamming

Things To Consider When Buying Reloading Presses

Picking the best reloading press kits can be a challenge. However, the process can be simplified when you know exactly what kind of features you are looking for. Here are some key factors you should keep in mind when looking for the best reloading kits.

Type Of Press

As a casual shooter, the type of presses best for you are dependent on the caliber and amount of reloading you expect to do. Pistol rounds are generally reloaded in a progressive press, particularly while utilizing a powder measure and case feeder.

This is due to pistol cases not being as long as that of the rifle rounds, so feeder jamming is reduced to a minimum. Though it may take additional time, longer cases are best worked with using a single-stage press or turret.

There are also presses intended for specific cartridges such as shotgun shells. You will need to factor in these considerations before choosing the best press type for you.

Reloading Skill Level

Your skill level is another important element in picking the best reloading press. A complete starter kit with a turret or single-stage press is generally best for beginners. It is a more straightforward framework setup for precision reloading with fewer moving parts.

An auto progressive press offers speed and reliability to experienced loaders. However this style of press is entirely dependent on your needs and funding.


Safety should be an obvious factor when purchasing a reloading kit, but it is worth focusing on for emphasis. The reloading process itself is not risky. However, shooting improperly reloaded cartridges can be. Whenever done inappropriately, there is a possibility for injury.

This is why you must buy a reloading press known for its accurate powder measure and precision and follow in detail the instructions given in the reloading manual.

You can begin reloading with the minimum amount of loads indicated in the manual. On gaining experience and proficiency, you can then make your desired loads for optimum shooting performance.


The build quality of the reloading press is a vital component. Not only does choosing the right  reloading press kit make easier for you to learn how to use the system, it also guarantees that you are reloading safe and high-quality ammunition for your guns.

Furthermore, a high quality reloading ammunition kit enables you to easily sell when you desire an upgrade or if you want to give up reloading ammo entirely.

LEE PRECISION II, RCBS Rock Chucker, Lyman All America and Hornady are the best products and brands to check out when you want a quality reload kit.


It is true that the best reloading kit for beginners should come with many accessories, but there are more accessories in some than the others. Watch for products that will provide all components you need in your reloading process.

Regardless of the attached accessories, there may still be more that you need to purchase, such as case holders, dies and cartridges. Be sure to purchase products that balance between your needs and your budget.

This helps to prevent future frustration when you realize that you have more accessories you need and have exceeded your budget. This way you also avoid purchasing unnecessary pieces.


It is no news that as a beginner, you may not want to spend a huge amount of money buying your first kit. However, it is important you balance between your budget and the performance of your gear (since you wouldn’t want to buy a product that won’t serve your purpose no matter how little you spend on it).

Buy a product that will serve your needs and avoid cheap products that will not offer you  efficiency or precision. This could even be dangerous if you use your poorly reloaded ammo in your guns.

Brief Notes On The Benefits And Limitations Of Reloading

Reloading your own ammo gives you some edge you over purchasing already made ammunition. There are both benefits and limitations when it comes to reloading your own ammunition.

Saves Cost

Though acquisition of reloading press may be a huge initial investment, in the end it can help you to save a considerable amount of money.

Many materials can be reused, such as the brass shells, but you will need to buy some materials such as gunpowder (which is greatly cheaper than buying new cartridges each time more ammo is required).

Customized Ammunition Option

In addition to saving cost, reloading offers you the chance to customize your ammo depending on your hunting or shooting requirements. Reloading makes it practical to use different ammunition in a particular rifle thereby supporting your shooting skills.

One limitation of reloading is that it requires a great level of persistence and patience from you to finish a few rounds. It is time consuming and it requires you to finish a few tasks before finishing a particular round.

Also if you hunt, you may find it difficult to gather already used shells (which you need to reload) and you may feel like the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. On the other hand, you might find reloading to be an interesting task that you truly enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Reloading Press Is Best For Beginners?

With regards to the reloading presses for a beginner, people frequently suggest the single-stage presses. Indeed, there is no question that working with a single-stage reloading press is simpler to use for amateurs. However, the single-stage takes more time, and it can’t easily accommodate many dies.

If you want a better speed for your reloading process, a turret press is the most ideal decision. It is not excessively complicated and is easy to use for a beginner unlike the progressive reloading press.

What is the Right Amount of Powder to Use for Reloading?

An excess use of gunpowder can actually backfire (literally). It is essential to be mindful of the casings size you are reloading so you are aware for sure how much powder you need to stack.

This is where your measuring scale and funnel become an integral part of the reload process. You really want to have the perfect volume to have viable firing power.

Best Brands

Lee Precision

This company was founded in 1958 by Richard Lee. The company’s mission is to make and distribute products of high quality. They specialize in making reloading presses and accessories such as priming tools, dies, bullet molds, letters, scales, lubricant, trimmers, etc. Their products are durable and affordable.


Hornady is an American ammunition company located in Grand Island, Nebraska. They make quality reloading kits and hand loading components such as bullets, cartridges, shotgun shells, dies, cases and other firearm products.

Buying Your Reloading Press Kit

There are many choices when it comes to selecting the best reloading kits for amateurs. Choosing the right kit can be one of your best investments if you are a prolific user of ammunition.

Knowing how to reload your own rounds can be an intimidating task. With the right tools and know how, it can be an interesting one as well.

This article has recommended for you some of  the best reloading kit for beginners on the market today. We hope it has provided you with enough information to make the best choice for your reloading needs.