The Deer Hunting Guide & Tips in Hong Kong

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Are you an enthusiastic game hunter? Or would you like to try out game hunting for the first time? Vacationing in Hong Kong is very rewarding. From nature hiking trails, historical sites, culinary tours, among others. Your trip shouldn’t stop there. You can indulge in another activity to enable you to have the best time of your life. Have you ever thought of deer hunting in Hong Kong? The lovely red muntjac is quite famous in Hong Kong. All you have to do is get ready for your next hunt with the right guidelines and tips. They are as follows.

  • License and certification

Did you know that you can’t just grab any gun and hit the trails? As a hunter, you ought to be certified and pass the safety certification classes based on various requirements for hunting in Hong Kong.

You ought to pay a visit to the agriculture, fisheries and conservation department website. There you can sign up for any hunter safety course and acquire certification. You ought to carry the license each time you head out for a hunt. Beware of the limits as well as restrictions.

  • Hunting gear

If you are planning for flights to Hong Kong, don’t forget to carry the hunting gear, or you can choose to buy these hunting gear in hunting shops in Hong Kong.

During your educational hunting course, you’ll get to learn about the ideal gear to match your game. You ought to dress accordingly and use a camouflage gear. It ought to match the landscape so that you can blend in perfectly.

Don’t forget to come with your blind and set it up in advance. Don’t forget to carry a facemask and put on any camo makeup to gain a significant advantage.

  • Guns

When you head out for a hunt, you have to have the right riffle. You ought to play it safe when requesting a firearm. You can ask for some ammo, rifle cartridges, or shotgun shells.

You ought to have the necessary knowledge on how to navigate the maze of riffles or shotgun. Know about the shotgun shells and rifle cartridges for the hunt that you have at the back of your mind.

Don’t forget about the gun cleaning kit, as it would be best if you took care of your gun after a hunt while preparing for the next big hunt.

  • Know the wind

It would help a lot if you knew the direction of the wind each time you are on a hunt. It’s one aspect that can easily give you away. A deer is susceptible and can get a whiff of your scent if the wind blows against you. You ought to use products that mask your smell. Spray any perfume eliminating spray on your newly acquired blinds, gear, as well as the chair.

Patience is vital when it comes to hunting down a deer. It’s never easy to hunt down a deer as they tend to be swift. However, with the ideal guideline and preparation, you can have the most fabulous deer hunting experience. You can take flights to Hong Kong and get on the right track with the above guidelines and tips to have the best time.