Seven Tips for Hunting Fans

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Seven Tips for Hunting Fans

In October a new season begins for hunters. In the USA there are many fans of hunting, and the imprudence in this sport costs the lives of many people in this country. Not only adults have access to this practice in a legal manner.

Children under 18 also have a gun license, thanks to a special authorization for minors (AEM) given by the Civil Guard every year. But obtaining a license is not enough since up to the age of 18 you have to be accompanied by an adult with a license.

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To Prevent and Regret Possible Accidents We Recommend a Series of Safety Measures:

  1. It is fundamental to abuse extreme caution when shooting.
  2. It is proven that to practice hunting and, above all, when the group activity is carried out, the clothing and safety accessories allow to identify people and dogs, essential to avoid accidents quickly.
  3. The arms is always carried on the shoulder, in a vertical position and with the barrel towards the sky; and to carry it parallel to the ground, the convenient thing is that the weapon is always open and never, never with the barrel tilted neither downwards nor to the sides to avoid any impact.
  4. Never leave the weapon on the ground when it is loaded . Especially if the hunting dogs are close to her.
  5. When a break is made, or also, when arriving at our home it is essential to check that the weapon is unloaded.
  6. It is essential to be very careful when storing the weapon, remembering that it is mandatory for long weapons such as rifles and it is highly advisable for shotguns to store them in approved firearms.
  7. In the team of every hunter should not miss a small kit at your fingertips.

If these rules are taken into account during a hunting day, this hobby can be enjoyed more safely. And this tranquility is also provided by a good hunting insurance, which, of course, is mandatory. We offer you the option to calculate your cost in a very comfortable way. Hiring insurance in MetLife is very fast and easy.