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The Ultimate Guide to Coyote Hunting Gear

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Coyote hunting, with its unique challenges and rapid growth in popularity, has inspired entire companies to specialize in producing high-quality coyote hunting gear. No matter the size of your game or the type of terrain you hunt, there is equipment out there that will help you nab a coyote.

Coyote hunting gear can sometimes leave you scratching your head, wondering what to get. What pieces of equipment are essential? Which are just overkill? To help answer these questions, we’ve put together this coyote hunting gear guide:

Considerations for Coyote Hunting Gear

Coyote hunting equipment is essential to the sport but with, all the options available, it can be hard to figure out what you need. The sport requires gear that can withstand the elements of your surroundings. Finding the right gear can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to look. This guide to coyote hunting will provide you with the tools you need to successfully hunt this amazing animal.

We’ll cover clothing, scent control, ammunition, scopes, and decoys. When hunting coyotes, you need to identify what type of gear is required for your particular hunting style. Whether you are a rifle hunter or an archer, there are some universal items that you should be sure to bring along.

For starters, any coyote hunter should have a quality pair of binoculars on hand. Binoculars allow hunters to see farther than possible with the naked eye. This is critical when tracking down prey or searching dense brush or woods.

You may also want to consider investing in night vision goggles if you are planning on hunting at night. These devices give hunters the ability to see their surroundings, even in complete darkness.

Types of Gun for Hunts

There are several types of rifles that work well for coyote hunting. A bolt-action rifle is the most common type of rifle used by hunters, as it is easy to operate and load. Semi-automatic rifles are also popular because they are quick to reload, but they can be more challenging to use than bolt-action rifles.

Shotguns are effective when shooting at close range, but they require more skill than other options and should only be used by experienced hunters with a good understanding of how they work.


Hunter with Shotgun

These are the most versatile hunting guns, as you can also use them for dispatching small game and birds. When using a shotgun to shoot a coyote, use buckshot or slugs. These types of ammunition will give you more power and penetration than birdshot or pistol pellets, which are much smaller.


Rifles are popular guns for coyote hunts. They allow hunters to shoot from long distances without entering the woods where their prey may be hiding. A good rifle makes it easy to take down your target with accuracy without worrying about hitting other nearby animals (like deer).

The most common choices include:

  • Bolt-action weapons
  • Remington 700s
  • Winchester Model 70s
  • Ruger M77 Mark II rifles
  • Semi-automatic rifles
  • Remington 700 SPS Varmint Specials
  • Lever-action guns like
  • Winchester Model 1894’s
  • Single-shot rifles like
  • Marlin 336Cs Springfield Armory XD/XDM pistols with 5-inch barrels
  • Kimber Custom TLE II pistols with 5-inch barrels

Coyote Hunting Ammo Choices

Your choice of ammunition is an integral part. Coyote hunters typically take their prey at medium ranges, so you won’t need a long-range cartridge.

Rifles chambered in .223 Remington, .22-250 Remington, .17 Hornet, and .204 Ruger are all great choices for coyote hunting. Each of these calibers serves as a versatile option that can be used effectively on other game animals.

Choosing the Right Shotgun for Coyotes

You can’t go wrong with a good shotgun. It’s a powerful weapon that has saved many lives in the wilderness but isn’t the best choice for coyote hunting gear.

The biggest issue with shotguns is that they are not good at long-range shots and require a lot of skill to use effectively in some environments. When shooting a target from distance, there’s no telling where your bullet will end up or what type of damage it will cause if it hits a stray target.

This doesn’t mean that shotguns have no use when hunting coyotes — they’re just not ideal for this type of game animal. Their limited range makes them less effective than other weapons such as crossbows or rifles (though those options aren’t much better).

There are ways around these limitations:

  • Some hunters wear camouflage so that they blend into their surroundings better.
  • Some shoot from elevated positions so they can get higher shots.
  • Others keep an eye out for other predators who might stalk prey near their intended target (like wolves).

Even with all these precautions, shotguns usually aren’t worth using unless you know exactly where your prey is before firing off any shots.

Other Important Items

There are many other things you should have in your coyote hunting arsenal, such as:

Waterproof boots

When walking around the woods and fields, everything is wet and muddy. This can be a real problem if your shoes aren’t waterproof. Find the best cold weather hunting boots here!

Scent blocker spray or coating

Man Calling Coyote

If you want to keep other animals from smelling you while hunting, then make sure that everything that touches your body (e.g., clothing) has been treated with scent blocker spray or coating (or something similar).

Scent-absorbing socks

Scent-absorbing socks and clothing items like hats, gloves, and face masks prevent smells that could attract unwanted attention from predators!

Some Things to Consider When Building Your Coyote Hunting Pack:

Pay attention to your pack size and weight. A big mistake people make when purchasing a backpack is buying one that is too small. If the pack is too small, it will restrict movement and be uncomfortable to carry while hiking through brush or climbing hillsides.

You want a pack that fits well on your body so it doesn’t slide off of your shoulders or ride up above your waistline when you’re hiking rough terrain. If the load is too heavy on your back, it could lead to tension headaches, neck pain, and soreness in other areas such as your lower back muscles. Where weight is concerned, less is more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What gear do you need to hunt coyotes?

You’ll want a pair of shooting sticks or a bipod, which will give you stability when firing your gun. Some hunters even use a shooting bench. A lanyard can hold multiple calls, which are often used as an alternative to howling when hunting coyotes in dense brush.

Another important piece of gear is a camouflage suit designed specifically for coyote hunting — without one, you won’t be able to hide in plain sight.

What is the best rifle for hunting coyotes?

The most important thing when looking for coyote hunting gear is to make sure you choose the right rifle. A good choice could be a bolt action, semi-automatic, or even a lever-action rifle with a standard weight barrel. Some suitable selections would include the Remington Model 700, Ruger Model 77RSI, or Marlin Model Glenfield 30AS.

What is the best state to hunt coyotes?

The best state to hunt coyotes in is Colorado. The climate is good for hunting coyotes due to the area’s terrain, topography, and vegetation. Coyotes do not like high elevations and can be found in areas such as foothills, grasslands, and alpine tundra.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we’ve discussed some great suggestions but, at the end of the day, it is your own personal preference that matters the most.

If you are going to pursue coyote hunting, you have to do your own research on what you’ll need. With all the weapons, spotting scopes, and binoculars available today, it can be overwhelming to decide which are best for your needs. You need to know what features are important for your desired hunting style so that your gear doesn’t hold you back in the field.

If possible, try things out before buying them to see if they complement your existing equipment and to make sure there are no problems with pieces of your kit working together.

Whether you’re upgrading your coyote hunting pack or are thinking about creating one, having quality products can make all the difference. If you need help deciding what pack sizes would work best for carrying essential gear during this kind of activity, check out more guidelines for coyote hunting gear here.