What Boots Should You Choose for Rainy Day Hunting?

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What Boots Should You Choose for Rainy Day Hunting

Whichever passion or hobby you intend to undertake, you can only be as good at it as the tools you use. When it comes to hunting, this is no different.

This is why you should remember to choose the right hunting boots because they form a major part of the tools you will need. Hunting boots might differ in some ways but bottom-line, they should be comfortable enough during the whole hunting period.

Additionally, they should improve your stamina and strength so that you can be persistently mobile for the whole time. When hunting in rainy conditions, the following are the recommended boots:

1. Casual Boots

Casual boots are ideal for light rain conditions, where the ground is not soaked, slippery or even flooded. Compared to crossover boots, they are not very tall, provide less traction and weight much less.

They are not completely insulated and hence, cannot be used to walk around deep pools of water or when it is raining heavily. They are better off for small puddles and firmer ground.

2. Crossover Boots

Crossover boots are slightly taller than casual boots. In terms of hunting, they are a fit between casual boots and work boots because all their features lie in between the defining features of these two types of boots. You could hunt in these shoes but if the ground is too wet or the rain is too heavy, they might not be the best option.

3. Work Boots

If you need the cavalry to help you in extreme rainy conditions, work boots are the best choice. They are taller, with some even being knee high, and offer better traction when navigating through muddy waters.

They are also weatherproof, heavier and some might feature a steel toe, which adds a layer of protection above your toe just in case a rock or any other heavy object falls on your feet.

These shoes come with different features. However, whichever type of shoe you choose, there are some basics you need to consider. These are:

1. Waterproofness

This should be the first thing you look for when selecting waterproof boots for hunting on a rainy day. Whether you will be going through mud, pools of water or snow, your boots should keep you completely dry on the inside.

Rubber and leather are the best materials when prioritizing on weatherproofing and thus, boots made using such materials should be considered.

2. Insulation

Boots with a thick insulation layer might just keep you warm when it is raining during the cold weather. Rubber boots provide the best form of insulation and therefore, whether you get work, crossover or casual boots, they should be made fully or partially out of rubber if you are hunting in the cold rain.

3. Camouflage

This is a no-brainer. When you are hunting, you need to look invincible. Camouflaged boots will give you the upper edge in terms of maintaining invincibility, enabling you to hunt stealthily whether you walk on muddy, wet or dry grounds.

What Boots Should You Choose for Rainy Day Hunting

4. Material

Rubber is generally the best material when it comes to waterproofing, but it is also quite stiff especially when thick. On the other hand, leather is a bit flexible but might let in some water as well as cold because it is not a good insulator.

Therefore, the choice between the two mostly depends on how wet the weather is as well as personal preference. Another important thing to consider is the shoe sole. Whether you want a casual, crossover or work boot, you should consider the one with a rubber sole because of comfort.

Rubber soles are soft and compress easily under your body weight, giving you a spongy and comfortable surface to walk on. This goes a long way in ensuring that you hunt comfortably because your feet experience less fatigue.

5. Fitting

Whether you want a work boot or a casual boot, it will be of no help to you if it does not fit well. A well-fitting shoe should fit snugly around the heel and ankle while leaving just enough room at the front for your toes.

6. Height

Boot height is important because it directly determines the depth of water that you can wade in without getting your feet wet. Knee high boots will let you walk on deeper waters than ankle high boots. However, for this to be effective, the knee-high boots should be waterproof and should be slip on boots.

Final Words

Your feet need to be dry and comfortable in order to carry you through successful hunts. Therefore, your footwear during a rainy hunting period should be good enough to shield you from the elements, leaving your feet dry and comfortable on the inside.

Fortunately, with the guide above, you will not find it difficult to get the perfect rainy day hunting boots to suit your needs.


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