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The Best Choice for Hunting: a Fixed Blade or Folding Knife


The Best Choice for Hunting: a Fixed Blade or Folding Knife

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Fixed blade or folding knife? Which one is better? These are questions that hunters always ask themselves before going out to hunt.

While there is no definite answer to these questions, each type of knife has its own benefits and drawbacks that make it better suited for different types of hunters.

A fixed blade is basically a hunting knife with a blade that is in a permanently open position while a folding knife has a movable blade that folds back into its handle. In looking at this, we will try to see which knife beats the other in the following categories.

A Fixed Blade or Folding Knife

1. Strength

Fixed knives are generally stronger than folding knives. Due to their permanently fixed blades, they have no moving parts or hollow handles, which are weaknesses on the side of folding boot knives.

The pivot point where the blade turns to fold is the biggest source of weakness for folding knives and it is more likely to fail when exposed to too much stress when hunting.

2. Portability

Fixed knives are generally larger because they can afford the luxury of having a blade that is much longer.

Due to this, they require being carried in sheaths, in order to keep the sharp blade enclosed and safe from causing unintended harm. They also require being worn around the waist, which might be very uncomfortable.

Folding knives excel in this category because they are quite small and need to be small so that they can be easily folded. This folding makes them occupy an even smaller space and makes them very portable. Therefore, they are very convenient to carry.

3. Weight

Folding knives are designed with portability in mind. Therefore, they are made of lightweight but strong materials. This makes them extremely light, and this further contributes to their portability advantage.

On the other hand, fixed-blade knives are designed with hardcore strength in mind. They are extremely rigid, with the blade being attached firmly and strongly to the handle. This makes them heavy, but strong.

4. Survival tool

When hunting outdoors, you might need your knife for other survival tasks apart from hunting. These tasks include digging, cutting tree branches, food preparation, splitting, first aid and hammering.

A multi-purpose tool that can be used to carry out all these tasks needs to be strong and sturdy so that it cannot fail.

Fixed-blade knives are always stronger and will perform well in helping you do all these. Folding knives might crack under pressure due to their weak points.

5. Maintenance

Cleaning a folding knife is quite hard. After taking down an animal, skinning it deposits hair, blood and fat all over the knife, including its blade compartment and hinges.

These deposits are quite sticky and might clog the folding knife’s hinge after a while. Cleaning such a place is quite difficult and must be done in order to maintain hygiene.

Fixed knives’ surfaces are all exposed, making them quite easy and straightforward to clean. However, if you are still confused and can’t yet select one for you, I would suggest you check, they have great collection of knives, you will be able to choose one for yourself.


Although a fixed knife is the best hunting knife (it is best in 3/5 categories), the best knife actually depends on the hunter. Folding knives are better off for the occasional hunter who does not go deep into the wild.

On the other hand, fixed blades are for the serious hunters who go deep into the wild and need reliable and multipurpose tools in order to survive.