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Different Arrow Tips for Hunting Explained by Expert Archers

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The type of arrow tip you use is crucial for your hunting experience and outcome. It influences your shooting accuracy and how fast your hunt goes down. The right type of tip is determined by the size and type of game you are hunting.

The first step when deciding on the arrow tip to use is understanding the different types of tips. This article discusses in detail the different types of tips, their pros and cons, and when they are best applicable. It also reviews some of the best arrow tips on the market.

Types of Arrow Tips

The following are the main types of hunting arrow tips:

Bullet Arrow Tips

As the name suggests, these types of tips are shaped like a bullet. They are an arrowhead best suited for hunting small animals and birds. Once they hit the target, they easily pierce through.

Field Arrow Tips

They are a variant of the bullet tip. They have a shoulder structure just before the sharp end which prevents the arrow from getting stuck in the body of the animal. As such, you can easily remove the arrow from the body of the target animal. Like bullet tips, they are best suited for small game hunting or target practice.

Blunt Arrow Tips

As their name suggests, these types of arrow tips do not have a sharp or pointed edge. The arrow end is usually made of rubber or plastic.

They are designed to kill the target animal by exerting excessive blunt force without penetrating or piercing large animals. The blunt force causes the animal to die quickly. They are preferred by hunters who are keen on “humane” hunting practices and among traditional hunters. These are not meant for big game hunting. Instead, they are most commonly used to hunt small animals like rabbits and squirrels.

Grabbing Arrow Tips

Also known as JUDO tips. These are a variant of blunt arrow tips but with sharp wire, springs protruding from the sides. The wire springs grab on the skin of the target animal without piercing to prevent the arrow from getting lost. They are best suited for hunting down small animals and for target practice in the woods.

Fishing Arrow Tips

They are designed with a steel body and protruding steel bard for bow fishing. The sharp tip pierces and penetrates through the tough scales of fish while the steel barb holds onto the fish. Some have retractable barbs that enable you to easily remove the arrow once the fish has been caught.

Broadhead Arrow Tips

These are the most common types of tips used by the everyday hunter. A broadhead arrow tip is designed for better aerodynamics which enables the bow to travel longer distances and faster. They have two, three, or four sharp edges that puncture the animal’s body for a quick death. They are ideal for hunting larger animals and are not suitable for hunting practice.

There are two main types of broadhead tips: fixed-blade and mechanical. The fixed blade is permanently fixed on the shaft of the arrow. Once it is deployed into the body of the target, it remains in the body until you remove it.

On the other hand, a mechanical broadhead swings out after piercing the animal. Generally, mechanical broadheads are more streamlined for better projection. Seasoned hunters prefer them when hunting big animals such as elks, American bison, and moose.

Our Top Picks for Arrow Tips

Below is a review of some of the best arrow tips on Amazon.

1. Best Broadhead Tip: Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads

Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads

These broadheads are designed with 3 sharp fixed blades. The body is made of anodized aluminum while the sharp edges are made of stainless steel. These materials offer durability, fast, and aerodynamic flight.

They have a standard screw–in for easy insertion. They can be used with traditional bows or compound bows. The 2.8’ stainless steel blades offer high-level precision whether you are hunting or doing field practice with target points.

This is a 12-piece pack and the manufacturer offers a 45-day return on them.

2. Best Blunt Arrow Tip: Maifield 100 Grain Arrow Tip

Maifield 100 Grain Arrow Tip

This blunt arrow tip is ideal for both hunting and archery and can be used with crossbows or compound bow. It is best suited for hunting down small animals. It is fast and accurate.

The hunting head is made of hard steel and can be used with carbon or fiberglass arrows. It is designed for an easy fit on the shaft of the arrow. It offers a strong impact on the target for a quick kill. They come as 6 pieces in a pack.

3. Best Grabbing Arrow Points: Huntcool Archery Judo Points

Huntcool Archery Judo Points

This grabbing arrow point is designed for both field practice and actual hunting. Each has 5 grabbing hooks to ensure your arrow doesn’t get lost. The blunt head offers a direct impact on the animal you are hunting down. They are best suited for small animals. They screw in easily on either a crossbow or compound bow. Each pack has 12 pieces.

4. Best Field Tip: Jiakai Screw-in Field Tip

Jiakai Screw-in Field Tip

The Jiakai screw-in field tip is made of rust-resistant steel and has a black zinc finish. The wider part has a diameter of 8mm and the screw is 4mm wide for a screw-in fit with most hunting arrows. It can be used for hunting small game animals or for field practice. Each pack comes with 24 pieces.

5. Best Bullet Hunting Tips: Z&S Bullet Points

Z&S Bullet Points

This bullet arrow point is made of stainless steel. The tip is super sharp and impacts adequate weight on the target. It can be used for target practice as well as hunting down small animals. The screw-in end fits well on recurve bows, crossbows, and compound bows that use 0D 7.6-8mm shafts. Each pack contains 12 pieces.


There is a wide range of arrow tip sizes, weights, and styles for each category. The type defines the purpose for which the tip can be used. Most tips have screw-in features for an easy fit on different types of hunting arrows.

The tips can be used for actual hunting or field practice. Ensure that the tip you choose is compatible with the type of arrow you have. Also, check customer reviews to ascertain that a particular tip is of good quality and fulfills the purpose it is intended for.