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ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack Review

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The Trail Blazer is another hunting pack from ALPS Outdoor Z. This is a company that’s dedicated to the comfort of a hunter. Their products have proven time and again, not only to us but also to their legion of fans that they’re truly high quality.

No one can contradict that they are masters of their craft. Making affordable yet functional packs have been their specialty since they branched out to the backpacks realm in 2007.

So we enter this review with a somewhat partial mindset. It’s a mindset that’s been conditioned to believe that whatever product they churn out will be tremendous. And you can’t blame us since we’ve reviewed excellent ALPS OutdoorZ products before.

Now, here with us is the Trail Blazer, a hunting pack that doesn’t lack in looks. It’s a compact, well-built pack which stays true to the ALPS design ethos.

Everything about it, from the front face, the pockets, the shoulder straps even mundane parts like the buckles look well thought out. But then, you get this quality at a price point that’s much lower than its competitors.

So what does the Trail Blazer have to offer? Let’s find out in this ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack Review.

Features of ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack

Carrying Capacity

We’ve mentioned that this is a lightweight and compact hunting pack. We weren’t joking. Weighing in at just 2 pounds and 9 ounces when empty, the Trail Blazer makes it easy to stuff items into without compromising on carrying comfort.

However, its tiny build shouldn’t distract you from the fact that it’s made with a good number of pockets and compartments. Each pocket is designed to safely accommodate your gear.

There’s the main pocket that you first take notice of. This is large and spacious inside, accessible via the zipper on the top. At the front, there’s a slightly smaller but still spacious pocket that’s also zippered. Move to the sides of the pack and you’ll notice mesh pockets on both ends.

These are great for carrying water bottles. All these combine to offer you 2500 cubic inches of carrying capacity. Now, ALPS are also aware that some of your gear might find trouble fitting in these pockets.

In such cases, you’ll find the front lashing system quite handy as you’ll be able to strap on the gear externally.

P.E. Frame Sheet

After filling up your ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack to capacity, you’ll now want to strap the pack on your back and be on your way. However, in a poorly designed pack, the makers might overlook your comfort when carrying.

Some people argue that you can’t have both functionality and comfort in one pack. ALPS think different. In this pack, they’ve included a PE frame sheet.

This sheet layers the back of the Trail Blazer, providing a wonderful soft place for your back to rest on. But it doesn’t just do that.

It also assists the same purpose as the metal frames found in larger packs. It allows the weight of the load to rest on your waist, relieving your back from feeling the pressure. This makes the load feel much lighter than it actually is.

Hydration Pocketand Port

So we mentioned that the side mesh pockets in the pack are great for carrying water bottles. However, you might not be using them to carry water bottles. See, the ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack is H20 compatible.

It’s built with a hydration pocket inside it. What’s a hydration pocket you ask? For the newbies, a hydration pocket is a compartment in the pack that allows you to insert a water reservoir. Then, through the hydration port, you can attach a bladder to the reservoir.

So, as you’re walking along, you won’t need to stop and pull out a bulky water bottle all you’ll need to do is reach for the bladder and get yourself supplied with clean, fresh water straight from the reservoir inside.

Gun/ Bow Pocket

I always say that the heart and soul of any hunting pack is its ability to carry a weapon. A pack that can carry both a bow and a gun gets extra points. The ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack has hunting pedigree. It lives for the hunt.

That’s why it’s designed such that it can carry either a gun or a bow. At the front, there’s an expandable pocket in which your gun will sit in safely.

Then, using the lashing straps, the weapon is secured in place, keeping it from sliding off as you walk. This setup can also accommodate a bow of any size.

Brushed Realtree Xtra Hd Fabric

That’s the name of the material the pack is made of. It’s a strong fabric that easily resists the harsh outdoor environment. It’s made with nature in mind.

The color of the Realtree Xtra HD is synonymous with the surrounding, providing the hunter a much-needed camouflage.

And as you’re crouched behind a bush, the scratches the pack will be subjected to won’t cause it any damage as the fabric is resistant. Then, to complement this hardwearing quality, the Trail Blazer is bundled with a blaze orange rain cover.

Simply lay it over the pack when it starts to pour and the cover wards off the water, protecting your pack and its contents.

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  • The ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack is a light weight and compact backpack.
  • Despite the compact build, it’s designed with a number of pockets and compartments that grant the pack a total carrying capacity of 2500 cubic inches.
  • With the front lashing system and bar tacked webbing, extra gear can easily be attached externally.
  • Built into the pack is a PE frame sheet that provides extra carrying support.
  • The hydration port and pocket allow for attachment of a hydration reservoir to supply you with water throughout.
  • The drop down gun/ bow pocket secures your weapon in place.
  • The Brushed Realtree Xtra HD fabric is strong and durable, able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.


  • The pack doesn’t have a dedicated meat carrying pocket.
  • It also doesn’t have an adjustable torso length.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is there a waist belt in this?

A: Yes, there is although it isn’t padded.

Q: Is the Trail Blazer hunting pack able to carry a crossbow?

A: Yes. The expandable pocket can accommodate a crossbow.

Q: Is the backpack itself waterproof?

A: It isn’t waterproof but is water resistant when exposed to a small amount of water. The rain cover helps to keep is waterproof.

Q: Is there an aluminum stay?

A: It doesn’t. To help with support, the PE frame sheet serves this purpose.

Q: What size of a reservoir can fit in this?

A: A 3-liter reservoir fits perfectly.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a reliable hunting companion then you had better consider the ALPS OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack. It’ll carry your gear. It’ll supply you with water. It will hand you your weapon when you need it.

And on top of it all, it won’t start to complain when exposed to harsh conditions. Just like other ALPS OutdoorZ packs we’ve reviewed the Trail Blazer impresses.

The carrying capacity of 2500 cubic inches is certainly more than enough for carrying gear for a day trip. We just can’t find any fault with this pack.

So, to end this Alps OutdoorZ Trailblazer Hunting Pack Review, we give the pack two thumbs up.

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